SAT 2024 Cut Off: Check SAT Exam Score for Top Universities


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Updated on Feb 29, 2024 22:45 IST

SAT 2024 Cutoff: The College Board, the official administrator of SAT exam conduction does not have any SAT cut-off listed for students wanting to study abroad. The SAT Exam does not have any specific cut-off in a majority of cases. But there are some US and Canadian universities which require SAT exam scores and in the rarest of cases give an average SAT cutoff for admissions. Hence, there are no strict SAT cut-offs for top colleges/ universities, candidates are expected to fall within a certain range to be eligible for admission to top schools. However, exceptions would be made for unusual cases.

sat cutoff

Q:   How do I prepare for SAT exam to clear the cut-off for the top 10 universities globally?


There is no set rule which applies when it comes to preparing for SAT exam based on the given cutoff by a specific university. Applicants can check their knowledge by first attempting a mock test and then begin their SAT preparation. Based on each section's performance applicants can set targets for certain topics and attempt them as and when they progress with their SAT exam syllabus. This way strong areas will get stronger and weak areas will also get some attention. Also attempting mocks before appearing for the main exam is also a must. This way applicants will either fall in the SAT cut off as published by the university or they can appear for the exam once more if at all required. 


Q:   If a university is not test optional, is it still important to meet SAT cutoff?


In case the applicant is submitting SAT scores and the SAT cutoff is mentioned, then it is likely that the applicants will have to submit the SAT cutoff based on the given requirements. It is important to meet SAT cutoffs if the applicants have them mentioned in the admission requirements. Thus, if the applicant has not taken the test it becomes less important to submit these scores, but if the applicant feels that the scores will enhance their applications and give a better impression, then they should go for it. 


Q:   If I don't meet the SAT cutoff, will I get disqualified for admission?


Some universities require a consolidated SAT cutoff while the other universities may resort their admission policies towards SAT sectional cutoffs. Either ways if something is in the applicant's favour, will drive him to qualify for the said university's admissions. But in case the applicant fails to meet either of the said circumstances, chances are that they disqualify for the admission. Thus, if mentioned, applicants should aim for the given SAT cutoff or slightly higher than the given cutoff. 


Q:   Since a lot of US universities have become test optional, is it easy to find their cutoffs?


Yes, since a lot of US universities have become test optional it may be difficult to find their cutoffs. But those who intend on submitting SAT scores despite the test optionality choice, can look up for previous year's SAT cutoffs on the official websites if available. This way the applicant will have an idea of what score is required and plan a strategy to aim for the said cutoff. The previous year's SAT cutoff will not however be the ideal support but it will just give the applicant an idea of what and how to aim for in SAT. 


SAT Cut Off Range: Good vs Average

Some of the good SAT cutoffs range between 1300 - 1500. Thus, getting a score in the higher range of scores on SAT exam would allow candidates to apply to top schools, whereas an average score range would allow candidates to apply to similar colleges. Candidates should always keep in mind that there are no official cut-off marks for SAT. Even if an average range of SAT cutoff is given, students should prepare for SAT with the full potential to score within or around that score range. Candidates are advised to send their scores well in advance as most top colleges/ universities take between 4-6 weeks to process an application.

Unlike most of the other examinations tested on a similar pattern, SAT's average cut-off score would depend on the course selection unless an average SAT cut-off is notified by the university or college the applicant is applying to. A good SAT score is what makes a candidate eligible for schools where a candidate would want to pursue their higher studies. So, a good score depends on the schools you are interested in and not the SAT cut-off. Check out this article for SAT cutoff-related details and the top universities abroad which have officially released SAT cutoffs for 2023 admissions in the following sections.

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What is SAT Cutoff 2024?

Ideally, there is no set SAT cutoff for 2024. With numerous universities abroad choosing to be test-optional or scrapping the SAT or ACT requirements, there are very few of them left which actually require SAT scores in 2024. If we see the US News report for SAT scores for Fall 2021 admissions, it was reported that the average SAT score cutoff for middle-ranking US universities was between 950-1150, while the top-ranking universities which include Ivy Leagues accepted SAT scores higher than 1200. Thus, SAT cutoffs were not predefined and hence, it is calculated after admissions wrap up. 

