Countries that give Work Permit after Study

Countries that give Work Permit after Study

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Countries that give work permit after study

Studying in universities abroad and applying for post study work visa is becoming a popular choice with students. As per the UNESCO data, there has been an increase of about 22% in applications in universities abroad. Hence, it is not wrong to say that this is an important step towards career growth. Since 2016, major countries globally are allowing students to stay back and work; however, a small percentage of countries still impose stringent laws and do not allow students to stay back to work in their country. One of the major factors of international students, applying to universities abroad, is the ease of applying for post study work visa.

There are many countries where a student can pursue higher studies and stay back for some work experience. Study abroad applications for the US, especially among Indian students, is 80% higher as compared to other countries; however, countries like Canada and Australia have emerged as an equally preferred choice. This is because they offer immigration opportunities based on the student's degree level. Students have options for part time working options alongside postgraduate study or a full time work option, depending upon the student's qualifications.

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Ranking of Countries Offering Work Permit after Study

Countries Offering Work Permit After Study 

Country wise Ranking 2022 





United Kingdom 






New Zealand 


United States of America (USA)

The United States of America is the topmost study abroad destination amongst international students. Every student wants to study at top-rated universities that provide world-class education. According to the US Embassy, there is a substantial increase of 12% in the number of students going to study in the US for pursuing higher studies.

Highlights of studying in the USA:

  • Students under F1 Visa are can go for OPT-Optional Practical Training that gives them the opportunity to work in their field of study. Learn how to get STEM OPT extension here
  • Apart from this, students also have the option of converting their F1 Visa to H1B Visa.
  • H1B Visa allows students to work for a period of 3 years, which can further be extended up to 6 years.


Australia is home to some of the best universities across the world. After completing the master's degree, students can get the work permit for almost 2 years irrespective of their field of specialization. Their area of specialization does not affect their chances of getting a work permit. Apart from this, the flourishing economy, excellent job opportunities makes them a favourite destination amongst the students who want to work abroad after completing their higher studies. The following table summarises the mandatory requirements for obtaing a work visa after study in Australia:

Requirements for getting a post-study work visa

ELP Scores

Bachelors degree is applicable for Graduate Work Visa valid for 18 months. 

IELTS: Overall band score of 6.5; no less than 6


PTE: Overall 6.5; no less than 50

Master's or Ph.D. degree holders can apply for the Post Study Work Visa.

These students can stay in Australia for 2-4 years, depending upon their level of qualification.

International students must have completed 2 years of academic study in Australia that can be either bachelor’s, master’s, or Doctoral qualification. Those with a Diploma degree are not eligible for the work visa. Check Post Study Work Permit in Australia.

United Kingdom (UK)

With numerous reputed universities offering top-notch education, UK is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations for international students. However, the UK’s stringent post-study work visa rules make it less attractive among international students. Graduates were allowed to stay back for a period of four months after completing studies combined with uncertainties over Brexit was the reason there was a sharp decline in students going to the UK. Nevertheless, after a gap of seven years, UK’s administration has relaxed rules post-stud work visa rules for international students.

Can I get a work permit after study in the UK?

Recently UK administration has made changes to their post-study work visa route. Earlier international students were allowed to stay only for a period of four months and Ph.D. students were allowed to stay back for one year after completing their studies. Now international students can apply and stay back and work for a period of two years after completing their degree. Know more about this at: Post Study Work Permit in UK.


After the USA, Canada has emerged as the favourite study abroad destination amongst the Indian students because of friendly immigration policies. With a world-class education system and a robust economy, Canada is overtaking the USA as the topmost choice for international students. Also, it allows graduates to stay back after completing their studies irrespective of their field of education. International students who hae graduatd from recognized Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) can apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). 

PGWP is offered to international students in Canada only if the candidates have:

  • Attained 18 years of age.
  • Studied for at least 8 months in Canada from any DLI(s) for a full time course.
  • Officially received transcripts or certificate of completion from respective DLIs - stating a completion of the course pursued.

Candidates applying for PGWP should keep in mind that, the post-study visa will not exceed 3 years under any circumstance. Generally, the duration of the post-study visa is the same as the duration of the course/program. 

Know more about Canada student visa here


Germany is considered one of the most popular study abroad destinations and ranks at #6 among other countries in the world. With a well-developed economy and home to some of the best universities in the world, higher education in Germany is one of the cheapest in the world. It allows graduates to stay back for a maximum of 18 months (Residence permit) and search for a job in the respective area of specialisation. Once a job is secured, students can apply for an employment visa. Learn everything about Germany Student Visa here.

3 types of Residence Permits are:

  • Self-employed
  • General employment
  • Specialist professional

New Zealand

In terms of ranking, New Zealand ranks #12 among top countries of the world where students can be offered a post study work visa and ofcourse for its higher studies as well. Post study work visa for international students comes with various rules and regulations. Its mandatory for students to have studied in New Zealand and should have attained at least Level 4 of education qualification framework or even higher. Those with Level 4-6 educational qualifications can get a post study work visa include:

  • Students should have completed 60 weeks of study.or more. 
  • Or students should have gained two different types of courses which lasted 30 weeks or above. 
  • Those students who are English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) are not included in this list.    

Longer Work Stay in New Zealand

There are provisions for getting another post study work visa by international students only if they fulfill the following conditions:

  • Pursue another course and complete it.
  • This course must be 30 weeks long or above.
  • It can be either undergraduate or postgraduate study level.
  • The course must be a level higher than the previously attended course.

For additional details read Post Study Work Visa for International Students in New Zealand.

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