5 Benefits of Studying Abroad

5 Benefits of Studying Abroad

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Rahul Singha
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Apr 11, 2020 17:25 IST

Studying abroad is a life changing experience and there are many takeaways from it. You will study under a totally different and new academic system of another country and you will you will learn to appreciate the complexity of another culture. There are a lot of personal benefits of studying abroad as well as ways to grow both professionally and personally.

If you talk to anyone who has studied abroad, they will tell you that it is an enriching phase of life where you become part of a foreign culture and you change for the better. If you need more validations on why studying abroad is beneficial for you, read a few of the benefits we have listed down here.

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  1. You will grow as a person – personal growth is one change you will start feeling only after a couple of weeks of landing. You will meet a lot of new people who belong to different cultures, and interactions with them will open your eyes to the cultural diversity that exists in the world. You will lead a new and exciting lifestyle. Outside of the classroom, you will learn invaluable lessons in life. Your perspective will broaden and you will get the global exposure in the true sense.
  2. Improve your career prospects – by working part-time to internships, or even getting a full-time job post studies, your understanding of work will change tremendously as you will have worked at international workplaces. This international experience looks quite impressive on a résumé. This means that once you decide to come back to India, you will be relatively easier to get a high paying job. Also, if you want to further your ambitions and want to climb the corporate ladder, an international MBA is a sure-shot guarantee of securing a managerial job.
  3. Your linguistic abilities will improve – by living at a place where Hindi isn’t the first language, you will be forced to interact in the local language of the country. This will make sure that you are immersed in the language and your knowledge of it is not limited to books alone. Knowing a foreign language is an attractive addition to your résumé as well as it shows that you are better equipped to use linguistic skills to communicate better.
  4. It helps further your financial growth – you understand finances better as you are good at budgeting foreign currency as an international student. This understanding is not limited to just your personal finances. With the better quality of education you will receive, the quality of job you take up will also be good. In return for the global perspective you present, you will be paid handsomely by employers.
  5. You will have a better network – some careers and positions are all about networking; who do you know is sometimes more important than what skills do you have. Since you have lived abroad and have made lifelong connections with friends irrespective of their nationality, your network is bound to be more diverse than others. This is a good base for a strong professional network.

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