List of USA Colleges Offering Financial Aid for International Students

List of USA Colleges Offering Financial Aid for International Students

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International students are flocking to countries abroad to pursue higher education and, the maximum crowd goes to study in the USA. The US is one of the most preferred student destinations and there are numerous reasons why international students wish to study in the USA. With some of the good reasons to study in the USA, there also come with various drawbacks the major one being - funding education to study in the USA as an international student. Check out the list of USA colleges offering financial aid for international students.
List of USA Colleges Offering Financial Aid for International Students

Every year, the US spends USD 120 billion on funding education across US universities. In 2022-23, the average financial aid offered across US universities was recorded at USD 77,000. Whereas the highest financial aid offered to international students was reportedly USD 78,300. There are also universities in the US that have full scholarship options for international students and of course, partial tuition scholarships are available. 

While a lot of US universities may offer reasonable financial aid to international students, there may be a few that may reserve the funds for their domestic students only. This article will discuss US universities that offer financial aid and the possible funding options across these US universities as well for international students specifically.  

US Universities Offering Financial Aid to International Students Highlights

Total Universities Offering Financial Aid 260
Types of Financial Aids Offered Need-based, Merit-based, Need blind based and Athletics based
Financial Aid for International Students  Merit and Need-based
Types of Scholarships Full or Partial
Universities Offering Full Scholarships 50
Universities Offering Partial Scholarships 200
International Students Eligible for Federal Aid No
% Cost of Tuition Waived in Partial Funding 5% - 50%
Ivy League offers scholarships Yes

Why Choose US Universities Offering Financial Aid? 

Why international students should choose financial aid offered by US universities? The reason is based on the following five broad reasons: 

  • The cost of studying in the US is expensive, with financial aid the tuition costs can come down by at least 20%. 
  • Since a lot of US universities offer financial aid to international students, there may likely be a 50-60% chance that the student will get some funding through the college. 
  • The smaller the burden on studying costs in the US, the easier it will be to manage living costs in the USA
  • The financial aid at US universities in most cases is renewable, if not the costs are reimbursed at the end of the study period of the international students. 
  • Lastly, international students are eligible for a full tuition fee waiver in some cases, there is always an option for a partial tuition fee waiver. 


List of 100 US Universities Offering Financial Aid to International Students 

Various USA universities give financial aid to international students. The aid may vary depending on the type of scholarship the student may be eligible for. Some of the top 100 US universities that offer financial aid to international students are as follows: 

  1. Stanford University 
  2. Yale University 
  3. Princeton University 
  4. Columbia University 
  5. Brown University 
  6. Cornell University 
  7. New York University 
  8. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 
  9. Rice University 
  10. Stevens Institute of Technology 
  11. The University of Chicago 
  12. Johns Hopkins University 
  13. Rochester Institute of Technology 
  14. University of Dallas 
  15. Emory University 
  16. Florida Institute of Technology 
  17. Northwestern University 
  18. Northeastern University 
  19. Purdue University 
  20. Boston University 
  21. St Lawrence University 
  22. Brandeis University 
  23. Clark University 
  24. University of Rochester 
  25. DePaul University 
  26. Brandeis University
  27. University of Pennsylvania 
  28. Ohio State University 
  29. University of Cincinnati 
  30. University of Oregon 
  31. University of Portland 
  32. Drexel University 
  33. Lehigh University 
  34. Southern Methodist University 
  35. Villanova University 
  36. Texas Christian University 
  37. St Mary’s University, San Antonio 
  38. Northwood University 
  39. California Lutheran University 
  40. California State University San Bernardino 
  41. Dominican University of California 
  42. Notre Dame de Namur University 
  43. Pepperdine University 
  44. Drake University 
  45. University of Dubuque 
  46. University of San Diego 
  47. University of Southern California 
  48. University of Denver 
  49. Trinity University 
  50. University of Southern Indiana 
  51. State University of New York
  52. Valparaiso University 
  53. Naropa University 
  54. Tulane University 
  55. Quinnipiac University 
  56. Texas Wesleyan University
  57. University of Bridgeport 
  58. American University 
  59. Campbell University 
  60. Saint Louis University
  61. Catholic University of America 
  62. George Washington University 
  63. The University of Tampa 
  64. University of Central Florida 
  65. University of Miami 
  66. Illinois Wesleyan University 
  67. Ball State University 
  68. Butler University 
  69. Suffolk University 
  70. Grand Valley State University 
  71. University of Minnesota
  72. Minnesota State University Mankato 
  73. University of Nebraska 
  74. Washington University in St Louis 
  75. Webster University 
  76. Creighton University 
  77. Boston College 
  78. Drew University 
  79. Fairleigh Dickinson University 
  80. Western Oregon University
  81. New Mexico Highlands University 
  82. Clarkson University 
  83. Colgate University 
  84. Fordham University 
  85. Niagara University 
  86. Wittenberg University 
  87. Xavier University 
  88. The University of Tulsa 
  89. George Fox University 
  90. Marywood University 
  91. Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania 
  92. Widener University 
  93. Bryant University 
  94. Johnson & Wales University 
  95. Roger Williams University 
  96. Salve Regina University 
  97. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania 
  98. Amherst College 
  99. Bates College 
  100. Barnard College 

