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The University of Alabama at Birmingham records a placement rate of 82% with a knowledge rate of 67% in the year 2019. As per the response rates received from those University of Alabama at Birmingham graduates holding Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees between summer 2018 and spring 2019 were 4,171 of them who responded to the First Destination Survey (FDS). The average salary was recorded to be USD 53,000 for University of Alabama at Birmingham graduates of 2019, while the median salary was USD 52,510.  

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UAB Placement Highlights 

Overall Placement Rate 


Knowledge Rate 


Median Salary  

USD 52,510 

Total Employers 


Highest Location wise Hires 

Alabama: 71%  

Top Employers 

EY, Morgan Stanley, AmeriCorps, etc. 

Highest Industry Wise Hires 

Consulting & Finance 

Graduates Opting Higher Education 


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UAB Class Profile 2019-20 

The total enrolments at University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2019 have increased by 0.72% since 2018. Overall admissions were recorded to be 22,080 in 2019 out of which 62.8% of the students were women and 37.2% of them were males. Other details are as follows: 

Basic Admission Details: 

  • Average age was recorded to be 18.2 
  • Average ACT score was 25.6 
  • Average high school GPA was 3.78 

Ethnicities of Students: 

  • Non-Resident Alien: 5% 
  • Hispanic/ Latino: 4.4% 
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native: 0.2% 
  • Asian: 26.2% 
  • Black/African American: 47.4%  
  • White: 60% 
  • Two or More Races: 14.4%  
  • Unreported Numbers: 12% 

College / School Wise Enrolment: 

  • Arts and Sciences: 27.2%  
  • Business: 15.2%  
  • Dentistry: 1.4%  
  • Education: 8.2%  
  • Engineering: 6.5%  
  • Graduate: 0.7%  
  • Health Professions: 11.1%  
  • Joint Health Sciences: 1.6%  
  • Medicine: 3.2%  
  • Nursing: 12.9%  
  • Optometry: 0.9%  
  • Provost: 7.4%  
  • Public Health: 3.6% 

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UBA Career Outcomes 2019-20 

In comparison to the years 2019 and 2020, session wise it was noted that the highest employment rates were recorded for University of Alabama at Birmingham graduates of Summer 2019. Whereas, the highest percentage of students pursuing higher education were recorded for Spring 2020 graduates of UBA. The following table shows the comparison of the employment and higher education rates for University of Alabama at Birmingham graduates of 2019: 

Career Outcomes Year Wise Analysis 


Continuing Education  

Spring 2019 



Summer 2019 



Fall 2019 



Spring 2020 



Summer 2020 



Fall 2020 



As per the career outcomes report of University of Alabama at Birmingham in the year 2019-20, it was recorded that: 

  • 54% of the graduates were employed. 
  • 3% of the graduates were pursuing higher education. 
  • 7% of the graduates were working and studying together. 
  • 19% of the graduates were still looking for a job. 
  • 16% of the graduates either did not respond or were involved elsewhere. 

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Higher Education Details 

The following universities hired University of Alabama Birmingham graduates of class of 2019 after they graduated: 

Top Universities Hiring 

% Graduates Hired 

University of Alabama Birmingham 


Samford University 


Auburn University 


University of South Alabama 


Emory University 


Florida State University 


New York University 


George Mason University 


Washington University 


University of Mississippi  


The total number of UBA graduates pursuing a higher degree after graduation in 2019 were recorded as follows: 

  • Master’s: 48.2% 
  • Doctoral / JD: 36.5% 
  • Undergraduate: 2.8% 
  • Unreported Data: 11.7% 

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UBA Top Employers 

There were over 400+ employers who employed the graduates of class of 2019-20 from the University of Alabama Birmingham. The following is a list of some of the prominent employers who employed these graduates: 

UBA Top Employers 2019-20 

Abbott Labs 


Aerodyne Industries, Inc. 

Allegis Group 

Anesthesiology Associates 

Baylor Scott & While Health 


BGrace Media 

Cahaba Dermatology 

Calera Auto Services 

California Financial Services 

Compass Group 

Capital One 

Capstone Resources Med 


CHA Consulting 

Chambers County Board 

Chenega Group 



Concierge Group 


Covius Holdings 

Corporate Realty 

Crestwood Coffee Company 

Cypress Medical 

Daikin America 

Darden Restaurants 



Empiric Health 


Ernst & Young 

Ernst & Young (LLP) 


FedEx Ground  

Ford Motor Company 


General Dynamics 



Harris Doyle Homes 

Hendrick Automotive 

Mercedes Benz US Int’l 

Morgan Stanley 

New York Life 



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Average Salary of Employed UBA Graduates 

There were very few University of Alabama Birmingham graduates, less than 5 per major who reported their salaries, hence, the data is a common compilation of the average salaries drawn by 2019 and 2020 graduates of this university. The session wise graduating students’ reporting their salaries at UBA are as follows: 

  • Spring 2019: USD 56,420 
  • Summer 2019: USD 77,137 
  • Fall 2019: USD 60,513 
  • Spring 2020: USD 58,060 
  • Summer 2020: USD 74,458 
  • Fall 2020: USD 45,421 

Summer 2019, on the whole, records a higher employment rate and higher average salaries as well for graduates of University of Alabama Birmingham.  

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UBA Internship Analysis 

The internship outcomes data for the years 2019 and 2020 record a slight increase in the employment stats since fall and spring sessions of graduates of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The following is a comparative table for more data related to how many graduates were interning in each term in the years 2019 and 2020 and getting an employment or those who didn’t:  

Internship Analysis 

Paid Graduates  

Unpaid Graduates 

Spring 2019 



Summer 2019 



Fall 2019 



Spring 2020 



Summer 2020 



Fall 2020 



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UBA Placement FAQs 

Q. Where were the graduates of 2020 of UBA studying location wise?

A. University of Alabama Birmingham graduates of 2020 were studying maximum in Alabama - around 66.3% of them were studying in universities there after their graduation.

Q. What are the benefits for University of Alabama at Birmingham graduates even after graduating?

A. The graduates of University of Alabama at Birmingham can have access to the following services even after graduating:
  • Can have access to alumni at 1,407 companies. 
  • Can also have access to over 25,696 employers. 
  • Can have access to 2,285 internships. 
  • Can access over 28,340 jobs through the UBA job portal.

Q. How many students were employed in Alabama after graduating from University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2020?

A. As per the responses, 71% of University of Alabama at Birmingham graduates of 2020 were employed in Alabama after getting an employment

Q. Which were the top employers at University of Alabama at Birmingham in the year 2019?

A. The following were some of the top employers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the year 2019:
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital 
  • Jefferson County Board of Education 
  • VA Medical Center 
  • Huntsville Hospital 
  • Brookwood Baptist Health 
  • Alabama Power Company 

Q. How many students who graduated in 2019 from the University of Alabama at Birmingham had paid internship experience?

A. The total number of graduates who graduated in 2019 and had an experience of paid internship were - 98% of them.    

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