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Established in 1869, Purdue University is a world-renowned, public research university, which is known for its excellent programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). It is one of the best study abroad universities for international students as Purdue University ranking has been consistent among the top 200 global universities for a decade now. Students across the globe apply for Purdue University admissions. However, only a fraction of candidates secure an enrolment due to the competitive nature of the university

Purdue University Acceptance Rate 2024

Purdue University received over 72,000 applications from potential undergraduate and more than 18,000 applications from prospective graduate students, for Fall 2023 admissions. Out of these, Purdue University accepted over 39,000 and 12,000 new full-time undergraduate and graduate students, respectively. Purdue University acceptance rate stands at around 50% for the academic year 2023-24, which indicates that securing admission here is a competitive affair.




Number of Applicants



Number of Students Enrolled



Purdue University Acceptance Rate for International Students

Purdue University boasts an extensive student body of a total of 52,211 students, out of which more than 9,500 students are international and contribute 18% to the total student population.

A total of 130 nationalities are represented by students of Purdue and count of Indian students stand at 2,300. Most of the Purdue University international students are from China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Columbia and more.


Headcount of Students





South Korea






Purdue University Acceptance Rate Trends

In recent years, Purdue University has witnessed surge in the number of candidates applying for admissions. Since the Common Application was implemented in 2013, the number of undergraduate applications has increased by 82% from 40,025 to 72,800, and has observed an increase of nearly 7% for 2023-24 admissions. Due to this, the overall number of undergraduate enrollment has increased by 34% since the 2014–15 academic year.


Number of  UG Applications Received

Number of Students Accepted

Purdue University Acceptance Rate





















Purdue University Early Action Vs Regular Decision Acceptance Rate

Every year, Purdue University admits international students through Early Decision as well as Regular Decision. Usually, the university’s early decision acceptance rate is higher in comparison to regular decision acceptance rate. Early decision allows applicants to apply to a university earlier than regular decision.

On an average, the Purdue University Early Decision acceptance rate stands at 66.1%. Whereas, the Purdue University Regular Decision acceptance rate has been recorded at 53%.

Purdue University Admission Requirements for International Students

In order to secure an admission, all overseas applicants must fulfill certain Purdue University admission requirements for international students, which are listed below:

Tips to get selected in Purdue University

Purdue University admits international students on the basis of the admission criteria, which is inclusive of academic qualifications, English proficiency requirements, standardized test scores as well as supporting documents. Hence, students must excel in their studies, submit strong recommendation letters and meet/exceed the English language requirements in order to secure an admission in Purdue University.

Purdue University Acceptance Rate Vs Caltech University Acceptance Rate

Caltech University acceptance rate of 3.4% makes it one of the toughest universities to get into. Compared to the Purdue University acceptance rate of 53%, Caltech is considered to be much more selective in its admission process.

Caltech University admissions are extremely selective. Hence, candidates must maintain outstanding GPA throughout as well as score high on the SAT/ACT tests, in order to boost their chances of securing an admission.

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Purdue University

Q:   Is it hard to get into Purdue?


According to U.S. News & World Report, Purdue University acceptance rate is 53%, which means out of every 100 applications only 50 are selected by the university. This means that the university is ‘more selective’ when it comes to admissions. In short, Purdue University admissions are competitive and gives preference to students having exceptional academic background. Hence, having higher grades increases your chance of getting selected at Purdue University. 

Here is the list of eligibility requirements to get into US Universities.



Q:   What are some of the reasons to attend Purdue University?


According to reviews over an unofficial source, some of the reasons to attend Purdue University are:

  • It has a good academic programs. The quality of the Computer Science programs and Engineering programs are top-notch
  • Furthermore, Purdue University holds many well organized career fairs for all types of majors
  • There are clubs, sports team, and interest groups for students

Q:   Is Purdue University good for international students?


Purdue University is considered a good University because of the reasons specified below:

  • Academics: The university has upped its game in the academics in the recent years. New majors at Purdue University are aimed towards the fulfillment of the demand in the job market. The university is a top-tier Aviation, CS, Engineering and IT School
  • Cost-Effective: Purdue University is cost-effective with high-academic standards and also attracts the best talent from the world. The first-year tuition fee at Purdue University is in the range between INR 21 L and INR 47 lakh
  • Community: Most people at Purdue are very friendly and the campus atmosphere is very supportive. This make it worthwhile to attend Purdue University.

Furthermore, according to the reviews at Shiksha Study Abroad, Purdue University has 5 stars for Internships, Post-Study jobs, Public transportation and safety. It has 4.3 stars for student life. 


Q:   How to get admission to Purdue University for Indian students?


Purdue University admission requirements are given below:

  • Graduate Admissions: For admission to graduate courses at Purdue University USA, the applicants are expected to hold baccalaureate degrees from accredited universities or colleges prior to registration as graduate students
  • Undergraduate Admissions: To apply for undergraduate courses, the applicants are required to complete high school

Apart from meeting the above-given Purdue University admission requirements, students are also required to meet the English language proficiency requirements.  

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Q:   What are the requirements for admission into Purdue?


Purdue University application must have the following components:

Undergraduate Admissions

  • The application itself
  • Purdue-specific questions from the application
  • Self-reported high-school grades
  • Self-reported SAT or ACT scores (if applicable)
  • Application fee

Steps to apply for Purdue University Undergraduate Courses

  • First of all, complete and submit a Common application as per the Purdue University application deadlines
  • Make sure that Purdue University receives all material required to complete the application  

Graduate Admissions Steps

  • Firstly, check Purdue University entry requirements
  • Then, create an application account to start the application
  • Choose the campus and course as per the preference
  • Then, submit the results of the tests needed for the graduate program
  • Prepare the additional documents based on the graduate program
  • Lastly, pay the non-refundable application fee to submit the application. Purdue University graduate application fee is USD 75 for international applicants

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