5 Best Countries to Study MS Abroad: Tuition Fee, Living & Visa Cost

5 Best Countries to Study MS Abroad: Tuition Fee, Living & Visa Cost

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5 Best countries to study MS abroad

MS is one of the most sought-after courses today because of the weight it carries on your resume. Those who want to pursue MS abroad always have a question on their mind about which is the best country for MS. It is essential to keep in mind that the kind of school and MS program you attend will have a long-lasting impact on your career. Hence, it is important to choose wisely where you wish to study. The criteria for choosing an MS college abroad should be based on the cost, reputation, quality of education, positive reviews, return on investment (ROI), etc. This article aims to discuss in detail the best countries for MS abroad.

Why do students pursue MS abroad?

There are over 2,000+ MS courses available abroad for Indian students. Admission to MS though is tough but for those who wish to pursue higher education, MS is the first step. There are numerous reasons why international students wish to study MS abroad and they are as follows:

  • MS abroad helps international students build a foundation for research programs and study.
  • There are students who pursue an MS in research offered in Australia which helps them guide through their course with in-depth knowledge and research-oriented study.
  • Applicants may have difficulty in choosing one country for MS. Best country for master's for Indian students is not one but many. The costs may vary and course structure may too but studying MS in abroad is altogether a different experience.
  • MS abroad is also chosen by Indian students to enhance their resumes and get better opportunities.
  • Students come together with students of different backgrounds and learn together and network better.

There are more reasons and each individual may have a different goal and reason to pursue an MS abroad. Let's discuss MS in some of the top countries abroad.

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Best Countries for MS Abroad

Listed below are a few top countries for MS that are popular among international students:

MS in the United States

The US has always been a magnet for thousands of ambitious students around the world. The US is the destination Indian students prefer over other countries because US colleges offer academic excellence, extensive support services for international students, generous funding, a wide variety of educational options, flexible curricula, and OPT and CPT which provide hands-on training. With home to some of the top universities, the US is considered one of the best countries to do MS. This all-in-one package is offered only by the US, along with the fact that there is already a strong Indian community that thrives there. Plus, a lot of students do feel that they can leave their well-settled and good-paying job in India to pursue an MS because it is worth it. 

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Popular MS Courses in USA

Some of the popularly opted MS courses in the USA are as follows:

Popular MS Courses in the US
Software Engineering Consultant Management Biochemical Engineering
Management Entrepreneurship Pharmacy
Organizational Leadership Sports Management Healthcare Administration

There are also certain MS specializations in the USA which can also be considered. 

Cost of Study in the US (Tuition living cost)

The cost of staying in the US can vary from $12,000–$35,000 per year depending on the place where you are staying. If the student is staying in a suburb then the student needs around $10,000-$12,000 per year. Whereas if a student is residing in a major city like New York or Chicago then expenses can go up to $18,000. The cost of studying in the US varies with each course level and university of choice opted by the student. 

Stay Back Period in the US after MS?

International students who want to stay back after their MS in the USA after completing their degree have the option to do so through OPT. It is a temporary employment permission that allows students to gain practical experience in their field of study for a period of 12 months. Check out everything about STEM OPT Extension

Student Visa Cost for the US

There are three types of study visas in the USA - F1 Visa, J1 Visa, and M1 Visa. The application fee for a study visa to the US is $185.

A few of the universities in USA for MS are as follows:

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MS in Canada

The number of international students enrolled in Canadian universities has grown year after year over the past few years. Canada’s higher education sector is characterized by its diversity. Its institutions vary in size, history, and portfolio of programs and specializations. With tighter norms in the US, Canada has become the best place to do MS for international students. Canadian degree/diploma is recognized around the world as being of the highest standard. In addition, you get all this at a remarkably low cost, both in terms of the cost of education and in terms of the cost of living

MS Courses in Canada

Popular MS Courses in Canada
Electrical and Computer Engineering Global Management Digital Media
International Management Nursing Global Management
Mechanical Engineering International Relations Pharmacy

Cost of Study in Canada (Tuition living cost)

The tuition fee in Canada can vary up to CDN $10,000 - $40,000 annually. And those who are looking to pursue a post-graduation program, the cost of pursuing an MS in Canada can be anywhere between CDN $15,000 - $55,000 annually. Apart from this, a student also needs around CDN $10,000 - $12,000 as living expenses.

Stay Back Period in Canada after MS in Canada

Canada is preferred as the top country to do MS. Further, a post-graduation work permit in Canada is valid for the same duration as your program of study, or you can stay for a minimum of 8 months and a maximum of 3 years after completing your MS. To be eligible for this, your course duration must be of minimum 8 months.

Student Visa Cost for Canada

A study permit for Canada costs CAD$ 150. A few of the popular Canadian colleges offering MS:

MS in Australia

Australian university qualifications are internationally recognized and valued by employers and academics worldwide. Australian degrees can be divided into Professional Development Masters, Professional Masters, and Traditional Academic Masters. Professional Development Masters degrees offer opportunities to specialize in a particular area. Professional Masters enable students who have a general or non-professional undergraduate background to train and qualify to practice in a particular field.

