GRE Registration 2024 (General & Subject Test): Check Steps to Register for GRE Exam


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GRE Registration 2024 is the first step to appear in the GRE General Test or a GRE Subject Test this year. Students can complete the GRE exam registration 2024 process by using online or offline methods. Candidates looking to take the GRE General Test or Subject Test at Home are required to register online through their GRE ETS login.

Candidates are advised to go ahead with their GRE 2024 registrations early to get their preferred test location and date selection during the GRE slot booking process. Conducted by ETS - GRE registration dates are offered year-round on a first come, first served basis. If you are one of the students who want to know the easy way to complete the application of Graduate Record Examinations then you'll get complete GRE registration details in one place.

GRE Registration

Q:   Can I apply for GRE?

There is no specific eligibility criteria for Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test. You would have to do a lot of hard work. Aspirants can register for the test irrespective of age and qualification. However, the candidate has to fulfill the admission criteria for individual institutes where he/she is applying. Even though, if you crack GRE but top universities sees overall academia. Most of the colleges accept GRE scores more than 320 and above.

Q:   How can I appear for GRE exam? What is the procedure for the same?


To appear in the Graduate Record Examinations, you need to complete the registration process first. ETS (Educational Testing Service) is the conducting body of GRE exam. Visit on the official website of ETS and use the GRE ETS login portal to create a new profile. 

You need to pay INR 22,550 as GRE Exam Fee and book the slot to appear at the exam centre. Always check the upcoming GRE exam dates before booking the slot.

Q:   Can a student who has recently passed his Class 10 apply for the GRE exam?


Well the answer is Yes! According to GRE Eligibility criteria, students from any education background are eligibile for GRE Registration. However, GRE exam is designed to test a candidate's verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills. These skills typically develop during undergraduate studies, often after 3-4 years of university coursework.


GRE Registration 2024: How to Apply for GRE?

GRE 2024 Exam Registration: Candidates looking to register for the GRE General Test can check out our step-by-step process to register for the Graduate Record Examination or GRE exam 2024. 

How to Register for GRE? (online)

To successfully book a GRE exam slot candidates are required to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Candidates are required to have an ETS Account - to register for the GRE exam online
  • Test takers would be then required to create a GRE test-taker profile
  • Register at least 2 calendar days before their preferred GRE test date and submit their GRE application form
  • Select your GRE test date for 2024 and the GRE test centre
  • Pay INR 22,550 as GRE Exam fee for Indian Students. 
  • Confirm and submit your GRE application
  • Take a printout or save your GRE submission details for future use

GRE Exam Registration (step-by-step GRE Registration guide)

A lot of times students can find it overwhelming to navigate a website because of a lot of unnecessary elements present on a single page. We have provided GRE screenshots of pages that matter during the GRE Registration process. Candidates wanting to know how to apply for GRE exam will be required to follow the below-mentioned steps.

GRE Registration Step 1: Candidates are required to create a new account or log in to an already existing account on the official website. Candidates would be then required to carefully flesh out their profiles. They would be required to mention additional information that could come in handy during the time of their admission or sending of scores.

GRE Exam Registration Step 2: Candidates would be then required to select the GRE test they are looking to take. They can select from a slew of options such as the GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test including the GRE Chemistry Test, GRE Mathematics Test, GRE Physics Test, and GRE Psychology Test.
GRE Registration
How to apply for GRE Step 3: In this step, candidates would be required to either opt for the 'GRE at Home' Edition of the test or opt to select the GRE at a Test centre.
GRE Registration
Register for GRE Exam Step 4: On choosing the GRE candidates would be redirected to select their GRE Test Date, GRE Test Centre and the GRE time slot that would be available at their preferred test centre and continue with the booking as shown below. Candidates would also get a choice to select their GRE Test Accommodation if they require any.  
GRE Registration
GRE Registration Step 5: Once the candidate has selected his preferred GRE test date, GRE test centre and the available GRE time slot. He would have to confirm the details as shown below. He can also modify his choices.
GRE Resgistration
GRE Exam Registration Step 6: ETS in their endeavour to provide a holistic approach to the experience of taking the GRE exam provides candidates appearing for the exam to opt for GRE Search Service. What is GRE Search Service? The GRE Search Service allows candidates to connect with graduate, business and law schools, fellowship sponsors, and other organizations that participate in the GRE Service. 
GRE Registration
Register for GRE Step 7: Once candidates have completed their ETS GRE registration, put in their preference for GRE Search Service. They would be required to put in their Background Information and avail of GRE preparation material both free and paid available on the official website (optional).
GRE Registration
How to apply for GRE Exam Step 8: For the final step, the candidate would be required to confirm his ETS GRE registration and go ahead with paying the GRE exam fee. 
GRE Registration
Note: The GRE Exam fee has been revised to INR 22,550 for Indian students looking to appear for the GRE exam. 
GRE Registration Step 5:  Once the payment is made. Candidates can take a printout of the acknowledgement receipt. They would also have access to the same on the dashboard of their accounts.

