Best Student Jobs in Netherlands 2024

Best Student Jobs in Netherlands 2024

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Netherlands Part Time Jobs for International Students: Studying abroad can involve significant costs. Under such circumstances, students usually work part-time to offset their costs of studying and living. In this article, we will cover the part-time jobs in Netherlands for international students.
Part Time Jobs in Netherlands

So you want to do part-time jobs in Netherlands while continuing your higher studies? Indian students can do part-time work in Netherlands for up to 16 hours a week on their student visa. The Netherlands is known for its excellent education system and opportunities for international students.. This country is the home of some of the top universities in the world. Several top universities in the Netherlands rank among the oldest and best universities in the world and definitely in Europe.

The cost of studying in Netherlands for an international student ranges between 12000 to 20000 euros (INR 10.81 Lakhs to INR 18.00 Lakhs). This budget excludes the cost of living in Netherlands Here, the term ‘Part-Time Work’ comes as not all students can get scholarships to complete their studies. Students are asked ‘Can they work while studying in the Netherlands?’ Well, the answer is yes, you can. This article attempts to answer the same while listing all you need to know.

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Benefits of Working Part Time in the Netherlands

The benefits of working part-time in the Netherlands can vary depending on the specific job and employer. However, here are some potential benefits:

  • Flexibility: A more flexible schedule is made possible by part-time work, which is advantageous for students or people with other responsibilities. It may offer the chance to successfully juggle work and personal life.
  • Work Experience: Work experience and skills gained from part-time jobs can be very useful for future career chances. It enables people to grow and improve their abilities in a real-world working environment.
  • Income: Even though part-time jobs may not pay as much as full-time jobs, they nonetheless offer a stream of money that can help with living expenses or savings.
  • Networking: People can increase their professional networks and meet new people by doing a part-time job. Future employment opportunities and professional advancement may result from this.
  • Employee Benefits: Part-time employees could qualify for some employee perquisites like vacation time, sick leave, and health insurance depending on the company and the details of the employment contract.
  • Cultural Benefits: Working part-time in the Netherlands provides the opportunity to integrate into the local culture and gain a deeper understanding of the country and its people.

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Checklist for Part-Time Work Permit in the Netherlands

Applicants who are willing to apply for a work permit in the Netherlands should take note of the following points:

  • International students studying in the Netherlands are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 16 hours per week or, in June, July, and August, students are allowed to work full-time. Students cannot do both.
  • Part-time working students can earn up to 20 Euros per hour, which is almost INR 1,700.
  • Many part-time opportunities can be availed at the University level where students can volunteer for assistantships in the library, to lecturers, for tutoring, etc.
  • Not knowing the Dutch language is no barrier as English is used at administrative and educational levels.

Thus, students must not limit their options only to working in the Netherlands despite their EU/non-EU citizenship. Part-time jobs are just a beginning step towards better networking and being acquainted with the overall system of working.

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Part-Time Jobs in the Netherlands

Universities in the Netherlands offer part-time jobs to their students under the ‘Earn While You Learn’ theme. Students’ first preference is to get a part-time job at your university. Apart from this, there are some other part-time job opportunities in the Netherlands. Below we have mentioned several options where you can work a part-time job in the Netherlands. You can opt for these instead of part-time jobs in universities.

Netherlands Student Part Time Jobs Salary

The salary for part-time jobs for international students in the Netherlands can vary depending on the type of job and the employer. The average hourly wage for part-time employees in the Netherlands is around €6 to €10. However, the actual salary can range from around €6 to €25 per hour. Higher hourly earnings might be found in jobs like being a tutor or a hotel receptionist. For instance, the hourly wage for part-time employment as a receptionist can be up to €10, and the hourly wage for a part-time job as a tutor can be up to €19.

1) Cashier at Supermarket

Younger students can work as cashiers at shops and other stores in the Netherlands. Cashier at a Supermarket is one of the most popular part-time jobs that offer around €6 (INR 519) per hour to students.

2) Hotel Receptionist

Another part-time job opportunity in the Netherlands is Hotel Receptionist. Students with good hospitality skills can apply for this job. The average pay lies around €10 (INR 865) per hour.

