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GMAT Books 2024: Once you decide that you wish to study in a B-School, the first step is to start preparing for the GMAT exam. One can get GMAT preparation books and join online GMAT forums, which will help in preparing for the exam. As numerous books are available in the market, it becomes difficult to understand which book or resource is correct for GMAT preparation. In this post, we will talk about various GMAT preparation books and other resources that are best for scoring well on the GMAT exam. We have provided a comprehensive list of the best GMAT books and resources that will give you an edge over other aspirants. We have also been given a six-month study plan for the GMAT exam.

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GMAT Books and Resources 2024: Important Factors

Students must note that they should not fill their books with too many GMAT books. Do not get swayed away by attractive websites and book covers. It is always advisable to follow a limited number of resources and focus on multiple revisions, practice questions, and GMAT mock tests. These key points will help you determine the right GMAT prep books and resources to tackle the exam:

  • Stick to the Syllabus and Pattern: There is a deluge of GMAT preparation material in the market. Before buying any book, make sure that you are thorough with the syllabus and the pattern of the GMAT 2024 exam. Once you go through a book, make sure that this book is in line with the exam syllabus and pattern. Do not buy books just because they look attractive.
  • Forming a Perfect Strategy: It is not just about solving complex questions, but also about forming a GMAT preparation strategy that can help you score well on all the sections of the exam. It can be identifying the priority section that you will be solving first, or it can be related to time management. These skills will prove to be handy during exam time. You can also follow GMAT preparation tips given by experts to utilize your time effectively. 
  • Practicing Right Set of Questions: The GMAT exam is based on a specific pattern, so, it is always important you practice the right set of questions, which can help you in scoring well on the exam.
  • Must Include Answers with Detailed Explanations: The GMAT preparation material and GMAT books must offer answer keys, so, one can understand the correct method to solve different types of questions. The answer keys should give detailed explanations about the correct answer, so, the aspirant can understand the concept behind it.

Q:   Is the GMAT exam tough?


GMAT exam assesses different skill sets of candidates like the ability to think critically, ability to analyse data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills. According to an estimate, only very few of the candidates are able to score more than 720+. So, one needs to develop these skills to get a decent score in order to get admission to their dream B-school. However, GMAT does not require you to study management concepts. It tests your basic mathematical and verbal skills only. Hence, it is not a tough exam; however, it does require focused and dedicated preparation. Here are a few points that will help you prepare well for the GMAT exam 2023:

  • Familiarize yourself with the GMAT exam syllabus and pattern.
  • Complete the official GMAT study material (cover-to-cover) at least twice.
  • Appear for the GMAT mocks every week and analyse your performance in each of them.

Q:   How much of time is required to prepare for a perfect GMAT score?

Dear aspirant, Glad to meet you. As a rule of thumb, three to six months is about the right amount of time to keep up the intensity it takes to prepare for the GMAT. Dragging out your preparation would not necessarily improve your score. There are often diminishing returns after a certain point in the process. Unlike other tests, the GMAT is testing your abilities rather than your knowledge. You can think of preparing for the GMAT like training for a marathon. You are building up your ability over time to do your best on the day. A large part of the GMAT skillset is gained through practice. Lots and lots of practice. Your GMAT score is not the be all and end all of your application, but it is important. Make sure you put in the time to get the best score you are capable of. Hope it helps.

Q:   Do I need to refer to many GMAT books for preparation?


Candidates need to understand that purchasing many GMAT books will not fetch them a higher GMAT score. In fact, if they start referring to multiple GMAT books and resources for a single topic, they will only get confused and end up leaving all the study material. The best starting point is always the official GMAT exam material. The official GMAT prep material should be at the base of your preparation. Make sure to cover the entire official study material at least twice. Once you are done with it, you can study other resources such as the Manhattan Guides, Veritas study material, GMAT club, Beat the GMAT, Thursdays with Ron, etc. Stick to selected GMAT books and resources, prepare notes, and appear for as many GMAT mock tests as possible.


Q:   Is it important to appear for GMAT mock tests?


It is extremely important to appear for the GMAT mock tests. In fact, you must appear for full-length GMAT practice tests every week. Mock tests are the most important part of your GMAT prep. Without them, you will not be able to gauge your progress and identify your weak areas. Moreover, just appearing for the GMAT practice tests in not sufficient; it is equally important for you to analyse every question and your overall performance. You must make short notes of the questions that you find difficult and revise their corresponding concepts. It is essential for the students to appear for as many GMAT practice tests as possible.

