MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students: Eligibility, Work Requirements

MBA Colleges in UK for Indian Students: Eligibility, Work Requirements

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The United Kingdom with over 395 universities acts as the second most prominent educational hub for international students. Welcoming more than 5 lakh international students, the country has to offer a rich cultural diversity. The best part of studying in this country is that students from different backgrounds experiencing a totally different environment make great connections which further help them in networking. The degrees obtained from the UK are recognised worldwide and have helped a lot of aspirants attain their dream jobs and even work as entrepreneurs.
MBA Colleges in UK

Why Study MBA Abroad?

When it comes to getting a globally accepted degree in business and management, an MBA is considered to be the most pursued one. Pursuing an MBA prepares you for real-time business challenges through its rigorous projects and curriculum. Adding to it, when pursued at a global level, this programme helps you develop a broader perspective for problem-solving. The United Kingdom is a preferred study destination for a lot of international aspirants.

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Why Study MBA in the UK?

Popular as a world leader in terms of quality education practices, the United Kingdom stands second as the preferred study destination, after the USA. The UK has several colleges that rank in the top 100 (4 colleges in the top 10) internationally acclaimed institutions, marking a strong reputation for the country’s education system across the globe.

The environment of an institution has a significant impact on the overall experience of receiving education. Hence, studying business practices would vary with the study destination. Practising a domain within the leading industry helps in experiencing the domain with its latest advancements and developments, thereby, helping a professional keep updated with the industrial trends. Therefore, pursuing a degree in Business Administration in the UK, where it is practised with the latest tools and techniques, will surely help in the overall development of students making them industrial professionals. In addition to all this, various top universities offer an MBA in UK without GMAT; thereby easing the process of selection. The MBA salary in the UK is also very high.

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MBA in the UK for Indian students

What attracts global attention to pursuing MBA in the UK is its 1-year course duration. Unlike other countries, where the usual MBA duration is 2 years, the UK’s one-year programmes make it an ideal pursuit for professionals who cannot take long breaks. Students of all age groups get attracted to the course, specifically for the shorter duration of this course. It is imperative that the shorter the duration of an MBA programme is the more chances it gets into the top international programmes. This attracts experienced candidates who wish to attain quality education in less time, which in turn makes a programme interesting for both the students as well as the professors.

MBA in UK Eligibility Requirements

An existing degree in business or management is not mandatory to apply for an MBA in the UK. The process of applying to MBA programs in UK is the same as other programmes for international students. Some universities even offer MBA in the UK without GMAT, thus, there is no need for a GMAT Score. Also, some colleges also offer MBAs without work experience. However, if you wish your efforts in MBA to pay off, it is advisable to apply for highly recognised colleges.

The basic requirements to apply for a good Business School would cover:

  • Competitive GMAT Exam Score
  • MBA Essays as required by the universities you choose
  • Recommendation Letters from your previous academic institutes and workplaces

Once these documents are approved by the admission committee, the candidates are called to the University for conducting a face-to-face interview.

MBA in UK Work Experience Required

Please don’t be disheartened if you are a fresher. Designed keeping in mind the requirements of the students, the variety of MBA courses offered in the UK have a speciality. They cater to both kinds of aspirants, that is, with and without experience. The students who have little or no experience may apply to the universities in UK that do not require work experience as a prerequisite for MBA. For well-qualified and experienced professionals, the UK offers a list of business and management courses that will help them polish their existing skills while keeping abreast with the latest industrial trends.

With universities like Oxford, Cambridge, London Business School, and many more that hire professors who are practitioners themselves, practising management would definitely help you explore your strengths. Studying alongside the best chosen international minds would further help you conduct meaningful brainstorming sessions that would result in generating great and fresh ideas from across the world. The huge diversity found in the country with handpicked minds from around the globe that combine together to achieve a common goal makes it even more interesting to study business practices.

Overall, studying MBA in UK would act as a stepping stone for aspirants thereby increasing the chances of employability anywhere in the industry.

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List of Top Universities in UK for MBA



Exams Accepted

Course Fee 2023

University of Oxford

1 year (full-time), 22-24 months (part-time executive MBA)


INR 74.1 Lakhs

University of Cambridge

1 year


INR 66.4 Lakhs

London Business School

15-21 Months


INR 1.11 Cr 

University of Warwick

1 year

GMAT: 650 avg, GRE

INR 51.8 Lakhs

Lancaster University

1 year

IELTS: 6.5

INR 37.3 Lakhs

Cranfield University

12 months

GMAT: Over 600, GRE

INR 45.8 Lakhs

Brunel University

1 year


INR 28.5 Lakhs

Durham University

1 year


INR 36.3 Lakhs

(Source:, First-year tuition fee is given)

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Life in the UK

It is incredibly easy to succumb to the environment of a country that offers a perfect blend of global cultures. People with different backgrounds and contemporary thinking combine together to experience exciting opportunities. The experience of trying exotic food, discovering new places, and making new friends with global connections in the cosmopolitan city is surely remarkable.

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Cost of Living in UK for Indian Students

There is another benefit of the shorter duration of MBA programmes in UK and that is the overall cost of tuition fees and living expenses gets reduced to almost half. The cost of an MBA in the UK may vary from college to college. The tuition fee may vary anything between £10,000–£15,000 pounds (other than Oxford and Cambridge which may cost up to £45,000). 

The cost of living depends entirely upon the location of college you choose. According to the UK Border Agency (UKBA), in order to get your visa approved you are required to have a minimum of INR 1.15 Lakh per month apart from the tuition fees to study in London. For the other locations in UK (apart from London), you would need to have INR 1 Lakh per month. Typically, you would need around 25 to 30 thousand rupees per week for living anywhere in the country. However, it is still an estimate as the final costs will be defined on the basis on lifestyle you follow.

