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University of Lethbridge Admissions 2023: Application Fees & Deadline

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The University of Lethbridge is a public research university located in Alberta, Canada. uLeth is associated with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Canada West, International Association of Universities, and University Press. It focuses on liberal education, advanced learning, and interdisciplinary research programs. The university offers several laboratory and teaching facilities in various disciplines of study. It has a Community Sports Stadium for sports activities, Markin Hall for trading purposes, and Turcotte Hall for students’ excellence.

Lethbridge boasts of 3 Rhodes scholars, 8 Olympians, 2 Olympic medals, and 1 Paralympian. The notable alumni of uLeth include Taylor Kitsch (Actor), Hans Boersma (theologian), Andrew Scott (singer and songwriter), David Hoffos (artist), Scott Cyr (Canadian politician), Austin Mardon (author), Jim Antoine (politician), Rajko Dodic (politician), Winston Day (ice hockey player), Theo Tams (singer), and Rachel Harder (politician).

Courses Offered


What are the courses available to international students?


The University of Lethbridge offers more than 150 programs at five different faculties. These are:

Lethbridge Courses

The streams available to international students are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses


Agricultural Studies

Agricultural Studies


Applied Statistics



Biological Sciences




Computer Science


Environmental Science









Physical Education




International students may choose from either of the specializations through the above-discussed faculties.


Eligibility & Documents Required


What are the eligibility requirements?


The University of Lethbridge has set some standard eligibility requirements for international students based on their performance and academic excellence. The completion of secondary education/high school is required for undergraduate applicants, and a diploma/undergraduate degree is required for graduate students. Students must have a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale for admission.

The eligibility requirements for undergraduate and graduate students are as follows:

  • Age: 18 years or above
  • English Proficiency Proof and Standardized Exam Score: International students must provide either of the following scores for English and Standardized Exams:

English Language Proficiency

Undergraduate Scores

Graduate Scores


80 or above

86 or above


6.0 bands or above

6.5 bands or above


54 or above

63 or above


60 or above

70 or above


C grade



C grade



105 or above

115 or above

Standardized Exam Score

Undergraduate Scores

Graduate Scores


1040 or above



20 or above




560 or above



308 or above

Note: Requirements may vary with different programs and specializations. For exact details on eligibility requirements, please visit the intended program page on the university’s eligibility webpage.


What all documents are required for the application?


International students must submit standard documents for secondary and post-secondary studies. The standard documents required for undergraduate and graduate students are as follows:

Undergraduate Documents:

  • Offer letter
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • High school transcripts
  • Grade 11 certificate
  • Citizenship documents
  • Address proofs
  • Passport or visa, if available
  • Letter of recommendation

Graduate Documents:

  • Official and unofficial transcripts
  • High school proof and course list
  • Letter of reference
  • Letter of intent
  • Offer letter
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Address proofs
  • Passport or visa, if available
  • Citizenship documents
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)/Resume

Note: Requirements may vary with different programs and specializations. For exact details on document requirements, please visit the intended program page on the university’s eligibility webpage.


Application & Tuition Fees


Is there any application fees?


The non-refundable application fee for the University of Lethbridge is CAD 125 for undergraduate students and CAD 140 for graduate students. Students can request fee waivers if they need financial help. The University of Lethbridge allows fee waivers to students in need.


What is the fee structure of different courses available at the university?


The estimated annual fee structure including the tuition and student fees for studying at the University of Lethbridge as an international student for the year 2021-2022 is given below:

Lethbridge Tuition Fees

Source: University of Lethbridge

Note: Fee is subject to change with progressive years. Students may refer to the university’s tuition fee webpage for the latest tuition fees.


Scholarships & Financial Aid


Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?


The University of Lethbridge offers two types of scholarships, student funding, and faculty funding scholarships. The scholarships are based on the merit and financial needs of a student. The Faculty of Management offers CAD 4,000 scholarships to five Indian students on the basis of academic excellence.

List of Scholarships

Other scholarships offered to international students are:

  • Campus Alberta Grant for International Learning
  • Alexander Barnhill Bursary for International Students
  • Mitacs Globalink Research Award
  • Travel Awards
  • Government of Canada International Scholarships
  • English for Academic Purposes Completion Award

The amount of a scholarship depends on the department and the merit score of a student. It ranges from CAD 2,000 to CAD 13,000 per year. A sum of CAD 1,000 is awarded to students upon admission based on their average admission score.


  • Students must be enrolled in the university’s degree program
  • Have a GPA of 3.5 or above
  • Enrolled in a degree program for more than two years
  • Have a legal study permit

How to apply?

International students need to fill out a form of scholarship on the university’s website to apply.


Admission Process


When do the admissions start?


The admission dates and deadlines are different for different faculties. The common admission deadlines for different sessions for the year 2021-2022 are as follows:

Study Sessions

Admission Deadlines*







Course-Specific Deadlines

For course-specific deadlines, refer to the table below:

Undergraduate Courses

Fall Deadlines*

Spring Deadlines*

Arts and Sciences

Late August

Early November


Early February


Fine Arts

Mid – June


Health Sciences

Mid – March





Postgraduate Courses

Fall Deadlines*

Summer Deadlines*

Arts and Sciences

Early February




Mid – March

Fine Arts

Early February


Health Sciences

Early May

Early October


Early May


*Deadlines are subject to change with progressive years. We encourage our students to visit the university’s official website for the exact and latest information.


What are the steps to an undergraduate application?


International students can apply to the University of Lethbridge website via the university’s application portal. The procedure to apply to undergraduate courses are as follows:

Step 1 – Open the university’s link at www.applyalberta.ca to apply.

Lethbridge UG Application Steps

Step 2 – Click ‘Apply Now’. New students will have to create an account first. If you already have an account, sign in.

