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Northeastern University Rankings 2024

  • A Shiksha Grade
  • Private University
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  • Estd. 1898
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Northeastern University
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By Shiksha Study Abroad
University Ranking

AOverall University Grade
B Biomedical Engineering
C+ Business Economics
B+ Chemical Engineering
B++ Civil Engineering
C++ Computer Science Engineering
B+ Electrical Engineering
C+ Entrepreneurship
B+ Mechanical Engineering
B Supply Chain
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Northeastern University
US News & World Report Ranking 2023

Ranked by202320222021
Global Universities
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National University Ranking444949
Best Graduate Law Schools736767
Best Graduate Nursing Schools867159
Biomedical Engineering PG454045
Chemical Engineering PG484653
Civil Engineering PG303427
Computer Engineering PG333736
Electrical Engineering PG383739
Entrepreneurship MBA
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– / –30– / –
Graduate Business School
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Mechanical Engineering PG414640
UG Business516453
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Northeastern University
FT (Financial Times) Ranking 2023

Ranked by20232020
GMBA Ranking
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Northeastern University
QS Ranking 2024

Ranked by202420232022
World University Ranking
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Communication and Media Studies Rankings– / –151-200151-200
Engineering and Technology
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– / –265247
Global MBA
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– / –141-150131-140
Masters in Supply Chain Management Rankings– / –2422
Mechanical Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering Rankings– / –301-350251-300
Pharmacy and Pharmacology Rankings– / –151-200151-200
Physics and Astronomy Rankings– / –301-350201-250
QS - Biological Sciences Rankings– / –301-350251-300
QS - Law Rankings– / –301-350301-350
QS - Mathematics Rankings– / –301-350201-250
QS - Sociology Rankings– / –– / –301-340
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Northeastern University
THE (Times Higher Education) Ranking 2023

Ranked by202320222021
University Ranking
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Arts and Humanities Rankings251-300301-400301-400
Clinical and Health Rankings126-150101-12596
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Life Sciences Rankings201-250201-250176-200
PG Business and Economics
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PG Computer Science
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THE - Law Rankings987193
THE - Psychology Rankings176-200176-200126-150
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Northeastern University
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) Ranking 2022

Ranked by202220212020
Universities Rankings
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Shanghai Law Ranking404451-75
Shanghai Mathematics Rankings201-300151-200201-300
Shanghai Nursing Rankings201-300201-300201-300
Shanghai Physics Rankings201-300201-300151-200
Shanghai Political Sciences Rankings101-150101-150101-150
Shanghai Sociology Rankings51-7576-100101-150
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Northeastern University
Bloomberg Ranking 2023

Ranked by202320222021
Best Business School USA
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Northeastern University
Course Ranking

Showing 3 Courses


Ranked by202320222021
US News & World Report - UG Business516453


Ranked by202320222021
QS - QS - Law Rankings301-350301-350-
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Law Ranking-4044
US News & World Report - Best Graduate Law Schools736767
THE (Times Higher Education) - THE - Law Rankings987193


Ranked by202320222021
QS - QS - Sociology Rankings-301-340201-250
QS - Communication and Media Studies Rankings151-200151-200151-200
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Political Sciences Rankings-101-150101-150
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Shanghai Sociology Rankings-51-7576-100
THE (Times Higher Education) - Arts and Humanities Rankings251-300301-400301-400