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GMAT Prep Books and Online Resources 2024

The following GMAT prep books will help you cover the entire GMAT 2024 syllabus holistically. It is advised that students appear for GMAT 2024 mock tests to track their progress. Moreover, it is extremely important to analyse your performance on these GMAT practice tests.

  • GMAT Official Guide: Popularly called GMAT OG, it is the most important book for your GMAT preparation. This book must form the base of your preparation. Do not leave a single page of this book. GMAT OG contains nearly 1000 questions from past GMAT exams. This is as close as you can get to GMAT before the actual day of the exam. A detailed overview of the exam, detailed answers, essays, and an organized order of questions will help you in scoring well on the GMAT. Make sure that you complete this book at least twice during your GMAT preparation. You can get the GMAT Official Guide Bundle ebook and online question band at $81.99.
  • Manhattan Prep Complete GMAT Strategy Guide Set: The Manhattan GMAT books cover every aspect of the GMAT exam. The complete set of books comprises ten guides covering each area from analytical writing to integrated reasoning and everything in between. You have the option of buying these books in a bundle or individually. Apart from the books, one also gets one-year access to practice tests and web material. These books will help you in strengthening your skillset to perform exemplary. The study material and guides offered by Manhattan are considered the best GMAT preparation material by the reviewers. In addition, the practice tests available with the books help you prepare as you are giving the actual test. Practice questions also come with a detailed explanation for the answers. You must aim to combine the GMAT Official Guide and Manhattan GMAT guides to cover the entire syllabus holistically. Once you are done with these, only then you should move on to other GMAT books and resources.
  • GMAT Official Advanced Questions: Once you have completed the GMAT Official Guide and Manhattan GMAT books, you should move on to the GMAT Official Advanced Questions. It has hard GMAT questions from the past GMAT exams. This book will help you familiarize yourself with the tough GMAT questions. Note that if you keep on answering the questions correctly, the level of questions gets tougher on the GMAT (with an obvious increase in the score). Hence, a candidate needs to practice hard GMAT questions. You can get the GMAT official advanced questions ebook along with the online question bank at $29.99.
  • Kaplan GMAT Prep Plus 2023: The biggest advantage of studying from the Kaplan guide is that it provides the perfect content required for the exam and excludes the concepts that can prove to be a distraction. The Kaplan GMAT Verbal Workbook helps you in framing advanced strategies to deal with verbal questions. In addition, the Kaplan GMAT Math Workbook will help you in building strong basics in the quantitative section. This book provides a helping hand to those struggling with quant. The study material by Kaplan is always considered the best GMAT study book by the reviewers.
  • Veritas Prep Complete GMAT Course Set: Those looking to enhance their knowledge in each topic should go for Veritas Prep GMAT Set. It covers each topic in detail and the books are also written nicely. Further, the practice questions offered in the books are not only unique but difficult as well. One of the drawbacks of this set is that it comes with only one online full-length practice test, whereas other publishers are offering many more practice tests. Veritas is offering hundreds of practice questions online which can help the aspirants in increasing their score.
  • GMAT Online Resources: Apart from the prep books, you can also download GMAT preparation material free online from different reputed forums. Otherwise, you can join different forums like the official GMAT forum and post your query there; it will be answered by the experts. There are numerous (free and paid) online GMAT tests that you can take and enhance your skills. With little effort, you can get free GMAT prep material that can also prove to be useful. We recommend that you take help of the following online resources:
    • Beat The GMAT
    • GMAT Club Forum
    • Thursday's with Ron
    • Magoosh YouTube channel

No amount of books or GMAT prep material will prove to be fruitful until you adopt an extensive study plan, rigorous training sessions, and discipline which are key to achieving a high GMAT score.

Q:   How can I crack GMAT in 3 months?

Now, I will tell you how to crack GMAT in just 3 months but, you need to follow this in order. Start with a mock test. This will help you identify your strong and weak areas. If you plan to do self-study, get your hands on the best preparatory material available in the market. You can speak to your seniors. Joining a coaching institute or a study group is recommended because it gives a structure to your preparation and keeps you motivated all the time. Remember cracking GMAT is not just about working hard but working smart as well. Make a study timetable for yourself that suits you best. You can start with spending 2 hours every day and as you move closer to your test date, start increasing your study hours. Keep taking mock tests in real test taking situations. However, more important than taking a mock test is to analyse your performance in the same. If you spend two hours on a mock test, spend six hours in analysing the same. Make sure you stay consistent with your schedule. Hope it helps.

