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SAT 2023 Books: Since the SAT 2023 Exam has undergone a major change in its format, students have to re-look at their preparation strategies for the new digital SAT 2023. Check out: New SAT Format 2023: Difference Between Old and New SAT Format. If you have been preparing for the old SAT exam, your preparation will not carry over to the new SAT as the changes are so radical in nature. To prepare a new SAT prep plan, you first need the proper resources and all the major resources for SAT preparation have been given in this article for international students reference. 

SAT Best Books for 2023 Preparation

Check out the following books which can prove beneficial in studying for the latest SAT Digital exam to be conducted in March for the first time, this list includes the best book for reading SAT and also for the Math section:

The Official SAT Study Guide

The official guide to SAT includes 2 full-length SAT practice tests created by the College Board.  It also includes additional instruction, guidance, and test information. The book with 8 official SAT practice tests with detailed descriptions of the math and reading plus writing sections. Also, it includes practice questions for each SAT question type with sample responses.

Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy

This book includes six full-length practice tests that makeup 24 hours of practice testing. The questions provided in the Kallis SAT prep books are close to official test questions. The book comprises step-by-step explanations that make it even more helpful for SAT preparation. Also, this book discusses 101 topics that one can find on the SAT and also offers an analysis of different question types that help you understand different questions.

Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium

Those looking for SAT books for preparation can check out Barron's study guide which includes full-length practice tests and two online tests. It also includes four in-book tests, one diagnostic test, and review chapters. This book helps by covering writing and language sections and helps you in gaining language skills.

Princeton Review SAT Prep 2023

The 2023 Edition of the Princeton Review's SAT Prep covers topics like algebraic functions, and grammar rules, with four full-length practice tests. It also included two additional practice tests. Apart from this, you can also access two additional online practice tests. The book also offers extensive answer explanations for practice questions. Apart from this, there is an online method that helps you score your practice tests.

Kaplan’s SAT Total Prep

Kaplan is a renowned name for SAT preparation books. The book includes various practice questions and online video tutorials. The book includes numerous practice questions and an online question bank. So, every time one can go through a different set of questions. Also, this book allows you to access the customized study plan and pre-quizzes. Kaplan SAT books are considered one of the best SAT prep materials.

The Official SAT Online Course

This is a free online course offered by the College Board for test-takers. The Official SAT Online Course features interactive lessons, auto essay scoring, and much more. It's personalized, comprehensive, easy to use, and available anytime and anywhere. The course's 18 interactive lessons cover the SAT®'s critical reading, writing, and math sections, and the PSAT/NMSQT®. The lessons feature interactive activities and multimedia content to create an engaging learning environment. Read more…

Check out more on SAT Exam Preparation:

For further details on SAT's best books for preparation, check out the section below.

Q:   Which are the good books for SAT exam preparation?


Some of the best books for the preparation of SAT exam are:

1. KALLIS' Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy + 6 Full-Length Practice Tests

2. McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2016

3. Barron's New SAT

4. Princeton Review's Cracking the New SAT

5. Dr. Steve Warner's New SAT Math Problems

6.Dr. Jang's SAT 800 Math Workbook for the New SAT

7. The Complete Guide to SAT Reading by Erica Meltzer

The students are free to choose their SAT prep books and resources and prepare as per their previous knowledge. Also there are materials available online also which can be used for preparation. 

Q:   Are SAT books for preparation available online?


Yes, there is a lot of SAT exam resource books available online for applicants. Those who want to prepare for SAT exam and are comfortable studying online can download online versions of the books and read them, while the others can order online and prepare accordingly. There are downloadable PDFs also available for applicants who wish to study online and do not want to spend too much on purchasing the expensive books for SAT prep. It is completely up to the applicant whether or not they wish to study in the offline mode or they want to study online with online resources.

Q:   Can students prepare from old SAT syllabus books?


Some of the old SAT books or study guides can still prove beneficial, depending upon the topic of preparation for each section. While others can check out some resources on the official website of the College Board and prepare accordingly. The SAT prep tips are not very different from the already existing exam prep strategy. Choose the appropriate SAT books for preparation only after checking out the SAT syllabus and also thoroughly understanding the SAT exam 2023 pattern before finally registering for SAT exam. Here we have curated a list of official resources by the College Board to help you prepare for the new redesigned SAT exam 2023.

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SAT 2023 RW Section Prep Books

Applicants looking at SAT prep books specifically for the reading and writing section can refer to a number of books. The following booklist is specifically for SAT Reading & Writing preparation for prospective students:

  • The Complete Guide to SAT Reading, 4th Edition

  • Princeton Review: Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT
  • The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar, 5th Edition

  • New SAT Reading Practice Book
  • SAT Reading: History Passages
  • Barron's SAT Reading Workbook
  • SAT Reading Course Book

Apart from the above-given books, applicants to get their preparation better and a notch higher, can also prepare from Kaplan's SAT Reading & Writing Prep and also from The Critical Reader's The Complete Guide to SAT Reading. 

There may be other resources to prepare from for SAT Digital Reading and Writing, but applicants should choose what suits them the best considering the time constraint for preparation as well.

Q:   What are the best books for SAT Reading and Writing?


The best books for SAT Reading and Writing preparation are given below for reference:

  • The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar by Erica L. Meltzer
  • The Critical Reader: The Complete Guide to SAT Reading, 3rd Edition 
  • 2018 SAT Reading: World Literature Practice Book

Apart from these the applicants can look for online resources and materials to help support them with their preparation for SAT Reading and Writing section commonly referred to as RW. 