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Q:   How can I apply for GRE exam?


To apply for ETS GRE exam in India, students have two options. (1) Online Process (2) Offline Process.

  • In Online GRE Application process- students need to visit the website of ETS to complete the application process.
  • For Offline GRE Registration- Candidates will have three options to complete the ETS GRE exam process; On Call, Via Mail or Via Fax. 

Choose the method suitable for you to apply for the Graduate Record Examination.

Q:   How many attempts are possible in the GRE exam for students looking to study abroad?


Students who want to take Graduate Record Examination test to study abroad should know that the ETS GRE Exam allows test-takers up to five attempts within a year. Note that, you can take the GRE General Test once after every 21 days. You need to complete the GRE registration process everytime to appear for the exam.

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GRE Exam Registration 2024 (offline)

How to apply for GRE? ETS in their efforts to make the GRE registration as accessible and inclusive as possible has provided alternative methods of registering for the GRE exam. Apart from registering online, candidates can register for their GRE Exam via the following methods.

  1. GRE Registration by Mail  

    Print and complete the GRE Application Form 2024, and send it to the following address along with the GRE registration fee

    2nd floor, DLF Infinity Tower–A
    Sector 25, Phase II,
    DLF City, Gurgaon,
    Haryana – 122002 
    Do Note: The GRE application form must be received at least three weeks before your choice of the earliest GRE test date. A confirmation number, reporting time, and the test centre address will be emailed, faxed, or mailed to you.

  2. GRE Registration by Phone

    Call the Regional Registration Center (RRC), which is ‘Prometric’ located in Gurgaon, Haryana. The phone number is 91-124-4147700. The call must be made at least two business days before your preferred GRE test date. A confirmation number, reporting time, and the GRE test centre address will be communicated to you over the phone. 

  3. GRE Registration by Fax

    Print and complete the GRE application form 2024 and send it to 91-124-4147773 with the GRE registration fee. The GRE application form must be received at least seven days before your first choice of the GRE test date.

GRE Subject Test Registration 2024

Candidates looking to register for GRE Subject Test can check out our step-by-step process to register for the Graduate Record Examination or GRE Subject Exam 2024. 

How to Register for GRE Subject Test?

To successfully book a GRE exam slot candidates are required to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Visit the Official Website
  • Create a GRE test-taker profile
  • Candidates would be then required to opt for the GRE Subject Test and the subject they are interested in appearing for
  • Submit your GRE Subject test application form
  • Select your GRE Subject test date for 2024 and the GRE test centre
  • Pay the GRE Subject registration form fee of INR 14,500
  • Confirm and submit your GRE Subject application form
  • Take a printout or save your GRE Subject Test submission details for future use

GRE Exam 2024 Registration: Rescheduling & Cancellation

In this section, we are going to be discussing about GRE rescheduling and cancelling the GRE exam. 

GRE 2024 Registration: Rescheduling your GRE Test

Candidates looking to reschedule their GRE test registration must do so no later than four days before their test date or their test fee will be forfeited. There is a fee to reschedule the test. Candidates can reschedule their GRE test online by logging into their GRE ETS login account or by calling the appropriate Regional Customer Support. Test takers should note that appointments cannot be rescheduled beyond one year of the original appointment date. Test fees and registrations are not exchangeable between GRE General Tests and GRE Subject Tests. 

GRE 2024 Registration: Cancelling your GRE Test

Candidates who are looking to cancel their GRE registration no later than four days before their test will receive a refund equivalent to half of the test fee. For example, the deadline to cancel a Saturday appointment at a testing location is Tuesday. You can cancel your GRE test online or by contacting Regional Customer Support.

GRE Exam 2024 Registration Checklist

GRE Exam Registration 2024: Candidates looking to register for the GRE exam should be well aware of the GRE Exam 2024 Registration Checklist. This will not only make the test taker more informed but also have a smooth registration process. 