Northeastern University
Students Ratings & Reviews

Verified Icon52 Verified ReviewsInfo Icon
Vibe of Campus
  • Academically oriented
  • Friendly
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Easy going
Student Views
  • 58% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work3.3
Post study jobs4
Quality of faculty4.2
Student Life4.2
Value for money3.9
Public transportation4.7
Indian Food4.1
Permanent Immigration3.8
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BS/MS in CS - Batch of 2025
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
Top tier University with highest research excellence.
Tips: To thrive as an international student, it's crucial to adeptly navigate diverse networking opportunities. Foster friendships regardless of nationality, establishing a circle for learning, creating memories, and exploring career prospects. I haven't received a scholarship, as obtaining one is challenging. If you aspire to secure one, expert significant effort. Prior experience in the course is recommended for better understanding and coping with the curriculum. It's crucial to explore the university research and academic profile. About the university, I would say it's a great place for aspiring studies and the courses provided are efficient.
Likes (Student Life): The student body is amiable, and the university offers a plethora of learning resources. The class schedule allows for flexibility, providing students with ample time to explore various facilities on campus The university's primary highlight is the student library, serving as a valuable hub for accessing a wide array of materials to enrich one's knowledge. Additionally, there exist student communities which foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students. Frequent events and celebrations are organized for occasions such as Diwali, Holi and more. These gatherings offer students opportunities to meet and network with their peers. Additionally, these events serve as a platform for students to showcase their talents, including dancing, singing and various other skills.
Dislikes (Post study jobs): The faculty members are exceptionally approachable and their commitment to assisting students beyond the confines of lecture hours. The professors go the extra mile by making themselves available for doubt solutions even during weekends. Embracing a practical teaching methodology, each professor in my department meticulously prepares presentations for every topic, accompanied by clear and illustrative examples. The diversity within the faculty enriches the learning experience, as we benefit from the varied perspectives of educators hailing from countries such as India, China, Japan, USA and more. The cultural mix not only adds depth to the academic environment but also fosters a global outlook among students.
Reviewed on 19 Jan 2024Read more
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BS/MS in CS - Batch of 2026
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
The university is a great experience for students to learn, explore different cultures. It is great
Tips: Boston has a tough weather condition. Please make sure befor you travel here, do take all the necessary vaccinations and bring the medications required. Also, there are many on-campus opportunities. So apply as soon as you get your visa. And also make sure you know the subjects and professors well and contact them frequently for RA and TA.
Reviewed on 12 Jan 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Science in Information Systems - Batch of 2024
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
My perspective is that it's too crowded
Tips: 1. The cultural fit is not challenging as all the students and most of the faculty for Masters are Indians. 2. As far as I know there are no scholarships. 3. Selecting courses and faculty and planning your day and semester is very crucial. Assignments while being heavy can be very beneficial if done independently.
Likes (Public transportation): Trains and buses are available in frequent intervals within proximity all over the city with 2$ minimum fare. Redeye is a free cab service available at the Boston campus from evening 6 to morning 6 within a range of 2 miles from the college library but heavy wait times.
Dislikes (Part time work): 1. Campus is overcrowded with students and there are very limited on-campus jobs. 2. Part-time are manageable and completely depend on the individual and workplace. 3. Average payout is 13-18$ RSO, TA, IA, RA, Marino, SquashBusters, Wollaston's, ITS are few part time jobs to look out for.
Reviewed on 4 Feb 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Master of Science in Engineering Management - Batch of 2025
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
It's a hole in your pocket so better come determind to make the best use of the time spent here
Tips: I am from Mumbai so I didn't face any major cultural shift however living conditions for students are pretty bad and personally have deteriorated quite a lot. NEU doesn't give any scholarships whatever to international students. If you have US citizenship you can apply to something called FFSA (not sure) I am just in my first semester so not good not bad experience about the university but if I had the chance to choose college again I would look elsewhere.
Likes (Public transportation): Easily accessible trains. Not so student-friendly though you have to tap or wait for the next train and hope for the back doors to open so you can travel without spending money. But the connectivity to the entire town is good and helpful. It's all about initial adjustments till you get used to it.
Dislikes (Part time work): There are no on-campus jobs for students in comparison to the intake the college has. We usually have to go around begging teachers and store owners for jobs and still might not get anything after one semester. You have a brother-like friend you are blessed else hard luck even on campus. You might get a job but not on campus.
Reviewed on 11 Jan 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
BS/MS in Cybersecurity - Batch of 2023
PlacementsInfrastructureFacultyCrowd & Campus LifeValue for Money
NEU: empowering cybersecurity excellence
Tips: I could get acquainted easily to the weather as I am from Bangalore. Initially we do experience cultural shifts but not difficult to get used to. I haven't availed any scholarships. I am extremely satisfied with the experience. NEU has provided an exceptional learning environment equipped with highly knowledgeable faculty. The course work is comprehensive, challenging and is according to the current industry landscape.
Likes (Value for money): The course curriculum covers all the aspects and concepts of cybersecurity. In comparison to the course curriculum of other colleges with regard to cybersecurity, NEU has one of the best curricullum and faculty. The TA on campus is really beneficial to get the experience of working alongside a professor to impart knowledge to the students.
Dislikes (Post study jobs): Due to the current recession scenario, we are unable to find full time opportunities. Many companies who used to offer sponsorship have refrained from doing so since 2023 till the situation becomes better. Hence, international students are finding difficulties in securing a sponsored job.
Reviewed on 8 Jan 2024Read more
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Northeastern University

Student Forum

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Answered 4 days ago

Northeastern University acceptance rate is 7%. The acceptance rate indicates that just 7 out of 100 students are admitted to the university. The acceptance rate shows that the university is quite selective in terms of admissions. As a result, fulfilling the academic requirements is crucial for admis



Akansha katariya

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 3 weeks ago

Purdue University, Boston University and Northeastern University are renowned institutions offering unique campus cultures and various academic programs. While they share a great reputation, there are subtle differences between the three universities. The below table compares the rankings, fees and



Contributor-Level 10

Answered 2 weeks ago

Northeastern University accepts admission applications based on a range of external and internal factors and if not accepted then the student has to check their application. Some of the general admission requirements at the university are given as follows:

  • High School Transcripts 
  • Academic transcripts


Tasneem Hoda

Contributor-Level 10

Answered a month ago

Tufts University as well as Northeastern are two very well-known institutions in US and qualify as some of most popular study abroad options for students. In terms of QS World University Rankings 2024, Northeastern University has an upper hand with the rank #375. Whereas, Tufts University's rank is 



Contributor-Level 10

Answered a month ago

The costs of living for international students at Northeastern University are given as follows:

ItemCost Per Year
Personal ExpensesUSD 900
TransportationUSD 900
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, EquipmentUSD 1,000
Housing AllowanceUSD 12,070
Food AllowanceUSD 8,810

Tasneem Hoda

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Tasneem Hoda

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Tasneem Hoda is a Content Creator and Writer working for Her role includes developing and maintaining web pages for international universities at the Shiksha Study Abroad Portal, ensuring accuracy, completeness, and alignment with instit...Read Full Bio

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