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Teesside University career outcome rate stood at 91%. This means that 91% of the students were either employers and/ or were pursuing higher studies. In addition to this, it was noted that there were 77% of employed graduates in graduate-level jobs. Teesside University provides various placement services that help the students in finding an appropriate industrial placement, internships, and employment. Though, these services differ from an a conventional placement service offered by a placement cell, they are helpful to the students in building a professional network and improving their skills. Read: Teesside University Admissions

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Teesside University Placements Highlights 2021



Total Enrollment


Average Salary by Degree


Average Salary by Professional Field


Most Remunerative Degree (Masters in Science)


Most Remunerative Professional Field (Education & Research)


Teesside University Class Profile 2021

A total of 22,697 students were enrolled at Teesside University. The finer details of the Class Profile are given below:

  • 15,844 students were enrolled in full-time courses
  • 6,853 students were enrolled in part-time courses
  • 9,907 students were enrolled in degree courses
  • 4,474 students were enrolled in non-degree courses
  • 8,316 students were enrolled in postgraduate courses
  • A total of 1,252 students of Teesside University were studying outside the UK
  • Nearly 56% students were female
  • Teesside University staff number exceeds 2,300
  • Teesside University English-language requirements are given in the table below:


Score Range


5.5 – 7


59 – 66

Teesside University Placements by Degree 2021

As the academic levels increase, remuneration and salaries increase. The same trend can be seen at the Teesside University placements. Masters in Science was the most remunerative degree with an average annual salary of £45,000, whereas, Other Degrees were the least remunerative with an average annual salary of £26,000. The following chart displays the average annual salary on the basis of degree levels:

Teesside University Placements

(Source: Emolument)

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Teesside University Placements by Professional Field 2021

Students of Teesside University were placed in different professional fields and in various job roles. As the per the available data, Education & Research was the most remunerative field with an average annual salary of £67,000, whereas, Engineering professional received £27,000 as their average annual salary. The following chart provides finer details of the placements:

Teesside University Placements

(Source: Emolument)

Teesside University Internships 2021

Teesside University provides various internship opportunities to its students through online jobs board. In addition, there is a team of officers that provide in-depth information to the students about pre and post placement activities. If your course and your academic department allows you to pursue an internship, then it is highly advisable that you should pursue one. Some of the benefits of pursuing an internship include:

  • Preference received from employers
  • Stronger networking skills
  • Work experience
  • Resume improvement
  • Access to various career opportunities and fields

Some of the types of work experience/ internships that are offered include:

  • Industry placement
  • Internship for two year masters students
  • Summer internships
  • Graduate internships
  • Volunteering

Teesside University Career Services

Teesside University provides various career services that help the students in finding their desired employment, internships, and industrial placements. Even though, these do not work like a traditional placement cell, they provide a number of resources that help the students in their job search. Some of these services include:

  • Advice and guidance CV, application forms, and interview preparations
  • Career guidance to help the students choose a correct career path
  • Job search portal, and much more

Teesside University Post-Study Options

After graduating from Teesside, students can pursue different career paths such as:

  • Full-time employment
  • Part-time employment
  • Higher education and research
  • Entrepreneurship

Teesside University Placements FAQs

Q. What points should I keep in mind while applying for placements from Teesside University?

A. Before the placement drive begins, students must be well prepared with their updated resume, recommendation letters from their professors, cover letter, and a list of industries/ jobs/ career paths. Students must make use of all the university resources that can help them in getting a good job. No loopholes should be left when it comes to resume and interview preparation. Moreover, students must keep themselves updated with the latest job postings, career events, job fairs, etc.

Q. What are the degree-wise placement statistics of Teesside University?

A. When we talk of degree-level placements, Masters in Science proved to be the most remunerative degree. It helped the Teesside University students bag an average annual salary of £45,000. Bachelor of Science was the second most remunerative degree that fetched an average annual salary of £41,000. As the academic levels increase, average annual salaries also rise.

Q. What are some of the top fields where the students of Teesside University were placed?

A. Some of the top professional fields where Teesside University students were placed were:
  • Education & Research
  • Finance Control & Strategy
  • IT & Software Development
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Marketing, Product & Communications

Q. Can you provide me the salary highlights of Teesside University placements with respect to professional fields?

A. When we talk about Teesside University placements in terms of professional field, Education & Research proved to be the most remunerative with an average annual salary of £67,000. Engineering was the least remunerative field with an average annual salary of £27,000. Some other fields that fetched high salaries include Finance Control & Strategy with an average annual salary of £60,000 and IT & Software Development with an average annual salary of £43,000.

Q. Does Teesside University provide support to those students who wish to become entrepreneurs?

A. Yes. Teesside University offers support services to students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship. The Enterprise Team helps and guides the students to undertake entrepreneurial activities. In addition, it promotes enterprise culture on campus. The team conducts initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship Week that help the students develop enterprise and improve their employability skills. There are various programs such as Micro Biz Academy, Graduate Start Up programme – FUEL, etc.

Q. How does Teesside University support recruiters who hire the students?

A. Teesside University does support recruiters with the help of following approach:
  • Recruitment and matching service
  • Provide access to part-financed graduate talent
  • Offering advisory to companies
  • Help the recruiters find the right placement scheme

Q. What are some of the placement types available at Teesside University?

A. The following points highlights some of the types of placements that are available at Teesside University:
  • Masters with ‘advanced practice’ for a minimum of 12 weeks
  • Sandwich placement, year in industry for a minimum for 36 weeks
  • Module placements for one or two semesters
  • Funded graduate internships for 8-12 weeks
  • Funded undergraduate internships for 8 weeks
  • Growth Associate Programme for 6, 9, or 12 months
  • Graduates for Growth for 12 weeks
  • Creative and Cultural Sector Internships for 4 weeks

Q. Are there any volunteering opportunities at Teesside University?

A. Yes. Teesside university does promote volunteering through voluntary and community groups. These offer long and short-term opportunities. Some of these opportunities and activities include Insight days, micro-internships, work shadowing (1-5 days) and professional/consultancy projects. In addition, Teesside University has a provision for student volunteer brokerage service for third sector and related organisations.

Q. What are the advantages of pursuing volunteering at Teesside University?

A. Volunteering is a great way for the students to gain more knowledge about the career they wish to pursue. Some of the advantages include:
  • Skill development for professional sphere
  • More knowledge and insight about future career goals
  • Contribution to the community
  • Skills development
  • CV enhancement
  • Gaining Volun-tees Awards and Certificates

Q. Can you give me more details about 12-month industrial placement at Teesside University?

A. Students who pursue industrial placement at Teesside University stand a chance of improving their employability. The 12-month industrial placement program is scheduled between the second and final year of study for an undergraduate course and in third year of a master’s degree that is of 4 years in duration. Students are required to find these industrial placements in online portals and websites such as Gradcracker. Moreover, many opportunities are available on the university website. Those who wish to pursue industrial placements must start in their second year of academics.

Q. What are some of the career related advice available for students of Teesside University?

A. Teesside University offers career related advice that help the students in discovering a correct career path. Gradspace digital hub, exclusively for Teesside University graduates, helps the students finding their desired employment. Some other benefits include:
  • Deciding a correct career path/ industry
  • Finding job opportunities and internships
  • Interview preparation
  • Proper job applications

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