GRE Exam 2024 Registration Checklist includes

  1. Candidates should be well aware of the GRE exam fee they are required to pay at the end of the GRE registration process.
    1. GRE General Test Exam Fee: INR 22,550
    2. GRE Subject Test Fee: INR 14,500
  2. GRE test takers should be well versed with the GRE Reschedule and GRE Cancellation Policies of the exam as set by ETS
  3. Candidates should have the required ID in original as part of the registration process and to take to the test centre on the day of the exam. For candidates booking the GRE test from India, only valid Indian passports are accepted. It is important that your first and last names match your GRE application forms and passport
  4. Candidates should decide when to take the GRE tests. While the GRE General test is offered year-round on a first come, first served basis it is important to book early to receive your preferred date and location for the test.
  5. The GRE Subject Test is offered in three two-week testing widows on a first come first served basis.
  6. Be sure to allow sufficient time for score reporting when scheduling your tests so you are able to meet the admission deadline for the schools to which you are applying.
  7. Create an ETS Account. ETS is the official website of the GRE exam and you need to create an account to start the GRE 2024 registration process.
  8. Candidates during the time of their GRE registration also determine which graduate institutions or fellowship sponsors they want their scores to be shared with. This is inclusive of their GRE test fee and includes up to 4 recipients. Additional test score reports can be shared but this would come with an additional fee. 

GRE Exam Fees 2024

GRE application form fee: Candidates looking to register for the GRE General Test and GRE Subject test would be required to pay a GRE application form fee for the same. Candidates wanting to appear for the GRE General Test are required to pay a GRE fee of INR 22,550 and candidates looking to register for the GRE Subject test would be required to pay a GRE Subject Test registration fee of INR 14,500. 

GRE Exam Fee India - Special Handling Request

Special Handling Request GRE Exam Fees INR
Rescheduling fee ₹ 5,000
Changing test center ₹ 5,000
Changing your Subject Test ₹ 5,000
Additional score report ₹ 2,900
Score review ₹ 5,900
Score reinstatement ₹ 5,000
Returned payment ₹ 2,900

Worldwide GRE Registration Fee 2024 and Related Charges

Location Fee
GRE exam fees in India INR 22,550
China $231.30
All other areas of the world $220.00

GRE Rescheduling Fees

Special Handling Request Fee
Rescheduling fee — China $53.90
Rescheduling fee — All other areas of the world $50.00
Changing your test centre $50.00

GRE Subject Test Registration Fee and Handling Charges 2024

The GRE Subject Test focuses on particular subject areas as approved by ETS. Candidates can check out GRE Subject Test fees as mentioned below along with other special handling charges.

Test Administration Fee & Special Handling Requests GRE Fee
GRE Subject Test Fee -  worldwide $150
Late registration fee (online registration only) $25
Standby testing $50
Rescheduling fee $50
Changing your test centre $50
Changing your Subject Test $50

GRE Exam Fee - Acceptable Payment Modes

Country Currency / Payment Methods
Global Issued Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards
Indian/ Locally Issued

Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro credit and debit cards

Rupay credit and debit cards

UPI and Bharat QR payments

GRE at Home

GRE General Test at Home: Due to the ongoing pandemic, candidates looking to appear for the GRE Test can do so from the comfort of their home, by taking the GRE at Home version of the test. Due to various lockdowns imposed across the length and breadth of the country, GRE test centres are functioning at reduced capacities or are temporarily shut, making it difficult for students looking to appear for the GRE Test. 

To make the test more accessible, GRE has launched the GRE at Home version. All the attributes of the test remain the same, the GRE at Home registration fee is unchanged at $228.00, and only the GRE Test is being held in the safety of your home. More information and system requirements to access the test can be found in tutorials available on the official GRE website. To register for the GRE at Home test candidates are required to visit the official website of GRE, create their test taker profile and select the GRE at Home option while registering for the GRE test. 

GRE Exam Dates 2024

GRE test dates: As mentioned earlier, the GRE Exam dates 2024 is available to you around the year. The GRE at a Home version of the test is available to you at your convenience. All you need to do is register for the GRE test, have the required system hardware and an internet connection, and appear for the exam. Candidates wanting to appear for the GRE test from a test centre have to make sure that the GRE test centre is operational and they should book the test keeping COVID-19 safety guidelines in mind.

Hence, your GRE exam dates are around the year as the exam is held on most days of the year. Still, confused about when you should book your GRE Test? Experts suggest candidates should book their first GRE test 60-90 days prior to the application deadline.

The next most asked question remains, How many times can I appear for the GRE test? Candidates should note that students can take the test once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period. This applies even if you have cancelled your scores on a test taken previously.

GRE Test centres

ETS has introduced the GRE at Home test for the safety of candidates wanting to take the test at home. A lot of times, candidates still find it more convenient to take the GRE test from a GRE Test Centre. Candidates should note that GRE test centres are operating at a reduced capacity or have temporarily shut down because of the ongoing pandemic and also depending on the severity of the virus in the area. Candidates are advised to check with the concerned test centre before booking a GRE slot. The GRE exam is conducted at the following GRE test centres in India:

Ahmedabad Allahabad
Bengaluru Chennai
Gurgaon Hyderabad
Kolkata Mumbai
New Delhi Trivandrum

GRE Slot Booking

For booking a slot for the GRE test you need a debit or credit card to pay a registration fee of US$228 and a valid passport.

