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The placement rate of City University of London, touches 98%, the number of undergraduates who were placed were 6,500+ and more than 2,300+ postgraduates were placed. The overall average salary was recorded at £34,000 and around 11.2% of the students were recorded to have pursued higher studies after grad or postgrad. Those who were interested in pursuing higher education were given enrollment in top universities of the UK like - University of SurreyLondon Business School, etc. along with the City University of London.

City, University of London Class Profile

There were 19,975 students admitted by City University of London. The following are the basic calculations for understanding the batch profile, read on the table below for more details: 





Enrollment Stats 

Full-time (including sandwich) 












Age-Wise Enrollment Stats 

















Under 18 









European Union 




Non - European Union 




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City, University of London Placements for Top Courses

There are 05 schools and departments of study at City University of London and some of the popular courses include - Economics, Management, Law and Engineering. The following section discusses the course wise placement details for the graduates and post graduates of City University, London. 

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The following data reveals the placement outcomes of Postgraduate Economics courses taught at City, University of London:

  • PG Economics – Average Salary: The average annual salary, for students who have pursued PG Economics from the City, University of London stood at £42,419
  • PG Economics – Graduate Level Employment: Graduate Level Employment for the PG Economics students of City, University of London stood at 95.8%
  • PG Economics – Job Titles: Job titles for PG Economics students include Clinical Pharmacist, Economist, Market Access Manager, Senior Analyst, Senior Energy Consultant, and Senior Health Economist
  • PG Economics – Top Recruiters: Top recruiters for PG Economics students include HM Treasury, Investec, NHS, NICE, National Institute for Clinical Excellence, and The World Bank

International Politics

The following data provides an in-depth information into the placement scenario for International Politics offered at City, University of London:

  • PG International Politics – Average Salary: The average annual salary for PG International Politics students stood at £27,789
  • PG International Politics - Graduate Level Employment: Graduate Level Employment for PG International Politics students of City, University of London was 57.1%
  • PG International Politics – Job Titles: Some of the job titles for PG International Politics students were Communications Officer, Freelance Writer, Journalist / Investigative Journalist / Producer, Public Affairs Consultant, Senior Risk Management Officer, and Vice President of Operations
  • PG International Politics – Top Recruiters: Some of the top recruiters for PG International Politics of City, University of London were European Union, Prime Minister's Office, UK Home Office, etc.


The following data will in gauging the placement details of LLM Law students at City, University of London:

  • LLM Law – Average Salary: Average annual salary for LLM students stood at
  • LLM Law - Graduate Level Employment: Graduate Level Employment for LLM Law students stood at a whopping 100%
  • LLM Law - Job Titles: Some of the job titles include Attorney, Chief Legal Officer, Claims Analyst, Corporate Lawyer, Criminal Law Teacher, Judge, Lawyer, and Paralegal
  • LLM Law - Top Recruiters: Top law firms that recruited LLM Law graduates of City, University of London include Baker Mckenzie, The Council of Judges and Prosecutors (Turkey), Danish Refugee Council, Denning Law School (Karachi), Michael Damianos & Co LLC (Cyprus), PwC Bosnia and Herzegovina, T&C Law Firm (China), and The Crown Prosecution Service

International Business

Placement data of students who have pursued International Business from City, University of London is provided in the information below:

  • International Business – Average Salary: Students who have pursued International Business from City, University of London bagged an average annual salary of £29,188
  • International Business – Graduate Level Employment: International Business students saw a Graduate Level Employment of 75%
  • International Business – Job Titles: Some of the job titles for International Business students include Associate, Associate auditor, Business Analyst, Commercial Specialist, Global Acquisition Finance – Analyst, International Business Manager, Operations Assistant, Risk analyst, and Strategy Analyst
  • International Business – Top Recruiters: Top recruiters that hired the International Business students were Accenture, Armada, Bank of Ireland, China Futures Company, Galaxy Tiles and marbles, General Electric Renewable Energy, KPMG, Morgan Stanley, and Toll Group

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering students’ placement data can be understood from the points given below:

