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Arizona State University Rankings 2024

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  • Estd. 1885
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Arizona State University
Ranking Highlight

By Shiksha Study Abroad
University Ranking

AOverall University Grade
B+ Aerospace Engineering
B+ Biomedical Engineering
A Business Analytics
B+ Business Economics
B+ Chemical Engineering
B++ Civil Engineering
B+ Computer Science Engineering
B++ Electrical Engineering
C++ Entrepreneurship
C++ Finance
A IT & Systems
B++ Mechanical Engineering
C Politics
A+ Supply Chain
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Arizona State University
US News & World Report Ranking 2024

Ranked by202220232024
Global Universities
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165156– / –
National University117121105
Aerospace Engineering PG252725
Best Graduate Law Schools253032
Best Graduate Nursing Schools394951
Best UG Biomedical Engineering Schools29– / –30
Biomedical Engineering PG535450
Chemical Engineering PG524847
Civil Engineering PG263025
Computer Engineering PG332736
Electrical Engineering PG313436
Entrepreneurship MBA
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Finance MBA
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20– / –– / –
Graduate Business School
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Information Systems MBA
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MBA Business Analytics
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Mechanical Engineering PG414138
Supply Chain Management MBA
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UG Business232329
UG Computer Engineering202316
UG Electrical-Electronic and Communications Engineering222017
UG Mechanical Engineering212329
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Arizona State University
FT (Financial Times) Ranking 2024

Ranked by202220232024
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Arizona State University
QS Ranking 2024

Ranked by202220232024
World University
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Accounting and Finance
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Architecture and Built Environment101101101
Biological Sciences201201251
Communication and Media Studies51101101
Engineering and Technology
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Global MBA
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Law and Legal Studies201151201
Masters in Business Analytics323539
Masters in Supply Chain Management232325
Mechanical Aeronautical and Manufacturing Engineering151151151
Nursing– / –101151
Physics and Astronomy201201151
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Arizona State University
THE (Times Higher Education) Ranking 2024

Ranked by202220232024
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Arts and Humanities126126151
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Life Sciences151176176
PG Business and Economics
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PG Computer Science
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Arizona State University
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) Ranking 2023

Ranked by202120222023
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Political Sciences515176
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Arizona State University
Bloomberg Ranking 2023

Ranked by202120222023
Best Business School USA
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Arizona State University
Course Ranking

Showing 3 Courses

B.E. / B.Tech

Ranked by202220232024
US News & World Report - Best UG Biomedical Engineering Schools29-30
US News & World Report - UG Computer Engineering202316
US News & World Report - UG Mechanical Engineering212329
US News & World Report - UG Electrical-Electronic and Communications Engineering222017


Ranked by202220232024
US News & World Report - UG Business232329


Ranked by202120222023
QS - Law and Legal Studies-201151
ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) - Law504935
US News & World Report - Best Graduate Law Schools-2530
THE (Times Higher Education) - Law-101126

