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Princeton University Acceptance rate 2024

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Princeton University Admissions
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One of the most popular Ivy League universities, Princeton University is a private research university in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. It is one of the best study abroad universities for international students as Princeton University ranking has been consistent among the top 20 global universities for more than a decade now.

Students across the globe apply for Princeton University admissions. However, only a fraction of candidates secure an enrolment due to the competitive nature of the university.

Three members of the US Supreme Court — Justices Samuel Alito '72, Sonia Sotomayor '76 and Elena Kagan '81 — are a part of the Princeton notable alumni. Also, Princeton has won more Ivy League titles than any other member of the League.

Princeton University Acceptance Rate 2024

For the class of 2027, Princeton University receives over 39,000 applications from potential undergraduate students and more than 14,000 applications from prospective graduate students. Out of these, a total of around 1,800 undergraduates and over 1,300 graduates got admitted in the university. It can be concluded that with the Princeton University acceptance rate of 5.8%, it is an extremely competitive university to get into.



Undergraduate Applicants


Admitted Undergraduates


Graduate Applicants


Admitted Graduates


Acceptance Rate


Princeton University Acceptance Rate for International Students

A total of 9,402 international undergraduates and 8,520 graduates applied for Princeton University admissions for the class of 2027. Out of them, only 226 UG and 607 PG students were granted an admission, making the Princeton University acceptance rate for international students stand at 4.6%.



International Undergraduate Applicants


Admitted International Undergraduates


Graduate Applicants


Admitted Graduates


Acceptance Rate for International Students


For the academic year 2023-24, Princeton University accepted students from 64 different nations around the globe. Overseas undergraduates make up 12.3% of the UG population with a headcount of 685. Whereas, the 348 international graduates make up 57% of the PG population of Princeton University’s class of 2027.

When it comes to the racial breakdown of the class of 2027, most of the Princeton University students are Asian American, International, Hispanic/Latino, and more.


Percentage of Students

Asian American






Black/African American




Princeton University Acceptance Rate Trends

For the class of 2026, Princeton University received a total of 33,191 applications through early and regular decisions combined. Out of them, 1,775 students managed to receive an admission offer, making the Princeton acceptance rate stand at 5.3%. Compared to the previous year, the acceptance rate of Princeton University has witnessed a rise.

A total of 37,601 students applied for Princeton class of 2025 admissions and 1,647 were granted an admission offer. Hence, the acceptance rate of Princeton was recorded to be 4.3%.

Class of

Number of Applications Received

Number of Students Accepted

Princeton University Acceptance Rate





















Princeton University Early Decision VS Regular Decision Acceptance Rate

Every year, Princeton University admits international students through Early Decision as well as Regular Decision. Usually, the university’s early decision acceptance rate is higher in comparison to regular decision acceptance rate. Early decision allows applicants to apply to a university earlier than regular decision.

For the class of 2026, Princeton received 5,355 applications for the Early Decision intake. Out of these, about 743 applications were accepted, making the Princeton University Early Decision acceptance rate stand at 13.9%.

When it comes to the Regular Decision intake, 27,836 candidates applied to Princeton University. With merely 1,032 students getting admitted, Princeton University Regular Decision acceptance rate has been recorded at about 3.7%.

Class of

Princeton University Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Princeton University Regular Decision Acceptance Rate













Princeton University Requirements for International Students

In order to secure an admission, all overseas applicants must fulfill certain Princeton University admission requirements for international students listed below:

Princeton University Average GPA, SAT & ACT Scores

Fulfilling the required Grade Point Average is one of the major entry requirements at Princeton and international students must ideally maintain a GPA of 3.8 – 4.0 for Princeton University admissions.

Listed below are the average SAT/ACT scores submitted by the Princeton University class of 2027 students:

  • SAT Evidenced-based Reading and Writing: 760-780
  • SAT Mathematics: 780-800
  • ACT Composite score: 34-35

Tips to Get Selected in Princeton University

Princeton University is very selective when it comes to admissions and hence, applicants must stand apart from the crowd in order to secure their spot. Some of the best practices that students can follow include submission of strong letters of recommendations and impressive motivation letter or essay.

