10 Best Medical Colleges in World 2024

10 Best Medical Colleges in World 2024

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If you wish to pursue a degree in medicine abroad, then the thought of the top 10 medical colleges in world must have passed your mind inherently. The quest to get admitted to only the best medicine school in the world arises from the students' wish to work in a world-class infrastructure. The best medical universities are listed out on certain parameters such as teaching pedagogy, world university rankings, student reviews and many more aspects.  

Top 10 Medical Colleges in World

Students who study medicine abroad may have the chance to learn about and get to know the healthcare systems of other nations. Those who are interested in global health or who intend to work abroad may find this to be of special use. Studying abroad may also provide an opportunity for personal growth and cultural immersion, giving students the ability to build a broader perspective and open their minds to new ideas that can help them in their future medical practice. Moreover, Students can get an international perspective and possibly improve their employment or residency prospects in the future by studying medicine at reputable medical universities overseas. In this article, we will look at the world's best medical colleges, top medicine courses abroad, admission requirements for studying medicine in the best medical colleges in the world, and career prospects after studying medicine abroad.

Key Highlights of this Article:

  • List of Top ten Medical Colleges in the World
  • Average Annual Fees of the Top Medical Colleges in the World 
  • Most Popular Medical Courses Abroad
  • Admission Requirements for the Best Medical Colleges in the World
  • Best Career Options after MBBS Abroad

Top 10 Medical Colleges in World List 2024 

Studying medicine abroad may be a viable choice for people looking to expand their horizons and acquire a distinctive educational experience. In this section of the article, we have mentioned the best medical schools in the world along with their rankings and average annual tuition fees. The below-given list is based on Times Higher Education, i.e. THE World University Rankings for Medicine 2024.  

Universities, Country (origin) THE World University Rankings for Medicine 2024* THE World University Rankings for Medicine 2023
University of Oxford, UK  #1 #1
Harvard University, USA #2 (↑) #3 
University of Cambridge, UK #3 (↓) #2

Imperial College London, UK

#4 #4
Stanford University, USA #5 (↑) #6
John Hopkins University, USA #6 (↑) #11
University College London, UK #7 (↑) #8
Yale University, USA #8 (↑) #9
University of Toronto, Canada #9 (↓) #7
University of Pennsylvania, USA #10 (↑) #15

*The (↑) and (↓) indicate the improved and decreased positions of the universities in the list as compared to the previous year. No arrow presentation implies that the university has maintained the same rank over the course of this and the previous year. 

QS Top Universities for the Subject Medicine in 2023 

The list of the top 10 medical universities as per the QS World University Ranking for the subject of medicine in 2023 are given below. 

Best Universities for Medicinal Courses QS World University RankingsBy Subject Medicine 2023 Average Tuition Fee for International Students (1st Year)
Harvard University, USA 1 ₹ 37 L - 55 L
University of Oxford, UK 2 ₹ 27 L - 50 L
Stanford University, US 3 ₹ 29 L - 51 L
John Hopkins University, USA 4 ₹ 30 L - 55 L
University of Cambridge, UK 5 ₹ 50 L - 65 L
University College London (UCL), UK 6 ₹ 40 L
Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 7 ₹ 13 L - 18 L
Imperial College London, UK 8 ₹ 50 L - 55 L
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 9 ₹ 32 L - 37 L
University of California, San Francisco 10 ₹ 50 L

It is crucial to remember that rankings might change based on the technique employed and that there are several more top medical schools worldwide. The final decision of a medical school may be influenced by a variety of elements, including academic interests, financial constraints, accessibility to specialised training, and personal preferences.

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Top Medical Courses Abroad

Depending on your field of interest and chosen location, there are several excellent medical schools accessible overseas. Following are some best countries for medicine and their best medical courses:

Admission Requirements for the Best Medical Colleges in the World

Depending on the programme and the institution you are applying to, admission criteria for medicine courses abroad may change. Before applying, it is advised that students visit the official website for exact course requirements. An overview of the eligibility requirements for medical courses abroad is given below:

  • 75% to 85% in Class XII (may vary as per the university requirements)
  • A bachelor's degree in Science or Biology (certain universities offer long-term medical courses that do not require a bachelor’s degree)
  • IELTS and TOEFL scores for proving English language proficiency
  • Medical exams such as MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board), etc.
  • LORs (Letters of recommendation)
  • Essay
  • Resume
  • Consolidated Marksheets
  • Internship Certificates (if any)

Career Options after MBBS Abroad

There are excellent job opportunities once a student completes his/her medicine course abroad. Working as a resident, fellow, or staff physician at hospitals or clinics domestically and abroad is one of the most well-liked possibilities. Also in great demand and offering prospects for work in a range of settings and locales are medical scientific liaisons, journalists or editors, and researchers. You can also think about pursuing employment in public health or healthcare administration if you have a medical degree and expertise. Your options for employment may vary according to your skills and experience, as well as the nation and location where you finished your medical training. The following table will provide an idea of job prospects after studying medicine abroad:

Job Profile Location Average Annual Salary
Medical Doctor USA $165,347 (Source: Payscale)
Medical Doctor Canada C$95,063 (Source: Talent)
Microbiologist Germany €41,910 (Source: Payscale)
Biochemist UK £40,000 (Source: Talent)
Radiologist Australia AUD 128,971 (Source: Indeed)

Students may now make an educated selection because they are well-informed about the top ten medical colleges in the world. It is recommended that the students check the exact eligibility requirements by visiting the official webpage of medical colleges abroad.

For help with university applications, students seeking to study abroad can contact our Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellors. The comments section below allows candidates to contact us as well.

Top 10 Medical Colleges in World FAQs

Q. Which is the best country for studying medicine courses?

A. The UK and the USA have some of the top-ranked universities in the world for their medicinal courses. Most of the universities among the top 10 medical universities in the world list are based in the UK and the USA. Hence, certainly, the UK and the USA are the best countries to study medical courses.  Apart from the UK and the USA, colleges from Sweden and Canada have also topped the world's best medical colleges list.  

Q. Which is the best college to pursue a medicinal course abroad?

A. The best colleges to study medicine abroad as per the QS University World Rankings List and THE University World Rankings List of 2023 and 2024 are Harvard University, the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, the Imperial College of London and many more. 

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