Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

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Highest-paid jobs in Dubai: Living in this desert jewel, Dubai is a dream of many students who have graduated from a university. Students often get attracted towards the high standard of living, the city’s hustle and bustle, attractive payouts and luxuries of the city. In that case, prior information on which are the best jobs in Dubai for freshers can be really helpful for students in planning out their pathway to success. 

Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai

Studying abroad itself qualifies you to get a high-paying job abroad. However, if you want to work in your dream foreign city then, prior knowledge and preparation will just be the best. If you are someone who wants to secure one of the highest-paying jobs in Dubai then, the lookout for the same must begin with the selection of your course. One must also remain aligned with the cost of living in Dubai to decide which of the highest-paying jobs in Dubai should they take. 

If a high salary attracts you then, you must begin your research with the best-paying jobs in the world or within a city and then align your interests and pick a course of study accordingly. In this article, we will cover some of the highest paying jobs in Dubai, salary, best colleges and more. 

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Types of Industries/Job Sectors in Dubai

Before getting your hands on the highest paying jobs in Dubai, let us see the major and booming job sectors in Dubai below.

As we know, apart from its oil fields and desert safari, Dubai is known for its excellent infrastructure and for building the architecture of tomorrow. Its latest buildings are technologically driven and an engineering marvel. So below are the most popular job sectors in Dubai that are growing each year.

Most In-demand Job Sectors in Dubai



Information technology






Software development 

Petroleum engineering

Data Science

Human Resource and Development

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai for Indian Students

The best careers in Dubai are paid exceptionally well. Here is the list of the 10 best jobs in Dubai that can help you earn well:

1. Doctors

One of the best careers in Dubai, doctors are the second most highly paid professionals in Dubai or anywhere in the world. However, this position among the top 2 salaried jobs in the world may interchange their positions in the list owing to their demand in the concerned area. Doctors of any specialisation, remain one of the highest paying jobs in Dubai with degree at any frame of time. 

The most in-demand doctors in Dubai are dermatologists, neurologists, general physicians and specialist doctors. Even though the demand for doctors in Dubai is pretty less owing to its healthier lifestyle, the doctors employed here are paid a decent amount. 

The top recruiters of doctors in Dubai are Armada Pharmacy DMCC, Armada Hospital, American Hospital, Connecting Minds and more. 

Average Salary: AED 60k-70k per month 

Top Skills: Medical Practices, a degree in medicine, and the license to practise medical operations in Dubai or internationally.

Best Universities to Pursue the Top Medicinal Skills:

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2. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the title suggests, a CEO is responsible for the overall strategy, direction, and performance of a company. Like in most other countries, the CEOs are the highest performing individuals in the company who are responsible for optimising the growth and tackling the downfall for all the areas in a company. Being one of the highest-paying jobs in Dubai, a CEO conducts market analysis, identifies growth opportunities, and formulates strategic plans to achieve long-term goals. They also oversee budgeting, and resource allocation, and ensure the company meets its financial targets.

The top companies hiring CEOs in Dubai are Kingston Stanley, VAC Recruitment Group, Wecommerce Global, MOon Recruitment, Careem, etc. and the other common designations for this role are Executive Officer, Business Analyst, Operating Officer and Office Manager. 

Average Salary: AED 35k-50k per month

Top Skills: Leadership and Management along with a degree/certification in either of these skills and a minimum of 10 years of work experience in the same or relevant field. 

Best Universities to Pursue the Top Leadership Skills:

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3. Sales Director

Leading and motivating sales teams to achieve revenue targets is the core responsibility of a Sales Director and this is why the salary of a sales director is one of the highest salaries within a company. This fast-paced, results-oriented role comes with a competitive compensation package that often includes bonuses and commission structures.

The sales director has to lead the entire sales team and they set the overall sales strategy, define sales goals, and develop plans to achieve them. For this reason, the sales directors are paid highly in any company in Dubai. 

The top recruiters of sales directors in Dubai are MOon Recruitment, Adani Group, Cvent, Spectra Global, etc. A highly responsible job, a sales director’s job pays off one of the highest salaries in Dubai.

Average Salary: 10k to 50k per month

Top Skills: A relevant degree in business management and financial planning, team management, business development, market analysis, sales forecasting and strategic planning.

Best Universities to Pursue the Sales Management Skills:

4. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The financial backbone of a company, CFOs oversee financial health, budgeting, and risk management. In their day-to-day lives, CFOs are responsible for laying out the financial strategy of the whole company, ensuring it aligns with the overall business goals. The highly coveted skills required to be employed and maintain the role of a CFO in a company involve financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and risk management.

Since maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring compliance with UAE's financial regulations, accounting standards, and tax requirements (which are minimal) is crucial, the CFO oversees the preparation of financial statements and reports for internal and external stakeholders.

The top companies hiring CEOs in Dubai are Jobot, ICL Fincorp Financing Brokers LLC, RTC1 Recruitment Services, etc. and some other common designations for this role are - manager, Director of Finance, and Executive Assistant.

Average Salary: AED 10k-40k per month

Top Skills:  A degree in a relevant field and knowledge of advanced accounting, regulatory issues, and tax planning plus 5-10 years of experience in the relevant field

Best Universities to Pursue the Top Finance-related Skills:

5. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A CMO is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to drive brand awareness and sales growth. The main industries hiring the CMO involve luxury goods and travel and tourism companies. 

