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Coventry University graduate placements are 100% and has been given 5 stars by QS Report 2019. As per the official website, 95% of Coventry University graduates are employed or are further studying, six months after their graduation. This ranking is inclusive of the total placement stats, graduates background and the student's overall skill set which gives Coventry University’s Talent Team 5-star level ranking. Check: Coventry University Rankings

Maximum placements at Coventry University are for Executive Management and Change sector graduates with an average salary of approximately €72,000 annually. Whereas, the highest average salary is received by graduates from R&D, Pharmaceuticals and Biotech firms with an average of €76,000 annually.  

There are no direct placement drives on-campus at Coventry University for its graduates seeking employment. Rather there is an online portal for students to keep a tab on the recent vacancies posted by potential recruiters. Students have to mandatorily complete weekly working hours and they are paid between €12 to €15 per hour.  

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Coventry University also offers jobs to research level students for on-campus teaching and research involvement. These vacancies can be found on the common portal – Career Hub, which is available for all students studying at Coventry University.

Coventry University Placement Highlights  

From the table given below you can check some of the important factors related to the placements of the Coventry University.



Total Placement Stats


Career Outcome Rate




Highest Recruiting Sector 

Management Level 

Average Salary 


Top Recruiting Firms 

Pharmaceutical & Biotech 

Part time Work Options  


Placements Offered on-campus 


Coventry University Placements Top Employers

The table given below provides some of the top employers that recruited the graduates of Coventry University:

Top Employers of 2021




Land Rover






The Theatre of Rome

Havelock, Ford

Heat Magazine

Tata Technologies

Atlas Copco

Claire's Accessories


ING Bank

Herbert Art Gallery

Heritage and Culture Warwickshire


Coventry City Council

Aardman Animations

Coventry City Football Club

Songlines Magazine

Visit Britain

Coventry Citizen Advice Bureau


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Coventry University Graduate Salaries by Job 2023

From the salary given below we can see that the highest salary was given to the R&D, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech industrty in the year 2023, followed by the Executive Management & Change industry. However, the lowest average salary was given to the engneering industry.

Job Industries

Average Salary

R&D, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

€ 76,000

Executive Management & Change

€ 73,000

Compliance, AML, KYC & Monitoring

€ 70,000

Programme & Project Management

€ 57,000

Education & Research

€ 56,000


€ 47,000

(Source: Emolument)

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Coventry University Business School Placements by Degree 2023

From the table given below you can see the avaerage salaries recieved by the graduates of the Coventry University. The highest salary was recieved by the the othber degrees for which the information is not available but you can check some other degrees for whicbh the average salary is given.


Average Salary

Other Degree

€ 54,000

Bachelor of Science

€ 47,000


€ 45,000


€ 44,000

Bachelor of Arts

€ 36,000

Masters in Science

€ 26,000

(Source: Emoluments)

Coventry University Business School Placements - Sector wise Analysis

Graduates from Coventry University Business School who were placed across firms which offered them a job role in Data and Finance Strategy were the highest in comparison to other job roles like Architecture and Design or Financial Services.  

Though graduates are offered an internship for 1 year during their sandwich program at Coventry University Business School, they still have to network and look for a permanent option after graduating.  

Coventry University graduates find placements after graduating and they are regarded for their in-depth knowledge, completion of weekly working hours and internship experience. These factors are highly beneficial for being considered for a full-time job role in any sector.

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Coventry University Placement FAQs

Q:   Which firms recruited the graduates of Coventry University?


 Some of the firms that recruited 2018 graduates of Coventry University are - Ikea, BBC, Tata Technologies, GlaxoSmithKline, Coventry City Council, Havelock, Ford, Heat Magazine, Atlas Copco, Claire's Accessories, ING Bank, Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry City Council, Coventry, City Football Club, Songlines Magazine, Coventry Citizen Advice Bureau, Gist, Sky, Heritage and Culture Warwickshire, Aardman Animations, etc.