Q:   What are some points that must be kept in mind before starting the GMAT exam prep?


The most important point for any examination prep is familiarity with the exam pattern and the exam syllabus. Without these, you will not be able to start the preparation. Hence, the starting point for the GMAT exam 2023 is its pattern and syllabus. Once you are clear with the GMAT pattern 2023 and its syllabus, you can start with the official GMAT study material. Make sure that you complete the GMAT official study material at least twice. Once you are done with that, you can move on to other GMAT books and online resources. The most important aspect of your GMAT 2023 preparation is your GMAT mock tests. Candidates must appear for as many mocks as possible to gauge their level of preparation from time to time.


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6-month Study Plan for GMAT Exam 2024

Every candidate learns at a different speed, and it is very much natural. Therefore, if your colleagues or friends have achieved their targeted GMAT scores within 3 months or say 5 months then you need not bother about it. Here, we have formulated a 6-month study plan for GMAT that you should follow while preparing for the exam. Some students can achieve the targets set in the six-month guide a little early as they focus full time on GMAT preparation while others prepare for the GMAT exam and manage their job or work simultaneously.

How much you should study per week: Try to aim to study around 5-7 hours a week and you can gradually increase the time as the exam date approaches.

First Month

Hours/ month: 20-25


  • If you have not taken the GMAT exam recently, then prepare the strategy on how you will proceed further.
  • Take a GMAT mock test to gauge your current preparation level
  • Understand the syllabus and the pattern
  • Start with GMAT OG and Manhattan Guides
  • You should be done with GMAT quantitative review and GMAT sentence correction
  • Make short notes of GMAT sentence correction and revise those grammar rules again and again
  • Make a list of quantitative review formula and revise them again and again
  • Take a full-length mock at the end of the month to see how far you have come

Second Month

Hours/ month: At least 30


  • Complete the pending portion of GMAT quantitative review and GMAT sentence correction
  • Revise the previously completed part
  • Complete Critical Reasoning
  • Appear for at least 2 full-length GMAT practice tests
  • At the end of the 2nd month, revise whatever you have completed so far

Third Month

Hours/ month: At least 45


  • Revise whatever you have completed in the last 2 months
  • Complete Reading Comprehension
  • By the end of the third month, you must have completed your entire course once
  • Appear for 3 full-length mock tests and track your performance

Fourth Month

Hours/ month: At least 60

  • Complete AWA and Integrated Reasoning and give a final finishing touch to your preparation
  • It is time for your to revise everything once again
  • Start with advanced questions
  • Appear for as many full-length mocks as possible

Fifth Month

Hours/month: At least 60


  • Practice other prep material covering all GMAT question types
  • Revise your notes
  • Complete GMAT OG and GMAT Official advanced questions once again
  • Go for mock tests and monitor your progress
  • If you feel that some topic needs extra practice, devote extra time to it

Sixth Month

Hours/ month: At least 75


  • You should focus on mock tests and revisions in this month
  • Take a break one day before the actual exam

We understand that it may not be possible to study continuously for such a long time; so, you can modify timings according to your convenience and can take breaks whenever you feel exhausted. Also, remember, it is best to study with a timetable and go for one section/lesson once in a time, as dealing with multiple topics might confuse you.

All the best!

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Q:   Can I score above 700 in GMAT while working? What shall be my strategy?


To get 700 or more in GMAT requires a lot of hard work and consistent effort. Identify your weak areas and focus on improving them. Preparing consistently can give you 700 or more in the GMAT. The following tips will help you understand how to go about your GMAT preparation:

  • Starting point: Start by understanding the GMAT exam pattern and the GMAT syllabus.
  • GMAT diagnostic test: Appear for a GMAT diagnostic test or a mock test before you begin your preparation. You will get to know where you currently stand.
  • GMAT books 2023: Start with the official GMAT study material. After it, you can refer to other GMAT books and online resources.
  • GMAT mock tests: Appear for GMAT mock tests every week. After taking the GMAT practice test, you need to analyse your performance and identify your weak areas.
  • Notes: Prepare short notes and revise them over and over again.