Arizona State University
Students Ratings & Reviews

Verified Icon57 Verified ReviewsInfo Icon
Vibe of Campus
  • Friendly
  • Academically oriented
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Easy going
Student Views
  • 48% students never faced discrimination in this university
Part time work3.6
Post study jobs3.7
Quality of faculty4.1
Student Life4.3
Value for money3.6
Public transportation4.5
Indian Food3.9
Permanent Immigration3.6
Pranit Sehgal Verified Icon
MS in Computer Engineering (Computer Systems) - Batch of 2024
Great experience , very practical courses and a good life
Tips: Masters isn't that hard as long as you are consistent even a little bit. The assignments are all project-based and practical, it's enjoyable and a good learning experience. Scholarships are available but you rarely get them. I am pretty satisfied with the college, I loved my time here the only regret I have is the job situation is terrible in the US.
Likes (Indian Food): There are plenty of options for Indian food, lots of restaurants, and lots of Indian stores to buy groceries and masalas. You won't feel far from home. I cook most of my meals at home. Cooking is really easy as long as you know a few basic things. Also, food here is cheap as compared to other states.
Dislikes (Post study jobs): Well as you all know the market is bad, ASU isn't the highest-ranked college in the United States of course we will have difficulties finding jobs. The job market in the USA is really bad right now. However, it has become a lot easier to find internships now. A lot of job openings for non-software courses are present in the market.
Reviewed on 30 Apr 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
MS Computer Science - Batch of 2025
Chill college for focusing on landing good jobs
Tips: This college is rather chill (depends on which subjects you take). There are student part-time jobs but getting them is a bit harder so I would recommend to start applying as early as possible. I didn't get any scholarships. Many people don't get that.
Likes (Student Life): The student life is easier because attendance is not mandatory in some of the subjects. You can do your own work if you want to in the class as well. Some of the part-time jobs are also chill where most of the time you just have to sit there and do your own work if you want to.
Dislikes (Indian Food): The restaurants outside don't have much flavour in them if you are from India. You will feel as if it is land. I cook by myself. The food that anyone would like would be just pizzas that's it. There are some Indian restaurants out here but they are not that good either.
Reviewed on 29 Apr 2024Read more
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Rajesh Badugula Verified Icon
MS Computer Science - Batch of 2023
Think twice before you enter this country!
Tips: Before coming here make sure you are you able to spend 60 grand on this University. Think about the affordability monthly and if the part-time will be enough to support. This is a hot state, temperatures can go to 115F in summer. I didn't get any scholarships. Too many Indian students in Masters at ASU so you might not get the abroad feeling.
Reviewed on 22 Jan 2024Read more
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AnonymousVerified Icon
Information Technology, BS/Information Technology, MS - Batch of 2023
A new journey to academic career.
Tips: As a student when I was coming here, it was tough to leave my family and home country. But this gonna be the best experience. Carrying out all tasks related to life by ourselves and managing time. Also, the most important thing you will learn is managing money.
Likes (Safety): There are many criminals roaming in the city. But near the University area, the university has very powerful monitoring systems. University and town police immediately take action before any incident occurs. The university sends alert mail if any suspect is detected.
Dislikes (Indian Food): I am from India. As an Indian, there are food options available near Arizona State University. But the taste of food is not worth the money. There are several north Indian food options available near the town, but the taste is sweet, not spicy like in India.
Reviewed on 9 Apr 2024Read more
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Kesava Nishanth Battarusetty Verified Icon
MSE in Electrical Engineering - Batch of 2023
Prepares you for the real world.
Tips: Sticking to the culture even after this period is one good thing about ASU, they respect every culture and don't want you to change because life would be boring without learning from other cultures. I did not get any scholarships. I am completely satisfied with ASU, my course in Electrical Engineering and the USA. Even though my course is a little stressful in ASU, but that's what made us gain industry-grade skills even before graduation. And coming to the US, there is no single line to express it. I was not at all a hyped person before coming here, but I have to say, it has everything for a person to have fun and grow in their career.
Likes (Student Life): College is vast, there is always a new place to explore on the campus with something interesting happening every day. I mostly won't have any free time. But most of my days include 6 hours of office, 6 hours of class and labs, and 2 hours of badminton. There is a reason why ASU is called a party school and also called Harvard of the Southwest. Because every person among the 150,000 students in this school will have something to do. And trust me, on campus, we have everything from Indian cultural events to pop culture events.
Dislikes (Internships): ASU provides various career support options for students from a resume check to the career fair. Even though every university provides these facilities to their students being No.1 in innovation made this school attractive to many employers. Let me get one thing straight, no college in the US will provide you with campus placements. But these colleges will make you ready to face the real world. But every college has a brand value to it, and ASU is no less than Stanford, because of its constant collaboration with the biggest agencies in the world like in my regard, ASU helped us with many libraries to work on in collaboration with TSMC.
Reviewed on 19 Feb 2024Read more
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Arizona State University

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Answered 4 days ago

There are a number of reasons to choose St. Petersburg College (SPC) over Arizona State University (ASU) for your B.Tech in the USA.

  • Cost: Compared to larger institutions like ASU, SPC usually has cheaper tuition, making it a more accessible choice for those looking to get a good education without ta




Contributor-Level 10

Answered 2 days ago

ASU University has received 68,840 applications among which 14,102 were enrolled for the fall of 2023-24. Mentioned below are the Arizona State University enrollment statistics for undergraduates:


Headcount 2023-2024

Application Received


Admitted Students


Total Students Enrolled


Yield Rate


Acceptance Rate


Chandra Shekhar

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Answered a week ago

Arizona State University and the University of North Carolina Charlotte are among the popular universities to study in the USA. They offers the best education at an affordble tuition fees for International students. University of North Carolina Charlotte MS in CS programme is better than ASU MS in I


Chandra Shekhar

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 2 days ago

ASU application deadline for fall 2025 is 15 Jan, 2025. International students must apply before the deadline to get admission. Mentioned below are the ASU application deadlines


Fall 2025 Intake

Application priority deadline

15 Jan, 2025

Enrollment deposit date

01 May, 2025

First day of classes

22 Aug, 2025

Chandra Shekhar

Contributor-Level 10

Answered 4 days ago

In general, St. Petersburg College (SPC) tends to be more affordable than Arizona State University (ASU). SPC, as a community college and state institution, typically offers lower tuition rates compared to four-year universities like ASU. Additionally, SPC may have lower fees and living expenses due




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