UAE Residence Visa for Students - Documents Required, Fees, Process

UAE Residence Visa for Students - Documents Required, Fees, Process

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One of the hottest destinations in the Middle East, UAE (United Arab Emirates) is now opening up new vistas of growth in Professional Education to contenders all over the world. UAE is a land of opportunities for study-abroad students and a delight for curious travellers. Ideally located in the midst of East and the West, the city marvellously blends the elements of both. Those choosing Dubai as a study destination will benefit from its high-quality living standards and numerous opportunities, besides the serenity of living in a city nominated to be one of the safest in the world.

In the UAE, either the residents sponsoring their children or one of the accredited universities/institutions can secure the student’s visa.

The first and foremost requirement before stepping into UAE is the Visa. Through this article, we wish to help our readers by listing the requirements of a Student Residence Visa along with the fees and other requisites.

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Student Residence Visa 

The first and foremost requirement before stepping into UAE is the Visa. Through this article, we wish to help our readers by listing the requirements of a Student Residence Visa along with the fees and other requisites.

The following table provides the types of UAE student visas:

UAE Student Visa Type Duration Details
Short Term 1 year Renewable upon proof of continuation of academics
Long Term 5 years Started in November 2018. It is for outstanding students with academic merit (95% in schooling and/or at least a 3.75 GPA)

Documents, Requirements, and Restrictions

Student Residence Visas are usually valid for around a year at a time and they need to be renewed every year during the course of study. We enumerate below the various documents that are required for the Visa:

  • A passport with a minimum of 6 months validity is a must and it must contain two blank visa pages one for endorsing the visa and the other for entry stamps
  • Around 4 passport copies
  • Around 12 photographs
  • 2 passport copies
  • 3 passport copies along with an entry visa to the UAE need to be submitted on arrival
  • An offer letter that evinces the acceptance of candidates to a UAE tertiary institute
  • Bank statements that act as substantiation of funds in the UAE
  • Visa sponsor ( the university itself or a parent or relative)
  • Consent from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).
  • In case a candidate has opted for university accommodation, he/she may be required to produce a letter from the university or a tenancy agreement
  • Copy of tuition fee receipt for the current study year of the program
  • Those opting for a post-graduate program will be required to get their undergraduate degree attested
  • Copy of visa fees receipt for the present study year of the program
  • Candidates from certain countries might be required to undertake a security check in order to ensure that they won't pose a threat to UAE security
  • Candidates are also usually required to go through a medical test at a certified UAE medical centre (allow AED 350-500). The test generally includes a medical test and chest X-ray for:
    • HIV (AIDS)
    • Hepatitis B
    • Hepatitis C
    • Tuberculosis (TB)
    • Leprosy
    • Syphilis

In case the results of any of these tests turn positive, the candidate is deported with the exception of syphilis which is treated. But the students are advised to check out with the UAE immigration department or UAE Ministry of Health for the latest updates in this regard. 

Student Residence Visa Fees

  • There is a wide contrast in the Student Visa Fees in different universities, colleges, and institutions. It may fluctuate between 1,000 to 3,000 AED for a year student residence visa.
  • A few of the universities, colleges, and institutions may also demand a refundable visa deposit varying between 2,000 to 3,000 AED
  • Renewal charges vary between 1,000 to 3,000 AED yearly
  • Students may also experience variations depending on if the university is located in a UAE education-free zone such as Dubai Academic City or Knowledge Village, or not.
  • Diverse emirates may have different fees

Certain universities or institutions may ask for an administrative fee for the administration of a student visa. Many institutions include this sum in the administrative expense in their tuition fees. For others, this amount is to be paid at the time of registration.

However, it is suggested to the students check with the university, college or institute for the latest updates.

The table given below provides a breakdown of the cost of UAE visa fees and other associated costs for Abu Dhabi University:

Head Cost
Repatriation Deposit AED 5,560
Residence Visa Application AED 850
Student Health Insurance AED 800
Visa Renewal AED 550

(Source: Abu Dhabi University)

In the case of Middlesex University Dubai, the UAE student visa fee is AED 5,345 (outside of UAE). This fee includes visa processing fees, emirates ID, and medical insurance. In addition, a visa deposit of AED 2,500 is required.

Visa Validity

  • A student residence visa becomes invalid in case a student stays out of UAE for six months. Students then are not permitted to enter UAE unless they get their visas cancelled. In such a case, generally, the sponsor will report the visa holder to the immigration authorities.
  • Visas normally take 2-5 weeks to process once all the correct documentation has been supplied.
  • Express visas take 1-3 weeks to process.
  • Cancellation of a visa normally takes 1-3 weeks, express cancellation takes 1-2 weeks.

The process of Visa Application in Dubai

We list below the detailed steps that one should follow when applying for a visa:

  • Before applying for a visa, ensure that you are clear on your purpose of visit.
  • Complete your visa application form and affix your photograph.
  • Photos must be in accordance with mandatory specifications.
  • Attach all supporting documents required as per the checklist. Make sure your application is complete. Incomplete applications are not accepted.
  • Submit your application at the Dubai Visa Application Center along with the applicable fees in cash.
  • Once the visa is approved the PNR will be updated and the visa copy can be collected from the application centre.

Student Visa Charges in Dubai

  • Short Entry (visit) Visa: Dhs 500 (1 month)
  • Long Entry (visit) Visa: Dhs 1,000 (3 months)
  • Entry Visa for Study: Dhs 1,000
  • Renewal of Study Visa: Dhs 500

Benefits of a Residence Visa

  • Access to government health facilities and health insurance.
  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining a personal or a car loan
  • Obtaining a driver's license 
  • Visa-Free access to many nations

Working with a Student Visa

Earlier, international students did not have permission to work on a student visa. The only type of work allowed was the internship. But now, those with a student visa holding a UAE work permit can work for 4 consecutive hours. Full-time work is still not allowed.

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7 years ago

Bank statements which act as substantiation of funds in the UAE, Please clarify the amount required

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Aprant AgarwalStudy Abroad Expert

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It depends on the university. For instance, in the case of Abu Dhabi University, your sponsor's bank account must have USD 15,000 as proof of funds.