Some important information the aspirants need to know before registering for the GRE:

  • The information you provide on the ETS application should always match with your ID i.e. your valid Indian passport. The name you provide should always be the same as it is on your passport. The testing authority can prohibit the aspirant from entering the test centre in case of any discrepancies.
  • Candidates should note that since July 2021 ETS accepted Adhar Cards as ID temporarily for those candidates who did not have a valid Indian Passport because of the pandemic. Candidates should note this is only temporary and will be revoked once the pandemic settles. 
  • Check out which test-taking format is available in your location and if you are comfortable with that format or not.
  • Also, carefully read the policies of the examination before registration.

Important GRE Exam day tips

This is the most important day for the test taker as all the days of preparation and hard work would culminate in your performance on the GRE Exam day. Hence, candidates are advised to follow important GRE Exam day tips to be able to perform their best on the day of the exam.

Good preparation always starts a day before the exam, and not on the exam day. Candidates are required to sleep early as this would enable them to get a good night's rest and feel fresh on the day of the exam. 

GRE Exam Eligibility 2024

GRE Eligibility: A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for seeking admission to any master’s programme.  Therefore, it is an essential part of being eligible for taking the GRE exam. Also, the candidate must be over 18 years of age. 

GRE Registration FAQs 2024

How do I register for the GRE test at home?

Candidates who are opting to take the GRE test from the safety of their home need to register on the official GRE website and then select the at-home option for taking the test.

When can I take the GRE in the current year?

Candidates can take the GRE test multiple times in a year. Candidates can check out GRE test Dates above.

How do I apply to take the GRE?

Candidates are required to create a test taker profile, select their preferred test centre and book a time and slot for their exam. Candidates looking to appear from the safety of the home need to opt for the at-home option while registering for the test.

What is the cost of the GRE exam?

Indian nationals would be required to pay US $228 to register for the GRE test. Special requests such as late registrations and rescheduling come with an additional cost as is mentioned in the article above.

How can I achieve a good GRE score?

There is a misconception about GRE good scores. Candidates should note that every university would have its own GRE Score cut-off and students are required to achieve scores equal or higher than the set grade. Candidates should note that higher GRE scores would automatically increase their chances of securing a seat in the university and also make them a front runner for any scholarships being offered by the university

When are GRE test scores available online?

Candidates can expect their GRE test scores to be made available to them in 10-15 days from the test date.

How much does GRE at home cost?

There is no difference in fees. The at-home version of the test costs US$228 similar to the test centre price. Any additional costs have been absorbed by ETS for the benefit of students.

Can I take GRE from home?

Yes absolutely. Given the current situation, ETS has allowed students to opt for the GRE test from the safety of their homes. They are only required to adhere to system requirements as prescribed on the official GRE website.

Is a Passport required for GRE at home?

Candidates must present a valid passport with their name, photograph, and signature as their primary ID.

Am I required to pay the registration fee every time I appear for the GRE test?

Absolutely. Candidates should note that one registration fee would entitle them to appear for one GRE exam. Every new attempt would require them to pay a new registration fee of US $228. However, they are not required to create a new account and must operate from one test-taker account.

How can i register for GRE exam?

Candidates are required to visit the official website and create a test taker profile and go ahead with the GRE registration process. The official website for GRE is mentioned above.
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Rutul Kumar

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Hi I am unable to book my GRE Physics Test in Ahmedabad, even though test centre are initially showing, but at the time of registration it is showing this error since last two months "No test centers found based on your search criteria. Change search criteria or enter a specific city location and tr


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Abhay kumar

3 weeks ago

go for GRE at home, only Arizona state university doesn't accept GRE at home except them every college in USA accept GRE at home


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When should I apply for GRE Physics April Session in Ahmedabad, India?

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hi i am architectural student so i need to join cullen university of space architecture college , i.e, university of houston , USA .

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Hello Reshmi. If you are looking for assistance with university admissions, do reach out to our team of Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellors: You can know all about the University of Houston, here:



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Hey! The dates given for 2023 for gre 2023 are in Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,June. What if I wish to appear in Sep-Oct? Will this be possible? Does ETS reveal new dates as the months pass by?

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Hello Akshat. Yes, GRE dates for September to December have been updated on our GRE exam dates page: Please feel free to go ahead with your GRE slot booking.