Lethbridge UG Application Steps

Step 3 – Fill in your personal details, contact information, and other required fields.

Lethbridge UG Application Steps

Step 4 – After filling in your information and courses, click ‘Review and Submit’.

Next, wait for the results.


What are the steps to a graduate application?


To apply to the graduate courses offered by the University of Lethbridge, international students must follow the application steps given below:

Step 1 – Open the university’s webpage, www.applyweb.com/leth/index.ftl for graduate applicants.

Lethbridge PG Application Steps

Step 2 – If you are a new user, create an account using your email address.

Lethbridge PG Application Steps

Step 3 – Fill in your personal details, citizenship status, demographic information, and other required details related to your application.

Lethbridge PG Application Steps

Step 4 – After filling in your details like contact number, courses, citizenship, demographic details, etc., start your application process and submit it.

Lethbridge PG Application Steps

After submitting the application, wait for the results.


When will I hear from the university after I submit my application?


Students might hear back from the university within 4-6 weeks. In some cases, it might take longer as all the applications are scrutinized with the university's norms and policies. Candidates can also check their application status on the university's website by logging into their application webpage.


Student Diversity & Preferred Profile


What are the chances of getting into this university? What is the acceptance rate?


The acceptance rate of the university is 93%, making it one of the easiest universities to get in. An average SAT or ACT score would also suffice for admission.


How many international students are studying at the university?


The University of Lethbridge has over 8,984 students, including 8,231 undergraduates, 605 graduates, and 148 doctoral students. Out of these students, the university has over 548 international students from 90 countries.

Lethbridge Student Body

Source: University of Lethbridge

As per the data chart above, it can be observed that 548 international students make up to 6.1% of the total student body at Lethbridge.


Part Time Work While Studying


Can I work while studying here?


International students can work while studying in Canada. Some courses require students to gain work experience, and there is no restriction for students with regard to work. If students have a valid study permit, they are allowed to work. The University of Lethbridge allows students to work on and off-campus:

On-Campus Employment

Students are allowed to work on-campus if they are enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program. They can seek employment by the educational institution, student organization, faculty, or private business owners who provide work services to the campus, like SUBWAY, Hiroba, Tim Hortons, etc.

Off-Campus Employment

Students are allowed to work only for 20 hours off-campus while studying. Students can check local job listings on websites like Indeed and Kijiji or in newspapers or magazines. International students are not allowed to work off-campus if:

  • Enrolled in a part-time program at the university
  • Exchange student
  • Open studies or English for Academic Purposes


International students must have a:

  • SIN number
  • Valid study permit
  • Must adhere to the Alberta Employment Standards

ULETH also offers various Graduate Assistantships and Internship opportunities to students. Students can subscribe to SGS Newsletter for new opportunities alert. The internships include:

  • Alberta Smithsonian Internship Program - Students can assist in research programs to generate world-class exhibits. They will get opportunities to work alongside scholars, researchers, and scientists.
  • The Washington Center Internship - Students can apply for Spring, Summer, and Fall internships, leadership forums, or an academic course for assistance. This internship is open to students at all faculties of the university.

International students may find job opportunities on the career website of the university. For more information, refer to the Canada Student Visa Guide.


Campuses & Accommodation


How many colleges and campuses does the university have?


The University of Lethbridge has two campuses, namely:

Lethbridge Campuses

Both the campuses operate under the University of Lethbridge. The university also has libraries, Turcotte Hall, sports and wellness centers, environment science building, etc. The university has five faculties and two schools. The schools include the School of Graduate Studies and School of Liberal Education.


Is on-campus housing available? How much does it cost?


The on and off-campus housing facilities are available at the University of Lethbridge. The university offers residence services to all students for safety, accessibility, and security. The residence halls include telephone connections, bathrooms, shared kitchen, wardrobe, bookcases, study desks, garbage containers, parking facility, laundry, study lamps, furniture, etc. Students can submit their residence requests to the Housing Department for final approval.

Accommodation Cost

The rates and costs of different residence halls are as follows:

University Halls and Rooms

Quarterly/Term Rates (in CAD)

Levels 1,2,3 – Sections C, D, E

Hallway Double


Hallway Large Single


Suite Single


Suite Large Single


Level 4 – Sections D, E

Executive Suite Single


Executive Suite Large Single


Piikani House Apartments

1 Bedroom Apartment KP


2 Bedroom Apartment KP


4 Bedroom Apartment KP


Kainai House Apartments

1 Bedroom Apartment KP


2 Bedroom Apartment KP


4 Bedroom Apartment KP


6 Bedroom Apartment KP


Residence Village

4 Bedroom Townhome Exec


4 Bedroom Townhome Lower


Siksika and Tsuu T’ina Townhomes

1 Bedroom Townhome


2 Bedroom Townhome Large


2 Bedroom Townhome Standard


3 Bedroom Townhome Large


Mt. Blakiston House

Studio Apartment BH


2 Bedroom Apartment BH


4 Bedroom Apartment BH


Source: University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge also provides several off-campus housing accommodations to students. It includes apartments, townhouses, full houses, and studios and has a single bedroom, double bedroom, studio, basement suites, luxurious suites, etc. Students can check the property listings, roommate profiles, student sublets, message boards, landlords & advertisers, and other related services at the university's off-campus webpage.

Note: The expenses depend upon the lifestyle of a student. Also, the cost is subject to change. For more details, students can refer to the university's housing webpage.


University Contact Information


Whom should I contact in case of any doubts?


In case of any queries, students can contact the university at:

Address: University of Lethbridge, 4401 University Drive, Lethbridge, AB T1K 3M4, Alberta, Canada

Website: www.uleth.ca

Telephone: +1 403-329-2111


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