Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students in 2024

Cost of Studying in UK for Indian Students in 2024

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Priya Garg
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If you get admission to one of the top colleges, the amount of tuition fee will increase. Similarly, city-based colleges will charge a lot higher than colleges in the countryside. Here are some rough estimates of studying at various types of courses in UK.

Cost of Studying in the UK

Cost of Studying in the UK for Indian Students (Average Tuition Fee): Unlike other countries where the tuition fee depends on the course, in the UK the tuition fee is decided on the basis of the type of structure the course has. It means that if your course is focused on classroom learning, lectures etc. then the fee of that course will be different from a course which is focused on practical learning, laboratories etc. An immigration statistics report released sometime back stated that a total of 127,731 visas were given to students from India in September 2022.

Medical courses are very different from both of these and it focuses on both classroom learning and working in the laboratory for different kinds of experiments. The cost of tuition fees for medical courses and an MBA is very high compared to other courses. The reason behind this is that these courses are highly specialized and most in demand.

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Here is a table showing how these types of courses and the average tuition fee.




Classroom-based teaching courses

£11,000 - £26,000


Laboratory-based teaching courses



Medical courses

£20,000 - £58,600

£13,000 - £20,000

MBA courses


£16,000 - £21,000

Remember that these are only average figures. If you get admission to one of the top colleges, the amount of tuition fee will increase. Similarly, city-based colleges will charge a lot higher than colleges in the countryside. Private and public universities also have different fee structures.

So ultimately the amount of tuition fee you will be required to pay will depend on these factors. Let us know in the comments below what is your target fee bracket.

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Cost of Studying in UK FAQs

Q. Does the UK offer one-year master's courses to international students?

A. Yes, there are many courses at the postgraduate level offered in the UK which can be completed in one year via full-time study mode. These one-year postgraduate programmes are favourable for those who are worried about the cost of studying as one has to shell out less money for the same. Talking about the tuition fee of overseas students, the average might be around £17,109 yearly. As there may be differences in the tuition fees of different institutions, students are recommended to visit the official websites of the same and check out the fee.  

Q. Can I stay back in the UK after completing my graduation and pick up a job?

A. Students studying in the UK who wish to work after completing their graduation can do so through the Graduate Visa. Through this visa, students can stay in the country for a period of two years post completing their graduation. Make sure that you apply for the same while you are in the UK. You will have to pay an amount of £715 as the application fee along with a £624 healthcare surcharge for every year you stay in the country.

Q. Is the UK a costly study destination for Indian students?

A. How much you will have to spend while living in the UK will vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, spending habits, and budget. The cost of living in UK per month is given below. You can calculate your estimated costs based on how long you will be in the UK. The average cost of living in the UK is around £12,000 per year. On the other hand, the average cost of student accommodation in the UK is around £547 per month 

Q. Are there any scholarships offered to Indian students for studying in the UK?

A. Yes, a wide range of scholarships have been made available by the UK government and universities to Indian students. These financial aid tools are open to all prospective students who wish to pursue a full-time study program in any stream. These scholarships are open for meritorious Indian students who want to study in the UK. Scholarships in the United Kingdom are offered to international students as on merit, need, and course.

Q. What is the validity of a Graduate Visa?

A. The new UK post-study work visa rules allow international students to work in the UK after graduation. This rule will be applicable to bachelor's, master's and PhD graduates. If you have pursued a bachelor’s or a post-graduation degree, then the validity of the Graduate visa will be for 2 years. If you have pursued a PhD or other doctoral qualification, then the validity of a Graduate visa will be for 3 years.

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