How to Apply for Jobs and What to Look For?

How to Apply for Jobs and What to Look For?

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Updated on Jun 22, 2023 22:51 IST
How to Search for Jobs

When starting a job search, updating your resume and applying to jobs is tempting. However, investing in preparation will yield better results and make you a stronger candidate.

An effective job search starts with taking the time to know yourself and researching the roles you are interested in. Often candidates start with a career assessment to identify or validate their interests, skills, and values. Reading job descriptions can help you better understand the hard and soft skills a particular position calls for and developing a target company list can provide a focused structure for the search. Developing a compelling resume and LinkedIn profile, and an effective ‘elevator pitch’ for networking are also essential tools for developing your personal brand.

When considering roles to apply for think about how your skills and experience can add value, or if you are pivoting in a new direction how your transferrable skills map to a role you do not have direct experience in. Beyond the role itself, it’s important to consider the competitive landscape for a company’s products and services, future trends for a particular industry, as well as, company culture.

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LinkedIn is a social networking site for job applications. 90% of recruiters are on the site, and hiring managers consider it a ‘red flag’ if a candidate doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile. At SCU, our students also find our University-wide career services platform, Handshake, a great source for job postings.

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How SCU LSB Graduate Business Career Management (GBCM) Supports Our Students?

The GBCM team is active every quarter providing high-quality content and learning opportunities for students advancing their careers. With a strong connection to Silicon Valley companies, students have access to company visits, on-campus information sessions, career fairs, and much more.

Career Treks: Every quarter students have the opportunity to visit a variety of companies in Silicon Valley. Typically students receive a full tour of the company site in addition to meeting employees and often SCU Alumni. Frequently there is a panel discussion or time to learn more about the company, culture, and career opportunities. Most recently we have visited Cisco, Box, SS&C Advent, Comerica Bank, and ServiceNow among many others.

Company Information Sessions: Hosted on campus, students can attend company information sessions where recruiters come to speak about their company, its products and services, culture, and job opportunities. Some companies we have hosted in the last 12 months include Western Digital, Tesla, Visa, Apple News, and SAP to name a few.

One-on-One Coaching: Students have access to one on one coaching with our experienced GBCM team and career coaches. Coaches meet with students to determine a job search strategy and counsel them on everything from resumes to interview preparation. This is a great way to stay on track with your career development and to ensure that you have a polished personal brand while submitting applications.

Career Fair and Networking Opportunities: This past fall over 200 students attended our Graduate Business Career Fair and Alumni Networking Event which hosted 19 companies and over 15 Alumni. Students have the opportunity to meet one on one with recruiters to discuss open positions and to network with Alumni. This premier event offers ample opportunities for students to expand their networks and increase their job placement potential.


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Prior to joining SCU, Sunaina Gulati-Ruh, Director, Graduate Business Programs, Career Management at Santa Clara University worked as an executive coach at Lee, Hecht, Harrison, a global career transition and development company, in their Silicon Valley office. Born in New Delhi, she's lived in New York City, Paris, and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

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