GMAT Exam Slot Booking 2024: How to Book a Slot for GMAT Exam?


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Updated on Feb 2, 2024 17:57 IST

GMAT Slot Booking 2024: Study abroad aspirants need to undergo certain standardized exams to get admitted to a reputed international college. GMAT being the most popular and widely accepted exam in globally recognised universities is the one that has the maximum number of candidates applying at the same time. Keeping in mind the importance of MBA or MIM admission deadlines, preparation of admission documents (SOP, LORs, etc.), buffer time in the case of retaking the GMAT, etc., it is vital for the candidates to opt for a planned GMAT slot booking 2024. In this article, we will inform you about how to book a GMAT slot. If you are appearing for the GMAT Exam 2024, you would be glad to know that the exam offers the flexibility of appearing for the exam any time throughout the year from the date of your registration.

GMAT slot booking

Q:   How to book the GMAT slot?


To secure a GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) slot, follow these steps:

  • Access the official GMAT website.
  • Log in with your registered credentials.
  •  Visit the 'schedule your appointment' section.
  • Verify the availability of your desired time slot.
  • If it's available, select the date and test center for your exam.

Then you GMAT slot will be booked.


Q:   Is it difficult to book GMAT slots?


No, booking a slot for GMAT is not difficult, rather the options are available easily based on the test centre options chosen by the applicant during registration. Applicants can just follow the instructions while registering for GMAT exam and it'll be easier for applicants to book their slots to appear for the GMAT exam based on the chosen dates and centre. 


Q:   When can I book slot for GMAT?


You can book the GMAT online exam appointment up to 6 months before the GMAT test date. It is always best to book the GMAT in advance. Candidates are provided the GMAT online appointments on a rolling 6-month basis. Make sure that you have a plan in place before you opt for the GMAT slot booking. By plan, we are referring to your GMAT preparation and your MBA application. Do not keep your GMAT exam preparation and application documents for the last minute. It is best to prepare proactively and well in advance. Hence, you must book your GMAT slot accordingly.


How does Booking GMAT Slot differ from GMAT Registration?

There is a difference between registering for the GMAT 2024 exam and booking a slot for the same. Registration for an exam would require you to create an account for 1 year while Booking a Slot for GMAT would mean that you are booking the date, time, and test centre to appear for the exam. A slot would need to be booked every time you wish to appear for the exam within that year with a fee of $275 for the GMAT exam at a test centre and $300 for the online GMAT exam. The maximum number of attempts in a year (12 months) is 5, which means that you can appear for the GMAT in a year 5 times, starting from the date of your registration. In other words, you need to register for the exam once a year but you would need to book the slot more than once if you aspire to appear for the exam more than once. Also, a candidate cannot appear more than 8 times for the GMAT in his/her lifetime effective Dec-17, 2016. There is a certain restriction on the number of GMAT exam attempts. Hence, the GMAT exam aspirants need to plan their GMAT preparation so that they can minimize their reattempts and get admitted to their desired MBA or MIM College without delay. Moreover, the aspirants must plan their GMAT slot booking so that they have sufficient time to apply to various B-schools.

Number of Attempts per Registration (Annual) = 5

Number of Attempts per Slot Booking = 1

Number of Attempts in one's lifetime = 8

The exam re-attempt can be made only after 16 days of the previous attempt.

Q:   How many GMAT slots can be booked in one registration?


GMAT 2023 Exam Dates has been released by the GMAC. Check your the nearest test center and schedule an appointment. In both the cases of the test centre GMAT exam and the online GMAT exam, candidates can book the GMAT slot up to 6 months in advance. Students can register for the GMAT exam once a year and in that registration, they can appear for the GMAT exam for maximum 5 times a year. Make sure to choose the GMAT exam date wisely so that you do not miss the important study abroad deadlines. Moreover, you must prepare your application documents well in advance to avoid any last-minute rush.


Q:   How to check when the GMAT slots are available?


Candidates need to schedule their appointment as per the GMAT 2023 exam dates available on the official website. In order to check the availability of GMAT test centres and GMAT exam dates, students must create an account on the official website. After they have created their account, they can check the GMAT test centres and the available GMAT exam dates. In the case of the online GMAT exam, GMAT appointments are available around the clock. Students can book their GMAT slots up to 6 months in advance for the test centre GMAT exam and the online GMAT exam at home. Candidates need to gather information related to the application deadline before scheduling their exams. Build your timeline using the information you gathered. Then schedule and pay for the exam.


Q:   Can I book a GMAT Exam slot in advance?


