List of Private Training Establishments (PTEs) in New Zealand

List of Private Training Establishments (PTEs) in New Zealand

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PTEs are polytechnics in New Zealand which but are privately owned and funded. So the fee is higher as compared to the government owned polytechnics (ITPs) but the entry requirements are more lenient. Some PTEs specialize in a particular area or subject like business, hospitality, travel etc. There are over 100 PTEs in New Zealand, and here we present a list of the top and most popular institutes - 

1. Auckland Institute of Studies, Auckland

Auckland Institute of Studies is known for its highly qualified and experienced faculty and offers a multicultural environment. There are many fast track programs which offer flexible entry dates. For international students, the institute offers multi-lingual student services. AIS provides employment assistance to its students, as well as offering scholarships to high performing students.

2. Cornell Institute of Business and Technology, Auckland

Cornell Institute of Business & Technology offers world class education and the qualifications are accepted all over the world. The institute also provides visa advice upon request and processes student visas and job search permits/visas at the campus. There are flexible enrollment options available with five intakes in a year.

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3. Le Cordon Bleu, Wellington

Le Cordon Bleu is a world renowned culinary and hospitality education institution. It has a long tradition of excellence. This institution is known for highly experienced and well-versed mentors and instructors. Being part of Le Cordon Bley offers students an opportunity to be a part of a network of distinguished and famous alumni.

4. Ntec Tertiary Group, Auckland

NTEC consists of four institutes: Concordia Institute of Business, National Technology Institute, National Institute of Education and The College of Future Learning. It has institutional partnerships with the Queensland University of Technology, The University of Northampton, Le Cordon Bleu etc. Scholarships are offered to those with good academic grades. NTEC has small classes ensuring individualized education, with a focus on a multi-cultural environment.

5. AGI Education, Auckland

AGI is known for having over 90% employment success upon completion of the Healthcare course. AGI is a Signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. It is the only institute in the Auckland area that offers Diploma Level 5, 6 & 7 Programs in Healthcare.

6. New Zealand Career College, Auckland

At New Zealand Career College, the academic staff is qualified and industry-experienced. It is a member of Independent Tertiary Institutions (ITI) and Pacific Island Tertiary Education Providers of New Zealand (PITPONZ). The institute offers industry oriented programs.

7. New Zealand Management Academies, Auckland

NZMA is a part of ACG’s Tertiary & Careers Group which is a provider of quality educational services. There is an authentic training environment at every campus like restaurants, student-run cafes etc. Pathways to further study are available both within NZMA and to universities in New Zealand and overseas.

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8. New Zealand Tertiary College, Auckland

New Zealand Tertiary College is a private college specializing in early childhood teacher education. NZTC has been specializing in early childhood teacher education for over 34 years, offering quality professional qualifications that reflect the evolving needs of the early childhood sector.

9. Newton College of Business and Technology, Auckland

The college provides quality and personalized training within a highly supportive and fully equipped study environment with a focus on tertiary level Diploma and Certificate Programs. Over 90% of NCBT graduates have settled with either permanent residence or long term work permit.

10. North Shore International Academy, Auckland

North Shore International Academy has a reputation as the leading private Culinary Arts and Hospitality academy in New Zealand that attracts the highest caliber of industry professionals to share their knowledge and train students. The institute is the eight-time winner of the Training Excellence Award at the New Zealand National Culinary Fare competition.

11. Pacific International Hotel Management School, New Plymouth

PIHMS has been operating since 1995 and has built a strong track record of success and achievement. The New Zealand exchange rate makes the PIHMS fee structure one of the most competitive and highest value for money in education around the world. PIHMS is a member of an international group of hotel schools resulting in a strong global network of graduates around the world.

12. UUNZ Institute of Business, Auckland

UUNZ (Universal United New Zealand) is one of the fastest growing business schools in New Zealand based in Auckland city and offers internationally recognized programs in conjunction with the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. UUNZ is recognized as a Category 2 provider subsequent to its first New Zealand Qualifications Authority External Evaluation and Review visit in March 2010.

13. Queenstown Resort College, Dunedin

QRC's faculty has more than 20 years or above experience in public tertiary education in New Zealand. This institute has students from over 25 countries which include  Brazil, Canada, China, Fiji, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, U.K, U.S.A, Vietnam, Zimbabwe etc. QRC offers 6-9 months internships which attract students across the globe with excellent employment opportunities.

14. New Zealand Institute of Studies (NZIOS), Auckland

The College offers a tutorial session with full-time support on student learning, to ensure students gain a better understanding and high achievement on their studies. NZIOS maintains close links with government, leading corporates, and professional associations.

15. Royal Business College, Auckland

Royal Business College is ranked as a Category 1 Provider by the New Zealand Qualification Authority. The institute has a graduation rate of 93% which has led to a current employment success rate of 86%. The college offers a range of courses which is one of the most comprehensive in New Zealand and is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure relevance in today’s international workplace.

16. New Zealand School of Education, Auckland

NZSE has maintained over the years that its role is to help students discover their potential with small classes, outstanding student support, and individually tailored literacy. The institute aims to produce successful graduates with excellent educational experiences.

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