For detailed information on living as an international student in UK, you may check out Student Guide to the United Kingdom.

MBA Scholarships and Financial Aid in UK

Studying abroad is expensive, especially when it comes to a world-recognised degree MBA. How would you feel if you got to know that you can offset your study expenses with the help of scholarships?

The scholarships are conferred on a variety of elements. There are two kinds of MBA scholarships, one is Internal, offered by business schools, and the other one is External, offered by other organisations. As most of us are aware that Merit Scholarships are rewarded by educational institutes to students who perform brilliantly within the same institute or in the past, or score excellently in the required exams like GMAT. Also, a Need-Based MBA Scholarship is applicable for students who establish a financial crunch to pay for the degree without outside help but are dedicated towards studies. The other MBA scholarships are awarded to students who come from under-represented backgrounds.

Below you can search for MBA scholarships offered by business schools and other organizations. You can search by keyword, filter by MBA specialization, or find scholarships available for schools in specific locations or are available for residents from specific places.

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Global Study Awards

Awarded by the Study Portals, ISIC, or British Council, the scholarship is aimed at encouraging aspirants to study abroad. Grantable to 2 students applying for any course including MBA to many countries including the UK, the maximum amount obtainable in this award is Pound 10,000.

The Oxford and Cambridge Society of India Scholarships-University of Cambridge

Endowed by the University of Cambridge, this award is procurable by the students of higher studies in any research-oriented subject. Awardable to a single student, the maximum amount paid in this scholarship is INR 40 Lakh.

The Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program

Presented by Financial Sumo, this one is designed to help students defray the expenses of attending college. Applicable to all the universities in the UK to all the students from any course, including MBA, it can be awarded up to USD 1000 to only one student.

BrokerFish International Student Scholarship

Granted by Broker Fish, this kind of scholarship is designed to assist international students, irrespective of their birthplace, in obtaining International Health Insurance. This can be availed by the full-time students of any course equivalent to a degree or diploma programme studying in any accredited institution in UK. The maximum amount awarded is USD 1000.

Go Clean Scholarship

Bestowed by, this scholarship is awarded to the students on a merit basis. A minimum of 2.5 GPA is required to attain the reward money of USD 3,500. It is applicable to the MBA students of all the universities in the UK.

The other scholarships awarded to the students of MBA in UK are:

  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • Hornby Scholarships 2018
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • Oxford India Centre Scholarship
  • University of East Anglia Scholarships
  • Education Grants by Tata Trusts
  • Academy Asia Senior Fellowship
  • Inlaks Scholarships
  • Felix Scholarships
  • Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships
  • The Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • The Rhodes Scholarships India
  • Graduate Scholarships at LSE
  • Research Council UK Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus - Scholarships and Academic Cooperation
  • International Academic Scholarship at the University of Worcester
  • The University of Lincoln Scholarships

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MBA in UK Salary and Work VISA

After completing an MBA from the top colleges of the UK, you may get a salary of up to INR 95 Lakh annually in the reputed organisations of India. For the students who wish to stay in the UK after completing their MBA, there are some renowned UK institutions that offer sponsorship to their students to extend their visas. This sure helps in the repayment of the availed education loan for studying in the UK and also for saving some cash you need to return to your home country.

For attending a 12-month programme in the UK, the Student Visa for UK would be applicable for 16 months. This would help you look for a job in the remaining four months, which does not leave you with the only option of rushing back to your home country. However, the rules on student visas keep changing, which means you should always consider the latest information on the same.

To remain updated on everything regarding studying abroad for any course in any region all across the globe, it is advisable that you take help from the study abroad experts, who are updated with the latest industrial trends and can help you enrol on your favourite course and college.

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Q. Do I need a student visa to study an MBA in UK?

A. International students who wish to work while studying in the UK are required to obtain a student visa for the same. As per the norms, during the term period they are permitted to work for a maximum of 20 hours every week and during holidays can pick up full-time opportunities. The fee for the UK Student Visa (earlier known as Tier 4 (General) Student Visa) is £363 (Approx. Rs. 36,429) if the students are applying from outside the UK. 

Q. Do I need to present an English language proficiency proof for pursuing an MBA in the UK?

A. Majority of the universities/colleges in the UK teach their MBA course in English. So if you are an overseas language whose first language is not English or you pursued your graduation from a non-English speaking institute, it is mandatory for you to provide evidence of a minimum overall standard in the English tests recognised by the university you have applied to. 

Q. What are Merit Scholarships for MBA?

A. As most of us are aware that Merit Scholarships are rewarded by educational institutes to students who perform brilliantly within the same institute or in the past, or score excellently in the required exams like GMAT. 

Q. How much tuition fee do I have to pay for an MBA course in the UK?

A. Studying shorter duration of MBA programmes in the UK offers the benefit that the overall cost of tuition fees and living expenses gets reduced to almost half. Cost of MBA in UK may vary from college to college. The tuition fee may vary anything between £10,000–£15,000 pounds (other than Oxford and Cambridge which may cost up to £45,000). 

Q. Is GMAT score mandatory to apply for an MBA course in the UK?

A. There are some universities in the UK which offer MBA without a GMAT score, thus, it is okay in case you do not possess a GMAT Score. Also, some colleges also offer MBA without work experience. However, if you wish your efforts in MBA to pay off, it is advisable to apply for highly recognised colleges which will need you to hold a GMAT score.
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