Popular MS Courses in Australia

Check out the list of popular courses offered in Australia for international students:

Popular MS Courses in Australia
Bioinformatics Atmospheric Sciences Astrophysics
Mathematical Sciences Applied Physics Earth Science
Statistics Materials Science and Engineering Data Science

Cost of Study in Australia (Tuition living cost)

An international student must fulfil the financial requirements set by The Department of Immigration and Border Protection. A candidate needs to show INR 10.30 lakhs for the first year as the cost of studying in Australia. For a post-graduate degree, the fee can be around INR 17.30 lakhs.

Stay Back Period in Australia after MS

If you have completed two years of study in Australia then you can stay in Australia for 18 months to gain work experience. You will have to apply for a post-graduate work visa after completing your MS in Australia.

Student Visa cost for Australia

There are two types of student visas in Australia - one is for undergraduates and the other is for graduates. The cost of all the subclass visas for international students is AUD$ 680.  A few of the popular Australian colleges offering MS:

MS in Germany

German Masters's programs draw on world-leading expertise in a number of fields, particularly in applied sciences, engineering and related subject areas. For Germany, the sole criteria for selection are academic excellence as documented by means of academic certificates, publications, patents, etc. After completing one’s degree program from a German university, one is allowed to stay in Germany for 18 months to look for a job in keeping with one’s qualifications.

MS Courses in Germany

Popular MS Courses in Germany

Mechanical Design Engineer

Process and Application Engineer

Computer Software Designer

Quality Assurance Analyst

Automotive Assembling Manager

Auto Parts Manager

Motor Vehicle Inspector

Data Science

Spacecraft Designers

Cost of Study in Germany (Tuition living cost)

Public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees or charge a minimal fee, whereas private universities can charge anywhere between INR 9 – 10 lakhs. Also, for living expenses, students need approximately INR 7 lakhs.

Stay Back Period in Germany after MS

After completing their MS in Germany, international students can get a Residence Permit for 18 months in Germany to look for a job in their field of study.

Student Visa cost for Germany

Visa fees for a German student visa are €75. A few of the popular German colleges offering MS:

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MS in the United Kingdom

Master's courses in the UK are shorter and more intensive than in other countries, so you will graduate sooner (usually within a year) without compromising on education quality. This will save you time and money spent on tuition fees and the cost of living. The UK has the second-highest number of universities ranked in the top 100 by the 2023-2024 Times Higher Education World Rankings. The UK has a long tradition of education with some of its universities having started in the 12th-13th century.

MS Courses in UK

Popular MS Courses in UK
Finance Computer Science Advanced Computer Science
Business Analytics Data Science Cyber Security
Data Science & AI International Business Management

Cost of study in the UK (Tuition living cost)

For international students, the tuition fee in the UK can vary from £10,000 (~US$14,130) to £38,000 (~US$53,700). Also, as per the UK Border Agency (UKBA), an international student needs to show a budget of at least £1,265 per month for staying in London and £1,015 per month for staying outside London excluding the tuition fees.

Stay Back Period in the UK after MS

International students can stay back for four months after completing their MS in the UK

Student Visa cost for the UK

The fee for the Tier 4 General Visa is £363. A few of the popular UK colleges offering MS:

All the above-given universities offering MS abroad, have each a set of popular courses and a good stay-back period. After COVID, a lot of countries have increased their stay-back period and encouraged more and more MS students to stay on like in Australia and work there. The rules have been relaxed also and moreover, MS courses are a popular option for a lot of international students.

Apart from this, there are enough scholarship options available for international students pursuing MS abroad across these countries through either the respective universities or through external partnerships. Working while studying MS abroad is equally a boon for international students to cover their personal and living costs. 

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Other Popular Countries for MS Abroad

There are other popular countries where international students choose to pursue a Master's degree. Some of these countries include New Zealand, Italy, France, and Ireland, and are also popular for international students.

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I had completed my graduation of BCOM computers,can I go to ms computer science to australia

Reply to Pagadalamahidhar Sri


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

a year ago

Hello! Yes, you can apply for MS in Computer Science in Australia, you can check out more details here - https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/search-abroad/?q=MS+in+Computer+Science+(in+Computer+Science+and+Engineering) Reach out to our counsellors for admission-related free counselling at https://stud


I did my post graduation here in India which is equal to 17years of education. Now can i apply for my second masters at universities in USA or Canada if they accepted me am i eligible for scholarship?

Reply to Saicharan Saicharan


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

a year ago

Hello Saicharan! If you have completed your postgraduation from India, then you should have ideally completed 19-20 years of education. Yes, you can definitely apply for a second master's in US or Canada. If you are admitted you may be eligible for a university-specific scholarship or an external s


Is germany a safe country to study MS ... and how will be our daily life in germany as students?

Reply to chadaram vaishnavi

Yes, it is a safe country. You can find more information here: https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/student-guide-to-germany-guidepage-273


Priya Sharma

2 years ago

Hello mam i am pursing b.Tech cse and i want to do ms.Their are many countries which gives scholarship and other benefits same as Korean government provided scholarship and many benefit but i have doubt like is it really a good option ms in cse.

Reply to Priya Sharma

Universities/colleges provide department-specific scholarships for masters students. You can check this on the respective university/college website.



2 years ago

Hello ma'am i have completed my b.tech in ECE this year with 77% and now i want to pursue masters abroad. Can you suggest which country is best suitable for me except for Germany?


Hi Devika, choosing a country should depend upon your budget mostly and then look for universities and courses availability. You can read more here: https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/5-things-to-consider-before-choosing-a-study-abroad-destination-articlepage-460