There is no good SAT score unless the university where the applicant wishes to seek admission predefines an SAT score cutoff. As already mentioned above, very few universities are accepting SAT scores and furthermore, there are even lesser universities which actually publish a minimum SAT cutoff for course-specific admissions. Thus, the SAT cutoff for 2024 would be released once the admission season gets over and after analysis, the report may be released.

Q:   Which all colleges in India, accept SAT scores and what is the cut-off requirement for the same?

Hi Colin, Almost all the NITs, DTU, IIITH ets accepts SAT but mainly required from NRIs etc or check collegeboard website for universities/colleges accepting SAT.

Q:   What is the SAT cut-off for the best colleges in the world?


The SAT cutoff for best colleges in the world as ranked by QS for the year 2024 are as follows:

  1. University of Cambridge: 1460-1500
  2. University of Oxford: 1480 and above
  3. Harvard University: 1480-1580
  4. Stanford University: 1440-1505
  5. UCL: 1440 and above
  6. University of California Berkley: 1140-1530
  7. University of Chicago: 1510-1560
  8. Cornell University: 1470-1550
  9. Yale University: 1470-1490
  10. Princeton University: 1510-1560

This data is dynamic and is subject to change. Thus, please visit the official website for more details. 


Universities Abroad with SAT Cutoff for 2023

The following US and Canadian Universities have predefined SAT cutoffs for 2023 admissions, check them out:

US Universities SAT Cutoff 2023

These below given US universities have published SAT cutoffs for admissions for international students in 2023:

Universities in the USA  SAT Exam Cut-offs 2023
Stanford University 1500-1570
University of Chicago 1510-1560
Princeton University 1470-1560
Yale University 1460-1580
Johns Hopkins University 1460-1560
University of Michigan 1350-1530
University of California, Berkeley 1340-1540
Northwestern University 1500-1560
New York University 1510
Duke University 1510-1570

There may be more universities, but these are the hierarchy-wise top 10 universities which have SAT cutoff for 2023 undergraduate admissions.

Canada Universities SAT Cutoff 2023

The following Canadian Universities which have SAT cutoff published for 2023 admission are as follows:

Canadian Universities SAT Cut-Off 2023
McGill University 1400
University of Toronto 1330-1550
University of British Columbia 1500
University of Montreal 1400
McMaster University 1340
Western University 1190
University of Calgary 1100
Queen's University 1100
Dalhousie University 1100
Simon Fraser University 1550

Again, there may be more to this list, this is just for reference. Applicants must check all details before applying.

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How to read your SAT Score?

Once candidates have finished appearing for their SAT exam, it is time to send exam scores to the colleges/ universities. This is one of the most crucial parts of the whole application process. Most colleges prefer to get the score reports directly from the official SAT conducting body, the College Board, and not the copies of the report or score report labels on the transcripts. Students could find interpreting their SAT results and score a tedious affair. That is why having a data table for interpreting SAT scores becomes necessary.

Candidates should keep in mind that SAT score results would be available online around 4-5 weeks after their test date. Once the score result is available, the official SAT conducting agency, College Board begins sending SAT score reports to the colleges selected by the candidate at the time of registration.

Q:   How are overall SAT scores calculated?


An applicant's total score is between 400 and 1600. The total SAT score is the sum of the two section scores: Reading & Writing, and Maths. Both of these sections can accommodate a possible score range of 200 – 800. The Reading & Writing score is composed of the Reading Test plus the Language Test, and each which collectively contributes to a sectional SAT score. The SAT Math section score is made up of the Math questions' answers only. Thus, no SAT section score can go beyond 800 because the questions are marked in a pre-defined manner. Thus, applicants can score overall on 1600 scale.  


Q:   What are SAT score recipients?