The applicants should also look for mocks and attempt them regularly so that there is enough practice in hand before appearing for the main exam on the set date.

Q:   What to read to prepare for SAT reading section?


Some of the suggested reading list for SAT reading section is mentioned below:

  • The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • Treasure Island by R.L. Stevenson
  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
  • The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin
  • The Enchanted Tree by Enid Blyton
  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
  • Swami & Friends by RK Narayan
  • Wise & Otherwise by Sudha Murthy
  • Chicken Soup for the Teenage Souls
  • Nancy Drew by Stefan Petrucha
  • Hrdy Boys by Edward Stratemeyer

Q:   Can applicants prepare for SAT RW through prep books offered by those taking classes online?


Yes, applicants can prepare for Reading and Writing section of SAT exam based on the preparation material offered by those taking classes online. They also have designated authors and people who design prep materials for aspiring students at large. Students can be benefitted from these resources if the people are genuine and prep offered by them is also from trusted sources. Applicants have the benefit of taking advantage from the already prepared materials and they can also check out testimonials before going ahead with the preparation and or payments. Thus, applicants should ensure that they follow the right channel and people. 

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SAT Exam Math Prep Books 2023

For those applicants preparing for SAT exam and wishing to get a hold on their Math section, can refer to a couple of books for reference. Check out the following best SAT books for Math section preparation:

  • Dr Steve Warner's 500 New SAT Math Problems 

  • PWN The SAT: Math Guide, 5th Edition

  • SAT Math Prep by Test Prep Books 

  • Princeton Review: Math Workout for the SAT
  • Dr Jang's SAT 800 Math Workbook New Edition, 2022
  • SAT Math Orange Book 

  • Kaplan: SAT Math Prep

This is not an exhaustive list, there may be more resources or SAT prep help books available. The applicants must check what exactly they are looking for and then make purchases. For the Math section on SAT, there is a lot of practice required and that is the key to crack the SAT Math section. 

Q:   What are the best books for SAT Math?


Some of the best books for SAT Math prep for the year 2023 are as follows:

  • PWN The SAT: Math Guide, 4th Edition
  • 800 Math Workbook New Edition by Dr. Jang's SAT
  • Barron's SAT Math Workbook, 7th Edition
  • 500 New SAT Math Problems by Dr. Steve Warner
  • Dr John Chung's SAT Math: 63 Perfect Tips and 16 Complete Tests
  • SAT Math Workbook

Thus, applicants should choose their books wisely and strategise to work and prepare for SAT Math section questions accordingly. 

Q:   Are books sufficient for SAT Math prep?


Yes, more or less books are sufficient for SAT Math preparation. However, those who seek more help in terms of preparation can do so by joining some classes offline or online. In case the concepts of the applicant is clear they will be able to prepare from the dedicated SAT Math books. But those who are not ver confident about their concepts and require help in a more extensive manner can go for these classes. 

SAT Math books also have practice, thus, practice is the key to strengthen the weak points. Thus, those who are preparing for SAT Math and have issues with Maths on the whole should begin their preparation earlier on. 

How to Choose Apt SAT Books for Preparation?

There are certain ways in which an applicant can check which SAT books for preparation are key to getting them success in the exam. The applicants can begin with understanding the SAT exam syllabus and then familiarise themselves with the SAT exam pattern. After this, they can follow these pointers to understand their SAT preparation requirements:

  • Check out the SAT prep books section-wise and shortlist them first.
  • Begin preparation with one SAT help book at a time and consequently practice questions from the prep books as well.
  • Once all topics are exhausted, take up SAT books where sample question papers are given and check your preparation.
  • Assess performance in SAT mocks and see where you lack based on topics and sections.
  • For example, if your Maths answers were mostly incorrect, you can pick up another SAT book for the Math section and practice more and similarly for the reading and writing section of SAT.
  • Keep a limited set of SAT books for preparation, read their blurb to understand what they offer and then buy them. 
  • If more resources are required only then buy them else practice online also through free sample papers available for SAT exam.

Thus, SAT exam prep books are available online for applicants and so are the practice papers. It is important to identify the prep needs of an individual for SAT prep through these books and then buy the books based on requirements.

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SAT Exam 2023 Best Books FAQs

Q. What are the best books for SAT Math?

A. Some of the best books for SAT Math prep for the year 2023 are as follows:

  • PWN The SAT: Math Guide, 4th Edition
  • 800 Math Workbook New Edition by Dr. Jang's SAT
  • Barron's SAT Math Workbook, 7th Edition
  • 500 New SAT Math Problems by Dr. Steve Warner's

Q. Which are the best SAT study guides?

A. Some of the best SAT study guides 2023 are

  • The Official SAT study guide
  • Kaplan SAT Prep: 2 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online
  • McGraw-Hill Education SAT
  • Princeton review 500+ practice questions for the New SAT
  • KALLIS' Redesigned SAT Pattern Strategy
  • The Critical Reader (3rd edition)

Please note, that the above given guides may be appropriate for previous SAT exam testing, but there are some topics in Maths and RW which are the same, and hence they can be helpful.

Q. Are there other resources to prepare for SAT 2023?

A. Besides the already mentioned books, students can find numerous resources online and prepare for the SAT exam in 2023. The Bluebook app also has mock tests which can be helpful for students to understand how much preparation they have or lack. For the reading and writing section, applicants can pick up any resource material and for Math work out through old textbooks can prove beneficial.




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Hello! There are 54 questions in the Reading + Writing section divided into 27 + 27 questions per module and there are 44 questions in the Math section. Please read the above-given details carefully for a better understanding.


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Hello Ishita! Yes, you are eligible to sit for SAT.


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