New Zealand Scholarships for Indian Students: Types, Eligible, Allowances

New Zealand Scholarships for Indian Students: Types, Eligible, Allowances

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Are you planning to study in New Zealand but facing financial issues to fund your higher studies? Well, here we have mentioned a list of scholarships for Indian students. With the help of this financial aid students can manage the cost of studying in New Zealand including tuition fee and other expenses.
Scholarships to study in New Zealand

Note: The scholarships mentioned below are from an earlier time when the article was published. Candidates are requested to check the latest rates before applying for scholarships for studying abroad. 

Students going to study in New Zealand for higher education are eligible for a wide range of scholarships through the New Zealand government, educational institutions, foreign governments, and private funding sources. These scholarship programs aim to share and reveal New Zealand's excellent education system with the rest of the world and bring the best academics from elsewhere to share their knowledge.

Scholarships in New Zealand can be availed at the tertiary level of education for various subjects. Students can acquire the information by contacting the provider directly or downloading application forms directly from the website. Listed below are some of the Scholarships available for international students in New Zealand:

Government-Funded Scholarships in New Zealand

There are three prominent scholarships that are government funded, and available for international students from their own countries. These scholarships are as follows:

Fulbright New Zealand General Graduate Awards

This scholarship is awarded to US students who have promising academic backgrounds willing to study in New Zealand. There are a total of 08 awards that are offered to such students and are awarded NZD 35,000 as the grant amount annually. The students can pursue either postgraduate or research-level degree programs. These scholarships are offered to those US students who haven't applied for this scholarship previously. More details related to eligibility and the application process can be found at: Fulbright New Zealand General Graduate Awards

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New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship (NZIDRS)

This scholarship is offered and funded by the New Zealand Government and is administered by Education New Zealand. The New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) are a significant educational opportunity for students.

Recipients of this scholarship are selected based on Academic Merit. NZIDRS provides full tuition fees, plus living and other allowances for successful applicants. The scholarship also includes:

  • Full tuition fees for three years of full-time doctoral study 
  • ND 25,000 per annum living allowance (NZD 2,083.33 per month)
  • Up to NZD 600 annual health insurance allowance 
  • NZD 2,000 (across 3-year tenure) travel allowance. This is intended to be used for conference attendance and field research 
  • NZD 800 (across 3-year tenure) book and thesis allowance 
  • NZD 500 one-off establishment allowance. Only to be paid to those students who are travelling to NZ specifically to take up the NZIDRS. No student already located in NZ is eligible to receive this amount.

New Zealand International Undergraduate Fees Scholarships

An acronym for NZIUFS, this scholarship provides financial assistance to eligible international students in the form of full-time tuition fees i.e. for a maximum of 6 semesters only, up to 360 points. However, the scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Up to 28 scholarships a year are awarded to students undertaking undergraduate study in New Zealand. As a matter of fact, these scholarships can be availed by the citizens of targeted countries only like Asia and Latin America.

For the scholarship, students are required to submit applications to the chosen agency in their country of citizenship. The closing date for this first stage is set by the home country. After this, the agency then recommends candidates to Education New Zealand (ENZ) which makes the final selection. Nominations are due at ENZ in late April each year.

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Commonwealth Scholarships:

Commonwealth scholarships are a part of NZAID scholarships advanced to international students in New Zealand. Also known as the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP), this scholarship is an international program under which member governments offer scholarships and fellowships to citizens of other Commonwealth countries. One of the largest and most prestigious scholarship schemes for international study in the world, it was set up at the first Commonwealth education conference in 1959 and is reviewed by education ministers at their triennial meeting. Besides this, it is the one and only scholarship in the world to receive such high-level recognition.

Candidates to whom these Commonwealth Scholarships are awarded can only study at the listed below universities in New Zealand:

As a matter of fact, New Zealand offers Commonwealth Scholarships for Master and PhD studies. In case Indian students do not qualify for a scholarship to support their education in New Zealand, they can also check other Funding Sources to Support Education in New Zealand.

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