The main responsibility of a CMO is to focus on increasing the brand’s visibility and work on its branding and reputation through sources such as channelising the complete [potential of digital marketing, catering to the interests of diverse audiences and understanding the regulatory landscape. 

The top companies hiring CMOs in Dubai are Bayut and Outnovate Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 

Average Salary: AED 18k to 25k per month

Top Skills: Exposure to the relevant industry, experience dealing with clients and customers of the company, interests of the diverse population of a certain region, knowledge and exposure to marketing and PR

Best Universities to Pursue the Top Marketing Skills:

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6. Investment Banker

Investment bankers in Dubai play a crucial role in facilitating financial transactions and growth for companies. One of the best jobs in Dubai, Investment banking involves deal origination and structuring, client relationship management, and financial advisory to the company, along with a significant contribution to the marketing and pitching of specific deals. 

To ace the role of an Investment Banker, one has to have a focus, knowledge and exposure to dealing with regional clients, provide a support role for major deals, and identify potential clients (companies) seeking to raise capital or undergo mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 

Top employers of investment bankers in Dubai are companies like Goldman Sachs, FTI Consulting, Barclays, Citi, PER, etc.

Average Salary: AED 10k to 25k per month

Top Skills: Prior experience in administration, multi-tasking and prioritising, excellent interpersonal skills, complete knowledge of operating Microsoft Office tools, etc. along with an educational background in managing finances and strategising and forecasting market trends. 

Best Universities to Pursue the Top Marketing Skills:

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7. Petroleum Engineer

The UAE's oil and gas industry heavily relies on petroleum engineers for reservoir exploration, drilling, and production optimisation. For this reason, the petroleum engineers in Dubai and other areas of Dubai remain in demand and are paid competitive salaries, although specific figures can vary based on experience and the company.

The top companies hiring petroleum engineers in Dubai along with paying them a good salary in Dubai are SINOPEC, Sofomation FZ, NES Fircroft, etc. 

Average Salary: AED 15k-20k per month 

Top Skills: a degree in petroleum engineering and the ability to design, develop, and optimise the oil and gas production systems, knowledge of drilling, etc.

Top Universities for Doing Petroleum Engineering Abroad:

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8. IT Manager

Technology is the centre of all the developments taking place in Dubai; which is why IT managers remain high in demand in Dubai and are significantly important for its growth. IT Managers in Dubai oversee IT infrastructure, and network security, and ensure smooth technological operations for companies.

The top companies hiring IT Managers in Dubai are Luxoft, GMG, Abbott Laboratories, McDonald’s, etc.

Average Salary: AED 10k to 20k per month

Top Skills: Experience in Managed Services Projects and IT Service Management

Top Universities for Pursuing a Course in Information and Technology Management:

9. Lawyer 

Dubai's business environment fosters a demand for qualified lawyers all year round. Even though a lawyer’s job does not top the list of the highest paying jobs in Dubai (with degree), corporate and Contract lawyers, specialising in areas like mergers and acquisitions or commercial contracts, can expect lucrative salaries influenced by experience and the law firm's reputation.

Dubai’s law system is a mix of civil law and Islamic law, in that case, the lawyers here in Dubai act as the legal advisors to people and companies to make informed decisions while adhering to the law. 

The top companies currently hiring lawyers in Dubai are Chanel, Blue Pencil Ltd., BCG Attorney Search, etc.

Average Salary: AED 5k to 15k per month

Top Skills: A degree in law, good communication skills, ability to multi-task, etc.

Top Universities for Pursuing Law Abroad: 

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10. Artificial Intelligence Specialist

 With the increasing demands of AI-revolutionised industries, one of the best careers in Dubai is to be an AI specialist. Since there are not many candidates with expertise in this field as this is a growing field, the ones who get employed for this position are paid well enough.

The top recruiters for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialists include WSP, Microsoft, Edari UAE, Synechron, etc.

Average Salary: AED 6k to 10k per month, may vary based on skills, expertise and experience

Top Skills: Knowledge of operating AI tools and a degree in a relevant field

Top Universities for Pursuing AI Courses Abroad:

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This was all about the Dubai jobs salary and the best-paid jobs in Dubai. Note that the salaries mentioned in this article are indicative and the actual figures may change based on several parameters. For any doubts, feel free to drop your queries in the comments below. 


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Highest Paying Jobs in Dubai FAQs

Q. Which medical field is growing in demand in Dubai?

A. The demand for healthcare professionals such as doctors and nurses has increased in Dubai more than ever before. The most in-demand medical fields in Dubai that are also high-paying and keep growing include cosmetological surgeons, neurologists, general physicians, anesthesiologists,  and orthodontists.

Q. Which are the highest paying jobs in Dubai without experience?

A. Several jobs in Dubai pay well even without one having any experience. These jobs include - marketing associate, chauffeur, real estate agent, PR and communications manager, HR jobs, engineer, etc.

Q. Which is the most in-demand job in Dubai?

A. The most in-demand jobs in Dubai are also some of the highest-paid jobs in UAE. Examples of such jobs include AI specialists, data scientists, prompt engineers, CFOs, CMOs, sales directors, financial analysts, risk managers, cyber security architects, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, chemical engineers, etc.

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