GRE Exam Fees in India: Registration, Cancellation, Rescheduling Fees


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The GRE Exam Fee is INR 22,500 for the General Test and INR 14,500 for the GRE Subject Test. Candidates looking to register for the GRE General or Subject Test would be required to pay the GRE fee as part of the registration process. 

GRE Exam Fees

GRE Exam Fee in India: The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examination or GRE and is one of the most popular standard exams for candidates looking to pursue postgraduate studies abroad. ETS – the conducting body of the GRE test is responsible for looking at the technical aspects of the GRE exam in India. In this article, we are going to talk about the GRE fees, GRE registration fees, GRE fees in Indian rupees 2024, and much more.

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GRE Test Centres in India

GRE Exam Dates 2024

GRE Exam Eligibility Criteria 2024

GRE Exam Pattern 2024

GRE Exam Fees in India 2024

GRE Fees: Candidates should note that the GRE application fee, GRE form fees, and GRE General Test fees all refer to the GRE exam fees in India. The GRE exam fee in India in rupees is INR ₹22,550. The GRE Subject Fee in Indian rupees is INR 14,500.

GRE Exam

GRE Exam Fee in INR

GRE General Test

INR 22,550

GRE Subject Test

INR 14,500

GRE Home Test Fee

ETS the conducting body of the GRE exam has launched the GRE at Home version of the test, which allows candidates to appear for the test from the safety of their homes. GRE test-takers would be glad to know that the GRE home test fee has been kept at INR 22,550. It is the same as the GRE exam fee from a test centre. All extra costs have been absorbed by ETS, to make the GRE test more accessible to all.

Worldwide GRE Exam Fees 2024

As informed earlier, the GRE exam is a popular exam held in most parts of the world. However, students registering for the GRE exam from other parts of the world would have to pay a different GRE fee to be eligible to appear for the test. The GRE exam fees are as follows:

Countries GRE Exam Fee GRE Fees in Indian Rupees 2024
GRE General Test in India INR 22,550 INR 22,550
GRE Subject Test in India INR 14,500 INR 14,500
GRE Exam Fee China $231.30 INR 19,267.88
GRE Fee - worldwide  $220 INR 18,326.56

GRE Reschedule Fee

Candidates who reschedule their GRE General Test registrations are required to do so no later than four days before the test date or the GRE exam fee would be forfeited. Candidates would be required to pay INR 5,000 as GRE reschedule fee for rescheduling their GRE test. Apart from this, candidates are charged INR 5,000 as a GRE Subject change fee, if they want to change a subject in the GRE Subject Test.

Candidates wanting to avail of additional services would be required to pay an extra GRE fee for the same. GRE test fees for special handling requests for services are mentioned below.

GRE Service

GRE Fees in Indian Rupees 2024

GRE Score Review

INR 5,900

GRE Changing test centre Fee

INR 5,000

GRE Reschedule Fee in India

INR 5,000

GRE Additional Test Report

INR 2,900

GRE Subject Change Fee

INR 5,000

GRE Score Reinstatement

INR 5,000

Returned payment

INR 2,900

Rescheduling fee — China

USD 53.90

Rescheduling fee — All other areas of the world

USD 50

Changing your test center

USD 50

GRE Cancellation Fee

Candidates who wish to cancel their GRE General Test must do so no later than four days before their test date, to be eligible to receive a refund equivalent to half of the GRE test fee. Candidates should note that there are no cash refunds and the refund amount would be in US Dollars and be credited back to the original credit/debit card or bank account via which the payment was made.

GRE Score Reporting Fee

At the time of GRE registration, the GRE fees also include the candidate’s scores being sent to four universities/ intuitions. Candidates who wish to send their GRE score to more universities than the pre-designated four can do so by paying an extra GRE score-sending fee. The GRE score reporting fee per recipient is $27.00. The GRE score sending fee in Indian rupees is approximately INR 2,009.69 (US $1 = INR74.45)

GRE Score Sending-Fee and Related Services

GRE Service


GRE Fee in Indian Rupees

View Scores Online



Print Official Examinee Score Report Online



GRE Diagnostic Service (GRE General Test only)



Additional Score Reports (ASR) – per recipient


INR 2,009.69

Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure



Score Reinstatement Fee



Exchange Rate: US $1 = INR74.45 | Note: Table courtesy: ETS

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GRE Fees in India: Payment methods

As per ETS – the conducting body of the GRE exam, the following methods of payment are acceptable for GRE Exam Fee.

  • Credit/Debit Card (American Express®, Diners Club International®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, Rupay™ Global, UnionPay®, and Visa®).
  • PayPal®
  • E-Check Service (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only)
  • Money Order/Certified Check/Voucher
  • Payments may also be made by personal paper checks. Make payable to ETS-GRE (drawn against U.S. bank accounts only). If paying by check 

GRE Exam Fee FAQs

What is the fee for the GRE exam in India?

The GRE exam fee in India in rupees is approximately INR ₹22,550

How difficult is the GRE exam?

No. Candidates should understand that the GRE test has been introduced to understand the academic prowess of the aspirants. Hence a candidate who has prepared well for the GRE test should not consider the GRE a tough exam.

Is the GRE exam free?

Candidates should note that the GRE exam is competitively priced. There is a lot of resources that go behind making these tests reliable and hence are not available for free.

What is a good GRE score?

There is no good or bad score. Your preferred university would have a set GRE score as part of their admission criteria and you are required to achieve that or higher to be considered for admission to the university. Higher GRE scores would also qualify you for financial grants if the university has any.

GRE vs GMAT: Which is better?

The major difference between GRE and GMAT is that GRE is widely accepted by colleges offering master's courses worldwide, whereas, GMAT is accepted by colleges offering business courses globally. Therefore, students who wish to enrol in a graduate school opt for GRE, and those who want to attend business school take the GMAT. Both the exams include a verbal and quantitative section. In the verbal section, GRE assesses the vocabulary of the candidates and in GMAT the focus is more on grammar. Further, the quantitative sections of the GMAT and GRE are quite similar. 

What is the fee for the GRE at Home exam in India?

Candidates should note that the GRE exam fee in India is $228. The same as the GRE test centre fees. Any extra costs have been absorbed by the conducting body of the GRE exam, ETS.  

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