Applicants while registering for SAT exam have the option of indicating which colleges or universities their SAT scores are to be forwarded once they are released. The SAT scores are released to those recipients (colleges and/or universities) and once they are delivered the status against each recipient changes to delivered. Thus, this way applicants can check whether or not their SAT scores have been delivered to their college or university of application post SAT results are declared. Applicants can mention upto four recipients to whom score reports can go to once the results are declared of the SAT exam.


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How to send SAT Scores to Colleges?

Applicants receive four free score reports while registering for the SAT exam from the sat conducting body, College Board. Applicants get the option of sending these reports to their choice of colleges/ universities or scholarship programs for free. Aspirants can send the scores up to nine days of taking the test. After nine days they will be charged for sending the score reports.

Q:   How do we submit SAT score?


SAT scores are submitted through the College Board website to universities the applicant is applying to. The score reports are then sent officially to the universities the applicants choose to submit to for the applicants after the scores are released. 


SAT Cutoff 2024 FAQs

Check out some more information on SAT Cutoff in the following section:

Q:   What was the SAT RW cutoff for top US universities in 2023?


The following are the SAT cutoffs for RW section for US universities for the year 2023:

Top US UniversitiesSAT - Reading & Writing Cutoff
Harvard University710-770
Stanford University700-770
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)730-770
University of California Berkeley (UCB)650-740
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)690
Yale University740-800

Q:   Do Australian universities release SAT cutoffs?


No, usually Australian universities do not release SAT cutoffs, and some of them may not require them also. Only a handful universities of Australia accept SAT scores from international students for admission. The ones who accept SAT scores, may or may not publish SAT cut-offs or minimum SAT score requirements. Even if some universities do that, they give it for a specific course and not for all courses offered at that level in the university in question. Thus, be careful while checking admission requirements.


Q:   What are the SAT cutoffs for Maths section for top 10 US universities?


As per the recent data of 2023, the following are the SAT Math cutoffs for the top 10 US universities:

Top US UniversitiesSAT Math Cutoff
Harvard University740-800
Stanford University740-800
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)780-800
University of California Berkeley (UCB)680-790
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)715
Yale University720-770
Columbia University740-800
Princeton University740-800
New York University (NYU)690-790
University of Pennsylvania750-800
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Shakil Jahan

2 months ago

Am I eligible to appear for SAT after five years of passing out from high school?

Reply to Shakil Jahan


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

a month ago

Hello Shakil! Yes, you are eligible to appear for the exam. All the best!



2 months ago

what scholarships are offered to students scoring good marks?

Reply to eppxk


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

2 months ago

Hello! Scholarships depend on the university the applicant is applying to and based on the criteria fulfilled. So when you apply for admission to any university, you can check on what score cutoff of SAT a scholarship is being offered and apply for that scholarship accordingly. Hope this helps!



3 months ago

How much do I need to score to get seat in iiit Hyderabad

Reply to Durgaprasad


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

2 months ago

Hello Durgaprasad! You will have to check the university website and the course you are applying for. Sometimes a cutoff is mentioned and sometimes it is not. In case it is not mentioned, you can connect with the university's admissions committee and request for details. Good luck!


abrar hussain

5 months ago

how much do I need to score to get a seat in vit vellore cse?

Reply to abrar hussain


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

5 months ago

Hello Abrar! You will have to check the university website or with the respective course department and enquire about the accepted SAT score range. You can also check out the previous year's cutoff and plan your preparation accordingly. Hope this helps! All the very best!

Hello! You will have to check with the university and the course department you are applying to for a definite cutoff. Aim accordingly for the SAT score based on the previous year's cutoff. Hope this helps! All the best!


Bishop Bishop

8 months ago

Hi. You mentioned there are 25 operational questions and 2 pretest questions per module on the Reading and Writing sections. But I see a total of 33 questions per module. Can you explain this please?

Reply to Bishop Bishop


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

8 months ago

Hello! There are 54 questions in the Reading + Writing section divided into 27 + 27 questions per module and there are 44 questions in the Math section. Please read the above-given details carefully for a better understanding.

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