How to Get UK Student Visa in 5 Steps

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Anumika Bahukhandi
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Jul 29, 2023 00:12 IST
UK Student Visa

More than 26,000 Indian students apply for the UK Student Visa each year. The duration of your programme and the course you've already pursued in the UK will decide how long will you be able to stay in the country. Those aged 18 and above, with a degree-level course, can stay for a maximum of five years. The United Kingdom's Home Ministry has recently (March 2023) stated that last year a higher number of student visas were granted. The reason behind this increase is said to be the surge in student enrollment number in institutions of higher education, especially from China, India and Nigeria. As per the data shared, 25% of the visas issued were for students from India in the year 2022.

Want to start out your education journey in the UK? Here’s what you need to know about getting the Visa.

Step 1 - Check if you qualify

To study in the UK as a student you will need to acquire a Student Visa which has replaced the Tier 4 (general) Visa. If you are yet to be accepted into an institution, then you will need a prospective student visa. UK student visa applications are processed within 3 weeks of the completed application being lodged.

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You must be able to show that you have:

  1. A confirmed place at the school, university or college where you intend to study. It is called a ‘confirmation of acceptance for studies’ (COE).
  2. Enough money (also known as ‘maintenance or funds’) to cover your course fees and living costs in the UK.
  3. Are able to read, write, speak and understand English. 
  4. Have permission from your parents if you're 16 or 17

Step 2 - Get your documents ready

For every document you provide, you must include the original document and a photocopy.

  1. A signed copy of your completed visa application form.
  2. A valid passport.
  3. 1 passport sized colour photograph which meets the photo guidelines.
  4. Evidence of your confirmed place at the University.
  5. Any previous passports to show your previous travel history.
  6. If you send a document that is not in English, it must be accompanied by a full translation that can be verified.

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Step 3 - Apply online

You will need to register and create an account on the official UK Visa website. When you have completed your online application form, you will need to print and sign your completed form.

You must use the online appointment calendar to book an appointment at the visa application centre.When you have completed your online application, you will receive an email message containing your application number.

Step 4 - Pay your application fee

There are 4 ways to pay your visa application fee.

  1. Payment at Standard Chartered Bank - You can pay your fee at some branches of the Standard Chartered Bank. The bank will issue a demand draft in favour of the 'The British High Commission'.
  2. Demand draft from a nationalised or foreign bank - You can pay your fee by getting a demand draft issued by a nationalised or a foreign bank. Bank charges for this service will vary. The demand draft must be in favour of the 'The British High Commission’.
  3. Payment at the visa application centre - You can pay the visa application fee at the visa application centre when you submit your visa application.
  4. Pay online - You can pay your visa application fee online using a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

Step 5 – Visit the visa application centre on the appointed date

You must book and attend an appointment at our visa application centre to submit your application and facial photograph and fingerprints.

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Lubna Shaikh

2 years ago

Hello Piyush, If I get an interview from a Uni. for teaching course and I get rejected. Am I elegible for another course in the same Uni.

Reply to Lubna Shaikh


Piyush Kohli

2 years ago

Hi Lubna, you can apply for a different course.

Hello Piyush, i want to go to a language course in London and i want to work part time. What should i do for this? and i am european citizens.

Reply to Yozdzhan Karadagla



2 years ago

Which uni is the best for hopitality management in uk

Reply to Sharndeep


Piyush Kohli

2 years ago

Hi Sharndeep, there are various good colleges that offer courses in Hospitality management. Oxford School of Hospitality Management, The Oxford Brookes University is recognized globally for its Hospitality management programs.



2 years ago

I applied the premium student visa. It was cancelled. My classes are started already. How long can I wait normal student visa interview process.

Reply to Latharam


Samidha Goyal

2 years ago

Dear Latharam, Please get in touch with us on +91 9873866046. For detailed information

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