3) Tutoring

One of the most common and popular part-time jobs is Tutoring in the Netherlands. Students with strong communication skills are perfect for this kind of role. You can become a personal tutor, teach at small coaching or become a teaching assistant at your university.

Working While Studying in the Netherlands

The Netherlands allows students to work part-time during their studies. Based on nationality, students can work up to sixteen hours a week with a work permit from their employer. National students are allowed to work in the Netherlands for as many hours as they choose while studying. Foreign students can work no more than sixteen hours a week outside of the summer period. They can work full-time in the months of June, July, and August. As a student, you can apply for and study while on private insurance.

However, if you choose to work while you study in the Netherlands, then the rules require you to have Public Healthcare Insurance. If you are working in the Netherlands, you need to contribute to social security and pay income tax. Scholarships may be considered as your income and fall under tax liabilities. While many people are fluent in English and there are many English-taught programs, knowing the language would add to the many possibilities of finding relevant part-time jobs. In addition, most of the statutory forms and legal requirements are in Dutch. Post-study work permits for the Netherlands are more straightforward and add many advantages.

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Q. Can Indian students work part-time in the Netherlands?

A. Indian students can work part-time in the Netherlands and earn up to INR 1,700 per hour. Based on their programs, international students studying in the Netherlands are allowed to work part-time for a maximum of 16 hours per week or, in June, July, and August, students are allowed to work full-time. Students cannot do both.

Q. How much can I earn as a student in the Netherlands?

A. Your salary as a student in the Netherlands will vary depending on the kind of work you do, how many hours you put in, and the industry you work in. In the Netherlands, the minimum wage is determined by age, and as a student, you may fall into a particular age bracket. Your hourly wage for part-time work as an international student could commonly vary from 6 to 10 euros. You might make between 500 and 800 euros each month working part-time for 16 hours per week. It's vital to keep in mind that these numbers are estimations and may change depending on the region, type of employment, and level of experience you have.

Q. What is the time duration of part-time work in the Netherlands?

A. The time duration of part-time work in the Netherlands can vary depending on various factors, including the employer's requirements and the specific job. In general, part-time work refers to employment where individuals work fewer hours than full-time employees. In the Netherlands, part-time work is commonly defined as working less than 36 hours per week. As an international student, it is important to be aware of the regulations regarding part-time work. International students in the Netherlands are typically allowed to work a maximum of 16 hours per week during their studies. However, during vacation periods, such as summer or winter breaks, students may be able to work full-time if they wish.

Q. Is it worth doing part-time job while studying in the Netherlands?

A. For a number of reasons, working a part-time job while studying in the Netherlands can be beneficial. First of all, it gives you a chance to make some money and pay your bills. Part-time work can reduce financial worries and provide you with some financial independence because the cost of living in the Netherlands can be relatively high. Second, a part-time job in your area of study can give you useful real-world experience. It enables you to use the knowledge and abilities you acquire during your academic programme in practical settings. This practical experience might improve your comprehension of the material and increase your employability after graduation. Working part-time can also aid in the development of critical transferable skills like problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and time management. These abilities can increase your employability in the future and are highly regarded by employers. Additionally, doing a part-time job can provide doors for networking and forming business relationships. You might run into business people, academic peers, or possible mentors who can offer advice or open doors to new employment chances.

Q. Which are the popular job sectors for part-time in the Netherlands?

A. The hotel, retail, tutoring, research assistance, administrative and office support, and internship industries are some of the most sought-after job sectors for part-time employment in the Netherlands. Part-time jobs are available in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars, all of which are in the hospitality industry. Part-time jobs are available at stores, supermarkets, and boutiques in the retail industry. Another well-liked choice for part-time employment is tutoring, where students can offer academic assistance in a range of disciplines. Students who want to work in their subject of study can find positions providing research help. Data entry and scheduling are common duties for part-time administrative and office support employment. Finally, part-time internships give students the chance to network professionally and obtain experience in a particular area. These industries offer a variety of chances for students to get paid, acquire experience, and learn useful skills.

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How i can apply for part time job in Netherlands and what will be minimum wages I would get ?

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Dear Bhumi, Indians are not allowed to work part-time in the Netherlands while on a student visa. You need to take a work permit for it and only your employer can apply for it on your behalf.

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