Apart from academic achievement, Princeton looks for students who make a difference in their schools and communities, so candidates must describe your leadership activities, interests, special skills and other extracurricular involvements.

Princeton University Acceptance Rate VS Yale University Acceptance Rate

Yale University acceptance rate stands at merely 4.5%, which makes it an extremely competitive university to get into. In comparison, Princeton is just as selective with an acceptance rate of 5.8%.

Yale University admissions are very competitive. Yale accepts international students who are exceptional academically, as well as sports and can contribute to the welfare of Yale community. In short, the candidate must be all-rounder to secure admission to this prestigious Ivy League university.

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Princeton University

Q:   What is Princeton University acceptance rate?


Princeton University acceptance rate is 6% making admission at the university more selective for international students. It means out of 100 applications received at the university only 6 students are accepted. Currently, the university has enrolled 1,500 students among which 51% are female and 49% are male students. Students who apply for Princeton University admission must have an SAT score between 1460 and 1570 or an ACT score of 33 and 35.


Q:   What are some tips to get into Princeton University?


To optimize the chances of getting into Princeton University, here are some points to keep in mind: 

  • Decide why you want to go to Princeton University. Check why a particular course's offering would benefit you academically and socially
  • Do not underestimate the essays. More often than not students focus on achieving good test scores or invest in extracurriculars a lot but they forget the essays are what that will make them stand out. So, make an effort to submit a well crafted essay
  • Ask for help. The college application process is overwhelming and confusing. Hence, take some help from a trusted mentor who can help in optimizing the proper documents required for application

Q:   Who gets accepted by Princeton University? Can you describe some qualities of students who were accepted?


Apart from having students being good at academics, there are various other factors that are weighed in by Princeton University. According to some of the student reviews over an unofficial sources, here are some common points of students who gets admitted to Princeton: 

  • Initiative by students: Meaning, Princeton students are willing to go out of their way to achieve their goals. An out of the box thinking is what is present in all the students
  • Attitude of Excellence: In other words, most of the students, despite having assignments and deadlines do focus on achieving their goals
  • The Many fun facts: All students at Princeton Univetsity have some of their own quirks and qualities that set them apart. Hidden talent is one of the most common trait in the students at Princeton. For instance: one of the friends of Princeton University alumni loves to surf and competed at the National Rubics cube competition
  • Compassionate: Princeton University are not just smart when it comes to the books and education. They are highly emotionally intelligent and have the ability to self-introspect 

Q:   What exactly is so great about Princeton as compared to other top schools?


Princeton University is remarkable school because of the following things: 

  • A culture of excellence: Princeton University has students who really want to learn and focus on bettering themselves. This makes it a good place for great classroom discussions 
  • Undergraduate focus: A lot of top universities prioritizes their Law or Medical school, but Princeton gives focus to all its undergraduates. Students will be taking classes from world-class renowned professors 
  • Location: Princeton University's location is ideal as it is close to New York but ofers enough distance to make a unique hub of activity right on campus
  • Smallest of the top Ivies

Q:   Does Princeton accept Indian students?


Yes, Princeton University accepts Indian students. Every year, the university accepts applications from around the world. The university admission staff will review student’s applications in the same manner, regardless of citizenship or country of residence. Indian students need to meet the Princeton University admission requirements to get into the university. They also need to submit the application fee and follow the steps to complete the application process. Also check out other Top-Ranked Universities in USA


Q:   What are Princeton University admission requirements?


The eligibility requirements for international applicants vary from that of the US applicants, especially if they belong to non-English-speaking countries. Refer to the program-based requirements below:

Undergraduate Level Eligibility Requirements

  • Grade 12 in relevant discipline
  • TOEFL, IELTS Academic, or PTE Academic

Graduate Level Eligibility Requirements

  • 3-4 year bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline
  • GMAT or GRE

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