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Are you searching for a job in the Netherlands? In the current times, the Netherlands has become an attractive place for international students. As of 2023, the three sectors that had the largest number of employees were health and social work, wholesale and retail trade, and other business support services. Some of the other in-demand job sectors in The Netherlands in the same year were Manufacturing, Education, Information and Communication, Agriculture, etc. There were over 1.4 million jobs in the health and social work sector in The Netherlands. In May 2022, the employed labour force in The Netherlands amounted to around 9.56 million individuals.

Apart from this, the Netherlands is home to the world’s biggest multinational companies like Unilever, Shell and Heineken, and Philips. The country provides relaxed and liberal surroundings to enhance your career. To have a better life in the Netherlands, it is important to understand the popular job sectors that have a higher demand for professionals so that one can opt for a course accordingly. In this article, we will discuss the top sectors for jobs in The Netherlands.

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Popular Job Sectors in Netherlands Highlights

The table given below provides an overview of the popular job sectors in the Netherlands:



Growth Rate in the Job Sector of the Netherlands 

80% till January 2023

Total openings expected till 2023


Maximum Job Openings  

Engineering: 13% 

Dutch Language Requirement  

Not necessary 

Minimum Wages for 21-year-olds 

€1.756,20 pm 

Skill Shortage Areas 

Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, etc.

Top 3 Industries in The Netherlands

Engineering, Hospitality, and IT

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Top Sectors for Graduate Jobs in the Netherlands

There are 05 main sectors that attract graduates to take up jobs in these sectors. A brief of the following sectors has been described below:

1) Engineering

Just like its neighbour Germany, the Netherlands has a long tradition in innovation, science, and hi-tech engineering. According to a survey by a global talent bureau, the Netherlands has the second-highest demand for engineers in the world. As per the statistics, 13% of the job listings in The Netherlands are for engineers. Project Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Electrical Engineers are all in demand in The Netherlands.

2) IT Specialists

Well-trained and experienced software engineers who know many programming languages are valuable assets for every business. As the tech companies in the market keep on increasing in numbers, the demand for IT-savvy people is also increasing. The IT sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in The Netherlands. If we consider the statistics, then in 2020, the number of vacancies in that field was 37,000. A degree in Computer Science will help you get a job in The Netherlands is it in the government or business or education sector.

3) HealthCare Specialists

Similar to Germany and many other European nations, the Dutch population is ageing. As per the statistics, the number of older people (65 ) will double by 2040. In the coming future, there will be a big gap between the demand for health care services and the supply of workers. This implies that the healthcare sector is also set to experience strong growth. The Dutch healthcare sector has a demand for professionals in elder care, dentistry, and mental health.

4) Finance

The Dutch Ministry of Finance has been committed to creating a healthy finance sector in The Netherlands now for a long time. Naturally, because of this, there are plenty of finance jobs available in The Netherlands. Some of the recognized financial service companies in The Netherlands are ASN Bank, Aegon, Rabobank, etc. With so many finance companies situated in The Netherlands, you can go for various job profiles such as General Ledger Accountant, Treasury Analyst, Commercial Accountant, Audit Accountant, Cost Accountant, and Financial Planner. Pursuing an MBA in Netherlands will fetch you a remunerative job in the finance sector.

5) Energy Sector

The Netherlands is a hub for the global energy trade. The main goal of the Dutch energy policy is to transition to a low-carbon energy system. The 2019 Climate Act has set binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030 and 95% by 2050 and 100% of electricity to come from renewables by 2050. Because of the presence of the head office of Royal Dutch Shell in the Netherlands and the strong renewables market, there are numerous energy-related jobs available.

Apart from the biggies listed above which essentially require qualified engineers, Netherlands Economy continues to have a steady demand for healthcare professionals as well as professionals in the Chemical, Agriculture, horticulture, and Creative industries. So, if you are planning to study in the Netherlands, rest assured that there are opportunities in plenty for graduates like yourself in a growing multi-national centre of innovation and research!

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