The GMAT exam is conducted all-round the year by the GMAC, however, there might be some exceptions on public holidays. You can check the available test dates and book the slot at least 6 months in advance (for the test centre GMAT and the online GMAT exam, both). GMAT exam at a test centre is available up to 7 days week and the online GMAT exam at home is available round the clock. In addition, one cannot take the GMAT more than 5 times in a year (12 month period) and 8 times in a lifetime.

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Steps to Register and Book Slot for GMAT 2024

As we all know, the applicants have the liberty to choose a place in the nation and any time in the year to suit their timetable, it is suggested that you register for the GMAT exam in time. This can be done as follows:

To Register for GMAT Exam 2024

  • Open the official website of GMAT
  • Visit the authorized registration page
  • Log On to the website: Create an account
    • Fill in the required basic information such as name, address, etc.
    • Create an ID and password

To Book Slot for GMAT Exam 2024

  • Log In to the official website
  • Select your desired date and place to take the exam
  • GMAT 2024 Exam Fees in India: Make the online payment of the application fee of $275 (for the test centre GMAT) and $300 (for the online GMAT) through a credit card, debit card, etc.

Who can Book GMAT 2024 Slot?

Anybody 18 years and above can appear for the GMAT 2024 exam. While there is no specific GMAT eligibility that needs to be taken care of while applying for the exam, we need to ensure that the applicant is 18 years (if they are 13 to 17 years old, they will require an NOC from their parents). There is no such eligibility criterion followed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). However, the respective institutes, applicants would want to join after appearing for GMAT, may have a set rule for selecting their candidates.

Ideal Time to Book Your Slot for GMAT 2024

Since the number of applicants is increasing by the year, you should book your preferred time slot and test centre 1-2 months in advance. When the season hits, that is, when most applications happen, in November every year, it is ideal to book the slot 3-6 months in advance. Waiting for the last moment to register or book your slot for GMAT 2024 is not a good idea. Another way of looking into it would be booking your slot at the time of your test preparation. Suppose, you are preparing for GMAT Exam, you will need some time to prepare for the exam. The ideal duration for preparation would be anywhere between 3-6 months, which may vary given your speed and capacity. As soon as you book the slot, you ensure that the exam is closer and you gear up to rigorous preparation mode. This would keep you motivated as well as save your date as per your schedule. Moreover, you also need to work on your MBA application documents which include a resume, SOP, LOR, admission essays, etc. Hence, you need to consider the application document preparation time as well while considering GMAT slot booking.

Q:   Can you give me an overview of GMAT 2024 slot booking?


The table given below provides an overview of the GMAT exam slot booking:



Number of GMAT attempts per year


Number of GMAT attempts per slot booking


Number of GMAT attempts in one’s lifetime


Time between 2 consecutive GMAT retakes

At least 16 calendar days

Appointment availability

  • Test Centre GMAT: Up to 7 days a week & can be scheduled up to 6 months before your intended GMAT 2023 exam date
  • Online GMAT: Around the clock­ & up to 6 months 24 hours before the availability of the GMAT slot

GMAT Exam Fees

$275 for the test centre GMAT and $300 for the online GMAT


Q:   What is the right time to book a GMAT slot?


Candidates should book the GMAT slot at least 3 to 5 months prior to the admission deadlines for their desired university. Moreover, it is better to book the GMAT slot at least 3-6 months prior to your desired test date. As you will get plenty of time to prepare for the exam. Consider the following points before GMAT slot booking:

  • Let us say that your University application deadline is 1st November.
  • Now consider 6 months’ time prior to 1st November, i.e. 1st May. Hence, from 1st May onwards you need to consider GMAT preparation + GMAT slot booking + application document preparation.
  • If you have time, then you can prepare for the GMAT beforehand only so that you have sufficient time to prepare your admission documents and choose a GMAT slot of your choice.

Make sure that you research all the factors such as the time required for GMAT exam preparation, document preparation, university deadlines, etc. It is crucial for students to take into account every aspect of their study-abroad application to avoid any last minute hassles.


Slot Booking for GMAT Online Exam 2024

Now with the GMAT Online exam, candidates can book a GMAT exam appointment up to 6 months in advance and just 24 hours before the available time slot (6 months to 24 hours before the intended GMAT slot). New appointments are available on a rolling basis. Candidates who cannot find test centres in their location open can go for an Online GMAT Exam.

