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Princeton University placements for the class of 2021 were reported at 95%, with the knowledge rate above the national average of 68%. The average salary of USD 90,700 was recorded for Princeton University graduates. More than 500 employers hired the class of 2021 graduates from Princeton across various job roles in Business, Science & Technology, Health, Engineering, Social Services and Law.  

Princeton University internships are offered to its enrolled students, the internship rate has been 100% till the year 2021. The career development centre which offers job postings also has various guides in the form of designated advisories for students at each level of study. The internships and job opportunities can be looked out at at the official website of Princeton. 

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Princeton University Placement Highlights  

Graduate Outcomes Rate 


Total Students Graduated 


Average Salary 

USD 90,700 

Employed Full time 

730 students 

Highest Industry Wise Hires 

Business: 292 students  

Total Employers 




Highest Employment Location Wise 

New York: 264 

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Princeton University Class Profile 2021 

The class profile for the passing out batch of 2021 at Princeton University received a total of 37,601 applications for admissions in 2021. Out of these 37,000, total enrollment was recorded at 1,345 out of 1,647 accepted applicants. The class composition consisted of 51% female students and 49% of male students who came from over 50+ countries. Other details pertaining to class profile are as follows:  

Admission Stats: 

  • Middle 50% of SAT scores:  
    • Maths: 740-800 
    • Evidenced-based Reading and Writing: 710-770 
  • Middle 50% ACT Scores 
    • Composite score: 32-35 

Class Diversity: 

  • Asian American: 20.5% 
  • International students: 12.6% 
  • Hispanic / Latino: 11.4% 
  • Multiracial (non-Hispanic): 8.1% 
  • African American: 8% 
  • American Indians:  

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Princeton University Job Outcomes 

As per the graduate outcomes survey, it was reported that those who passed out of Princeton University in 2021, were majorly employed or were enrolled on higher education. It was reported that 730 students of Princeton were employed full time, where 213 were in government service and the remaining 517 were in private jobs. Industry-wise employment stats are as follows: 

princeton university graduate outcomes

As per the data above, Princeton placements were the highest for Business courses followed by Engineering, Health, Science & Technology courses. The lowest number of placements of Princeton's graduates were reported for Law graduates and Culture, Media & Entertainment graduates.

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As per the industry-wise employment, the following was recorded at Princeton University in the year 2021: 

Area of Specialisation  

Total Graduates Employed 






General Business 




Engineering, Health, Science & Technology 



Healthcare & Science 




Social Impact 





Government & Public Service and/or Policy 


Counselling & Social Work 


Arts, Culture, Media & Entertainment 



Media & Entertainment 


Performing & Fine Arts 


Architecture & Design 





The highest number of 2021 Princeton graduates were employed across Finance and Technology areas. While the lowest number of Princeton graduates of the class of 2021 found employment in Architecture & Design and Entrepreneurship areas.  

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There were only 287 students who chose to continue their higher education after graduating from Princeton University. The higher degree types they were pursuing after graduating from Princeton in 2021 were enrolled Master's: 51%, Doctorate: 28%, Law & MD: 7% each, Postbaccalaureate: 2% and only 4% were pursuing other degrees. Graduates pursuing higher degrees are given below, apart from Princeton University: 

Princeton University Top Employers 

Over 500+ employers hired graduates of the class of 2021 from Princeton University offering them a full-time jobs. These employers varied from MNCs to government-backed companies. Some of the top private companies that hired Princeton graduates of the class of 2021 were as follows:  

Princeton University Top Employers 2021 

AEG Worldwide 

ALG Research 


Activate Inc. 




Amherst Holdings 




Bain & Company 

Bain Capital  

Bank of America 




Booz Allen Hamilton 

Boston Consulting Group 



Capital One 

Cerner Corporation 

Chicago Trading Company 



Credit Suisse 


Deutsche Bank 



Eurasia Group 



Fox Corporation 


Goldman Sachs 





JPMorgan Chase & Co. 

Lockheed Martin 

McKinsey & Company 


Morgan Stanley 

Morrison & Foresster  

New York Life 

Nike Inc. 

Northwell Health 

Olden Lane 

Partnership Schools 

Piper Sandler 

Procter & Gamble (P&G) 


Shine Capital 

Silicon Valley De-Bug 

The Boeing Company 


The Equity Lab 

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Princeton University Top Job Roles 

Based on each of the industries the following were the top 10 bagged job roles by class of 2021 graduates of Princeton University: 


  • Global Trading Analyst 
  • Consulting Business Associate 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Data Scientist 
  • Client Services Associate 
  • Private Equity Analyst 
  • Real Estate Credit Analyst 
  • Chief Operating Officer 
  • Investment Banking Analyst 
  • FX Sales Analyst 

Engineering, Health, Science & Technology: 

  • Software Development Engineer 
  • R&D Associate 
  • Associate Mechanical Engineer 
  • HVAC Design Engineer 
  • Software Engineer 
  • Equity Coordinator in Neurology 
  • Business Rotational Development Associate 
  • Associate Scientist, Drug Product Formulation 
  • Backend Software Engineer 
  • Data Engineer 

Social Impact: 

  • Research Associate 
  • Fellow 
  • Teacher 
  • Policy innovator 
  • Instructor 
  • Project Coordinator 
  • Script Writer 
  • Infantry Officer 
  • Army Aviation Officer 
  • 2nd Lieutenant  

Arts, Culture, Media & Entertainment 

  • Strategic Advisor 
  • Video Journalist 
  • Homepage Editor 
  • Product Designer 
  • Professional Baseball / Hockey Players 
  • Digital Production Assistant 
  • Associate Editor 
  • Reporter  
  • Program Assistant 
  • Director  


  • Paralegal  
  • Legal Assistant 
  • Assistant Paralegal 
  • Legal & Technical Writer 
  • Litigation Assistant 
  • Corporate Paralegal 
  • Legal Office Assistant 
  • Data Research Assistant 
  • Compliance Risk & Diligence Associate 
  • Project Analyst 

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Princeton University Internships  

Students enrolled at Princeton University can explore many career options that interest them to apply for summer internships. The jobs can be searched on various platforms backed by Princeton for internships, some of them are: 

  • CareerExplorer 
  • Career Fields 
  • Vault  
  • Handshake  
  • 24 internship programs to choose from at Princeton are available on their website  

Apart from internships, there is also a  Career Development Centre at Princeton University that is responsible for advising students on the best possible options for their careers. Their advising services consist of designing cover letters, internship and job searches, learning to network, conducting mock interviews for practice and lastly offering resources to apply for graduate school along with a pre-Law guide for reference.  

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Princeton University Placement FAQs 

Q. Where were Princeton’s Law graduates of the class of 2021 enrolled for higher studies?

A. Princeton’s Law graduates of class of 2021 were pursuing a higher degree from the following institutions:

Q. Which were the top three locations where maximum Princeton graduates were employed in 2021?

A. In 2021, after graduating from Princeton University, the maximum number of graduates found employment in New York, California and Washington.  

Q. How many students were employed in Canada after graduating from Princeton University in 2021?

A. There were just seven graduates of Princeton University who were employed in Canada after graduating in 2021.  

Q. Were there any graduates from Princeton University who were involved in government services in 2021?

A. Yes, there were around 213 graduates from the class of 2021 who were involved in governmental services after graduating from Princeton University.  

Q. How much hike can Princeton University graduates expect within five years of graduation?

A. Princeton University graduates can expect a hike of 45-50% within five years of their graduation and only if they have been able to find a full time employment within time.  

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