US Universities Giving Maximum Financial Aid to International Students 

With the financial aid crossing the USD 83,000 mark, it can be concluded that there is tough competition and yet international students prove their mettle by receiving the highest financial aid. The following table shows the universities and colleges of the US offering the average financial aid offered to international students in the academic year 2022-23: 

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US Universities 

Average Financial Aid Offered to International Students in 2022-23

Wesleyan University

USD 83,185

Wellesley College 

USD 82,892 

Haverford College 

USD 79,770 

Duke University 

USD 79,740

Dartmouth College 

USD 79,007

Williams College USD 78,624

Lee University & Washington University 

USD 78,588 

Vassar College 

USD 77,644 

Amherst College 

USD 71,655 

Georgetown University USD 76,211

Cornell University

USD 76,179

Stanford University

USD 76,000

Pitzer College

USD 75,157

Smith College 

USD 74,493 

Harvard University

USD 74,808

Pomona College

USD 73,926

Yale University

USD 73,573

Bowdoin College

USD 72,348

Vanderbilt University

USD 71,703

Skidmore College

USD 71,428

(Source: US News) 

Scholarships for international students in USA are available across all major universities and colleges. Mostly, merit-based scholarships are offered at US universities along with some universities offering need-based scholarships. Irrespective of the scholarship type, the majority of US universities offer financial aid to international students to study in the USA. 

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US Universities Offering Full Tuition Fee Waiver for International Students 

Full tuition fee waivers in US universities may sound difficult but there are scholarship options available at different levels of study which are offered to international students to cover their education costs. International students are eligible for scholarships offered at the following top US universities which cover their full tuition costs: 

  • Brandeis University 
  • Duke University 
  • Georgia University 
  • Case Western Reserve University 
  • Columbia University 
  • Swarthmore College 
  • Columbia College 

US universities do offer full scholarships to international students. Some of the scholarships that make international students eligible for a full tuition waiver scholarship across the following US universities are as follows: 

US University 

Scholarship Name 

Full / Partial Waiver 

Brandeis University 

The Wien International Scholarship  

Full Waiver 

Duke University 

Karsh International Scholarship 

Full Waiver 

Georgia University 

Foundation Fellowship 

Full Waiver 

Swarthmore College 

Swarthmore Scholarship Grant 

Full Waiver 


Special Scholarships 

Both full & partial waivers 

Columbia University 

Automatically selected 

Full Waiver 

Universities in USA for international students with scholarships attract maximum admissions too irrespective of their rankings. US universities that offer full scholarships to international students are not very large in number but around 20-30% of them offer season-to-season. Thus, these are also good options for students to go for. 

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To conclude, it can be said that since it's an expensive affair to study in the US as an international student, it is always better to go to those US universities where financial aid is available. The students will be eased off from the burden of the exuberant costs of studying in the US and will be helpful to whoever is sponsoring their education as well. 

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Financial Aid Offering US Universities FAQs

Q. Is it necessary that all international students get a financial aid from US universities?

A. No, it is not always necessary that international students get some financial aid. The competition is usually very tough and only a few percentage international students can get through. Thus, international students should have good reasons, proper paperwork and quality scholarship essays to prove their merit for getting financial aid. 

Q. Are all universities in USA for international students with scholarships?

A. No, not all universities in USA for international students offer scholarships. Students in this case can arrange for financial aid through external agencies which offer scholarships. International students can avail externally funded scholarships by submitting applications via there official websites. 

Q. Which universities in USA give full scholarships?

A. There are various US universities which give full scholarships to international students and they include:

  • Duke University
  • Yale University
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • University of Miami
  • University of Virginia
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