Q:   Is 650 a good GMAT score?


650 - 690 is a good score, however, if you score above 700 then it is great and it also enhances your chances of securing admission to a top B-school. However, a good GMAT score is not the only criterion for securing admission to a top MBA college. Students need to build a holistic profile that should have a decent balance of work experience, academic excellence, extracurricular activities, etc. Nonetheless, a good GMAT score will definitely help you in improving your candidature. Make sure to cover every aspect of the GMAT syllabus with the correct resources.


Q:   Can I score 700+ on GMAT in first attempt?


Scoring 700+ on the GMAT is possible. With the right approach, preparation, timely practice, consistency and the right resources one can score well on GMAT. Make sure that you refer to the right resources, stay disciplined, and attempt as many GMAT mock tests as possible. We sincerely suggest that you should complete the GMAT official guide and other GMAT official study material at least twice before your exams. Moreover, you can refer to Manhattan GMAT study guides. These books must form the base of your preparation.

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GMAT Preparation Books 2024 FAQs

To know more about GMAT books and other resources, please visit more FAQs.

Q:   Which are the best books to prepare for GMAT?


Before beginning your GMAT preparation, you must understand the GMAT syllabus and GMAT pattern first. Once you have thoroughly understood them, you should move on GMAT official guide (GMAT OG) and other GMAT official study material. Official study material must be at the base of your preparation. After completing the official study material, you can refer to Manhattan GMAT guides and other authentic resources. In addition, we suggest that you give as many GMAT mock tests as possible. Mock tests are the most important part of your preparation, as they will help you analyze your progress and develop strategies to solve different question types.

Here are certain other tips related to GMAT books 2023:

  • Stick to a limited number of GMAT books. These books must be revised again and again.
  • Make use of online resources, especially YouTube, GMAT Club, and Beat the GMAT.
  • As you study these GMAT books, prepare short notes that you can revise. Keep updating these notes.

Q:   How can I study for the GMAT for free?


There are various sources available online where one can get useful study material to prepare for the GMAT test. Following are the sources where one can study and prepare for the GMAT for free:

  • Official GMAC site ( Here, you can get tips to prepare for the exam and free GMAT practice tests as well
  • Manhattan Prep: It offers free GMAT online prep tools that are very useful for the candidates preparing for the GMAT exam
  • Veritas Prep: It offers free GMAT lessons and free tools that will come in handy while preparing for the exam

Q:   How to take a free GMAT Sample Practice Test?


Although there are a lot of sources available online to prepare for the GMAT exam, however, candidates can access free GMAT practice tests on the GMAC site ( They need to download the GMAT prep software and create an account and get GMAT practice tests. Make sure that you solve the practice tests provided by the GMAC. These will provide you with a near real-time feel of the GMAT and will help you gauge the level of your preparation. Once you complete a GMAT mock test, it is essential for you to analyse your performance in that GMAT practice test. You need to work on your weak areas based on your mock test analyses.

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Reply to Vish d


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

4 days ago

Hello! Your eligibility will be decided based on the university you are applying to - one if the gap is acceptable for the course you are applying to and second based on the courses you have studied if you can apply for admissions. If there is confusion, you can get in touch with our counsellors by



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You will receive your official GMAT scores within 7-20 days of your GMAT exam. Considering this, you might not be able to provide your official score to B-schools. Moreover, an MBA application requires SOP, LOR, Admission Essays, etc. You'll need time to prepare these vital documents as well. Make s



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Classic edition GMAT exam will be conducted till March,2024 or not. After m com a Candidate could prepare for MBA abroad

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The current version of the GMAT exam "will continue to be available until early next year". There is no specific date for the same. After MCom, you may opt for an MBA as it will enhance your profile. You might as well venture into a new field (e.g. supply chain management) if you find it interestin



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Hello. Now that you have completed your graduation, you can very well appear for the GMAT exam. Please make sure to check the eligibility criteria for MBA abroad as certain B-schools demand prior work experience. You may also apply for MIM programmes as they are also rewarding. You may check the to




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There are no specific degree requirements when it comes to taking the GMAT. However, GMAT is not the only deciding factor when it comes to B-School admissions. You must meet the eligibility conditions specified by the B-Schools.