Things to know before GMAT Slot Booking 2024

Before booking the GMAT exam slot, make sure that you are aware of the following aspects:

  • Admission deadlines and study abroad intakes: Make sure that you are aware of the admission deadlines of different B-schools and various study abroad intakes. Moreover, you must keep buffer time for your document preparation (SOP, LOR, admission essays, resume, etc.).
  • GMAT preparation time: Once you have the required details of the admission deadlines and study abroad intakes, you must decide how much time you will require for the GMAT preparation. Usually, students need 3-6 months to prepare for the GMAT.
  • GMAT format: Decide whether you want to opt for the GMAT exam at a test centre or in online mode. The table given below provides a comparison between the test centre GMAT and online GMAT exam:


Test Centre GMAT

Online GMAT

Exam Format

Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and AWA



3 hours, 7 minutes



7 days a week

Around the clock

Advance Scheduling

Up to 6 months in advance

Up to 6 months in advance

Exam Fees




5 attempts in a 12-month period with a maximum of 8 attempts in a lifetime


Score Validity

5 years


Score Sending

5 free + additional for a charge of $35 each

5 free (within 48 hours of receiving the Official Score) + an additional for charge of $35 each

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GMAT Test Centres in India 2024

The exam can be taken in 33 Indian cities ranging from Ahmedabad to Kolkata and from Chandigarh to Visakhapatnam. Conducted all year long, this test is offered in all the authorized test centres throughout the year. It is recommended that you check with the test centres for their availability on your preferred date and time to book your slot at your convenience. Check out the list of GMAT Test Centers in India for the 2024 intake.

You may register and book your slot for the GMAT 2024 Exam on the official website. Their contact details are as follows:

  • Website:
  • Online Enquiry:
  • Telephone: +91–1204397830

Q:   Is there any reservation or testing accommodation for the GMAT exam?


A special reservation criteria are provided for candidates with disabilities. The test-takers need to submit a few documents, including a Test Accommodation Request Form, before applying to claim this provision. The impact of impairment and the level of disability and how it limits their ability to take the online GMAT exam under standard conditions. GMAC provides accommodations for test-takers with disabilities. It advised that the students who required the GMAT testing accommodations must submit their request well in time before their intended GMAT exam slot. Once you have submitted your request for the GMAT testing accommodation, the same will reflect on account within 24 hours. You can expect a response to your request within 16-20 hours (it might take longer).


Q:   How late can you book the GMAT exam 2024?


You can book the GMAT exam up to 6 months in advance, however, we recommend booking the GMAT slot three to six months prior to your preferred test date. There are multiple factors that affect your GMAT slot booking decision. You need to aware of the different study abroad intakes (fall, spring, and summer), different courses offered in those intakes, MBA or MIM admission deadlines, and your current GMAT preparation level (can be gauged by taking a GMAT mock test). In addition to all this, you must keep time for document preparation (Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Admission Essays, Updated Resume, etc.). Once you have figured out everything, then you must decide your GMAT exam slot. Make sure that you do not keep anything for the last minute.

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GMAT 2024 Slot Booking FAQs

Know more about GMAT slot booking with the help of FAQs.

Q:   Can I clear GMAT in 1 month?


A complete one-month GMAT study plan can take around 200 hours to prepare. You can further make a complete study plan and study around 6 to 7 hours a day. This might change from person to person. However, make sure that your study hours are completely dedicated to GMAT study preparation. Make sure that you complete the GMAT Official Guide (GMAT OG) and other GMAT official study material during this time. It will help you in getting familiar with the actual questions that have appeared on the GMAT exam.


Q:   Can I score 700+ on GMAT in first attempt?


Scoring 700+ on the GMAT is possible. With the right approach, preparation, timely practice, consistency and the right resources one can score well on GMAT. Make sure that you refer to the right resources, stay disciplined, and attempt as many GMAT mock tests as possible. We sincerely suggest that you should complete the GMAT official guide and other GMAT official study material at least twice before your exams. Moreover, you can refer to Manhattan GMAT study guides. These books must form the base of your preparation.


Q:   Are 2 months enough for GMAT?


If you prepare a detailed study plan, then you can prepare for the GMAT within two months. First, check your strengths and weak areas from the GMAT Syllabus and work on them. After this work on each of the GMAT sections and prepare strategies to focus on each type of GMAT problem. You must attempt as many GMAT mock tests as possible during these days. GMAT mock tests will help you build your own test-taking strategies that can be implemented while taking the actual test. In addition, make sure that you complete the GMAT Official Guide and other GMAT official study material.

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You will receive your official GMAT scores within 7-20 days of your GMAT exam. Considering this, you might not be able to provide your official score to B-schools. Moreover, an MBA application requires SOP, LOR, Admission Essays, etc. You'll need time to prepare these vital documents as well. Make s



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There are no specific degree requirements when it comes to taking the GMAT. However, GMAT is not the only deciding factor when it comes to B-School admissions. You must meet the eligibility conditions specified by the B-Schools.

Is work ex compulsory when applying for mba ?

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