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The University of Glasgow records a placement rate of 95.9% for passing out the batch 2017. Nearly 10,000 employers employed over 4,500 students and the remaining 2,000 were involved in higher studies and 3,000+ were self-employed. The salary recorded for University of Glasgow graduates was between £16,000 and £90,000 and the hourly pay ranged between £9 - £10. Graduates were offered jobs in industries of Accounting & Finance, Public Administration, Banking, Investment, etc.  

University of Glasgow Placement 2017-18 Highlights 

Overall Placement Rate 


Total No. of Students in 2017-18 


Average Salary 


Average Hourly Pay 


Top Job Roles 

Engineering, App Developer, Admin Assistant, etc. 


FinTech, Investment, Banking, etc. 

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University of Glasgow 2017-18 Batch Profile 

Around 85% of the students who were enrolled in the University of Glasgow and passed out in the year 2017-18 were from outside the UK. The number of international students was just 20%. The following chart shows the original destinations of students enrolled in the University of Glasgow and passing out in 2017-18:


University of Glasgow Placement Statistics 

As per the GOS, around 29.1% of students pursued a full-time higher study, while 95.9% of them were placed high for full-time employment. Check the charts below for a brief detail about the graduate outcomes:


The following table throws more light on the graduate outcomes separately for graduates and post-graduates of the University of Glasgow: 

Graduate Survey Outcomes  



Full-time study 



Full-time work 



Due to start work 



Part-time study 



Part-time work 



Primarily in work and also studying 



Primarily studying and also working 






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University of Glasgow MBA Employment

In the year 2020, the MBA graduates of the University of Glasgow recorded a placement rate of 84%. The employment distribution is divided into two broad sections - one based on sector and the other based on function. The following sections throw light on the sector-wise employment, function-wise employment and top employers of the MBA batch of 2020.

MBA Employment by Sector

The following top sectors recruited the MBA'20 graduates of the University of Glasgow:

  • Consulting: 21%
  • Technology: 16%
  • Government: 11%
  • Healthcare: 11%
  • Media / Entertainment: 5%
  • Financial Services: 5%
  • Consumer Good: 5%
  • Real Estate: 5%
  • Others: 5%

MBA Employment by Function

There were seven major areas of function where MBA graduates of the class of 2020 of the University of Glasgow were working. These areas of function where MBA graduates were working are tabulated below:

Areas of Function Total MBA Graduates Working
Marketing / Sales 26%
General Management 21%
Consulting 16%
Information Technology 11%
Finance / Accounting 5%
Human Resources 5%
Operations Logistics 5%
Others 11%

University of Glasgow MBA Top Employers 

The following were the top employers of MBA graduates of the class of 2020 at the University of Glasgow, this list also includes the alumni companies who helped the graduates bag a role at these companies:

  • Apple
  • Amazon
  • Rolls Royce
  • IBM
  • Unilever
  • Clydesdale Bank
  • Ernst & Young
  • Halyard Health
  • Goldman Sachs
  • The Scottish Government

University of Glasgow Job Roles of Graduates 

The following were the top jobs offered to graduates of the University of Glasgow in the year 2017-18 along with their corresponding annual average salaries: 

University of Glasgow Graduates Job Roles 

Average Annual Salary 

Machine Learning Software Engineer 


Security Engineer 




Recruitment & Retention Manager 


Sales Manager 


Security Engineer 


App Developer Graduate 


Administration Assistant 


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The University of Glasgow Tips for Job Hunt   

As per the University of Glasgow Careers Team, there are four ways to get a good graduate job suggested for fresh graduates: 

1. Apply for vacancies

For a preferred job type based on the interest of the graduate, this is the first step. But there are two main limitations to this step: 

  • Applicants must know that they are probably always competing against many other candidates applying for a similar job profile. 
  • Graduates must keep an eye out because only a few organisations advertise their vacancies online. 

If applicants are keen to work for specific organisations, they can look online on their websites regularly to check for recruitment-related updates.  

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2. Sending job applications to organisations

Many organisations fill some of their available roles through applications received from candidates. The applicants’ CVs and/or cover letters must be customised as per the employers and their potential recruitment needs.  

3. Networking

This can be done through LinkedIn or by attending career fairs, etc. A recommendation and a personal connection might prove fruitful in this case. Applicants can network in the following manner: 

  • Reach out to their friends and colleagues and seek their ideas. 
  • Using alumni networks and professional associations would also help.  
  • Applicants can build their own network extending both nationally and internationally. 
  • Developing an online presence and using social media to manage networking is another important aspect. 

4. Applying through recruitment agencies

A number of companies recruit indirectly through agencies. As job seekers, applicants would often receive emails or calls from these agencies, in order to access the applicant's details in order to forward them to the concerned company for further processes.  

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University of Glasgow Placement FAQs

Q. Who were the top employers of University of Glasgow’s graduates?

A. The top employers, recruiting graduates of University of Glasgow were - Royal Bank of Canada, McKinsey & Co., Estee Lauder, Cobham, GKN, etc.  

Q. When was the data collected from Glasgow’s graduates for the survey?

A. For the graduate survey outcome, the survey was conducted with graduates of University of Glasgow within 1 year of graduation.

Q. Where can University of Glasgow’s graduates search for job vacancies?

A. MyCareerHub is University of Glasgow’s official portal which amalgamates both employers and employees. Graduates can search for new and recent postings of job vacancies,

Q. Does the University of Glasgow also hire students after graduation?

A. Yes, in some cases University of Glasgow also hires graduates for junior administrative level positions, while there are also research students who can apply for lectureship at the University post completion of their doctoral degree.

Q. When does the University of Glasgow offer internships to students?

A. The University of Glasgow offers internships on campus through its 400+ partners after the applicant completes 1 year of study. Usually at the end of the first year, applicants are required to apply for summer jobs or internships.

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