Q:   Where can students opt for an internship while pursuing a course at Coventry University?


Visit Britain, Gist, The Theatre of Rome, Heat Magazine, Ford,  etc.. are some of the companies where students of Coventry University can gain experience and also qualify for placement in the long run.


Q:   What are some of the tips that Coventry University students must keep in mind before applying for placement?


 Students of Coventry University must explore all available options on its career assistance website before settling for one option. They must apply to multiple companies and make sure to attend all possible sessions conducted by Career Help to make sure no stone is unturned while applying. Moreover, they should make sure that their documents such as resume, recommendation letters from their professors, cover letter, etc. are updated and in proper format.


Q:   What services are offered by Coventry University Career Assistance?


Career Assistance Team of Coventry University offers its students services in terms of - CV & portfolio guidance, employment skill sessions, support for those who wish to start as freelancers or as startups, etc. These career services offered at Coventry University help the students in gaining their desired employment. Moreover, it also helps them in getting the correct internship opportunities that are suited to their career needs.


Q:   Does Coventry University offer placements on campus directly?


 No, Coventry University has a dedicated Career Assistance Help that helps students to navigate through best possible options for placements. There are no placement drives only help that is offered is by getting students and potential recruiters together on a platform so that the students can get opportunities. In addition, placements also depend on networking skills of the students. It is important that the students start building their professional network from the beginning itself.


Q:   What are the salary highlights of undergraduate placements at Coventry University?


 When we look at the Coventry University placements, for the entire university, for undergraduate courses, B.Sc. Graduates gained an average annual salary of € 47,000, BA Graduates gained an average annual salary of € 36,000. In addition, Bachelor’s students of Business school gained an average annual salary of € 46,000, while Bachelor of Science students gained an average annual salary of € 44,000.


Q:   What are the salary highlights of graduate and PhD placements at Coventry University?


 Students who have pursued graduate/ Master’s/ PhD courses from Coventry University are naturally placed higher on the income ladder. When we talk about Master’s degree at the university level, students gained an average annual salary of € 44,000. Students who have pursue Masters in Science, gained an average annual salary of € 26,000. When we talk about Master’s and PhD courses with respect to Business School, students who pursued Executive Masters gained an average annual salary of € 81,000 and students who pursued PhD, gained an average annual salary of €135,000.


Q:   In what all fields were the students of Coventry University placed?


 Students of Coventry University were placed in various job roles, with each job role offering different salary prospects. Some of these job roles were in the following fields: data science, compliance, AML, KYC & monitoring, finance control & strategy, financial services, architecture, real estate & design, and R&D, pharmaceutical & biotech. Students must prepare their profiles according to the job role and field of work they wish to pursue. It is of utmost importance that your resume is in line with your intended career path.


Q:   What is Coventry University acceptance rate?


Coventry University acceptance rate is nearly 32%. This shows that the university is selective. A 32% acceptance rate means that if 100 students apply, 32 out of those are selected for pursuing academics at Coventry University. If you are applying to a university with a less acceptance rate, i.e. if the university is selective, in that case you must keep a backup plan to deal with any rejections. Backup plan could be in terms of course, university, or even country.


Q:   What all is required when I apply to Coventry University?


The basic documents that are required to apply at a course in Coventry University are given in the points below:

  • Academic transcripts
  • Academic reference
  • Statement of Purpose / Personal statement
  • If you are employed, then you have to provide a copy of work reference
  • Proof of English-language proficiency
  • ID proofs such as a valid passport
  • Other documents as per the requirement of course

Q:   What is the career outcome rate at Coventry University?


The career outcome rate at Coventry University is 95%. This means that out of 100 students that have passed out from Coventry University, 95 are either working or are continuing their education. A high career outcome rate reflects the seriousness of the university towards the career of its students. Many resources such as Handshake portal, career counseling, CV review, skills development, etc. help in placements, which ultimately increase the career outcome rate.


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