  • Structural Engineering – Average Salary: The average annual salary for students who pursued Structural Engineering from City, University of London stood at £31,192
  • Structural Engineering – Graduate Level Employment: Graduate Level Employment for Structural Engineering course was 81.3%
  • Structural Engineering – Job Titles: Some of the job titles for Structural Engineering students include Assistant Project Engineer, Building Control Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Graduate Bridge Engineer, Land Surveyor, Site Engineer, and Structural Engineer
  • Structural Engineering – Top Recruiters: Some of the top recruiters were Align JV, Arcadis, Arup, Callidus Survey Ltd, Chaifactory Ltd, Glanville Consultants, KRM Unified Consultants, Pell Frischmann, and Rodrigues Associates

City, University of London Internship Opportunities

There are different types of internship opportunities available for students of City University London, read on for more details:  

Temporary & Part-time Work:  

Unitemps is a part of City, University of London which helps recent graduates or its students in earning while working, that is through paid internships. The following achievements were recorded: 

  • City, University of London students and graduates earned over £943,423 working through Unitemps. 
  • Over 3,366 new candidates signed up to Unitemps, City Branch for placements. 
  • Over 5,149 job assignments were filled through Unitemps for the year 2017-18.  
  • 80% and above roles were filled by City students and graduates only. 
  • Nearly £2.5 million in revenue was generated for one year. 
  • Around 1,221 students have worked at least once for Unitemps in their respective academic years. 

Student Volunteering: 

You can boost your employment chances by developing new skills through volunteering with our Community Volunteering Service at Recent volunteers have worked with a broad range of organisations, both on and off campus. Once you’ve completed a placement, we will help you articulate your newly found skills on your cv and during interviews. 

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City, University of London Benefits of Getting On-Campus Placement

A placement at City University of London is beneficial because it helps students in: 

  • Chance to earn while studying - Students are paid up to £25,000 or more. 
  • Help in developing new skills - Placements offer on the job learning and training that will help enhance your skill-set and add to your CV 
  • Enhancing employability 
  • Improving your academic performance 
  • Getting an opportunity to gain insight into an organisation or industry without long-term obligations. 
  • With the gained professional experience students may be able to enter an organisation at a higher level upon study completion. 
  • Developing a network of professional contacts while completing project work in the final year of study. 

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City, University of London Placement FAQs 

Q. How was the graduate outcomes survey accepted from graduates of City University?

A. City University graduates accepted the results of the graduate outcomes survey within 15 months of the students’ graduation. The survey is collected online only. Moreover, the Graduate Outcomes Survey gathered data is reflected in Key Information Set (KIS) publication and national University League Tables. The data can help the student take informed decisions about the course they wish to pursue. It will also help them decide whether a particular university is apt for that course or not. Along with the average salary, students must also look at Graduate Level Employment.

Q. What is the average salary of Engineering graduates of City University, London?

A. The following are the average salaries of Engineering graduates of City University of London:
  • Civil Engineering: £23,854 
  • Biomedical Engineering: £21,333 
  • Mechanical Engineering: £22,700
  • Structural Engineering: £31,192

Q. What is the placement scenario of Business Studies course for undergraduate students?

A. When we talk about the placement scenario of Business Studies undergraduate students, we need to look into the following information:
  • Average Salary: £47,127
  • Top Recruiters: American Express, APQ Global, Centuro Global, Danske Bank, KPMG, Stockdale Martin, The Feminist Library, and W.Media
  • Job Titles: Analyst, Business Development Associates, Business Strategy Analyst, Ecommerce management, Marketing Executive, and Sales and Marketing Associate
  • Graduate Level Employment: 81.3%
  • Positive Outcome: 87.5%

Q. How many Project Management, Finance and Risk postgraduates of City University of London pursued higher studies?

A. Around 15.4% % of Data Science students were enrolled for higher studies. In addition, 84.6% of the students were employed. Some other details of the Project Management, Finance and Risk course are given below:
  • Average Salary: £32,572
  • Top recruiters: Balfour Beattie, CICC, GOIL Offshore, OCO Global, and Turner and Townsend
  • Graduate Level Employment: 100%

Q. What were the graduate outcomes for Criminology postgraduates of City University, London?

A. As per the graduate outcomes survey, the following results were compiled for graduates of Criminology & Criminal Justice at City, University of London:
  • Employed: 61.5% 
  • Employed and further study: 7.7% 
  • Further study: 7.7% 
  • Other: 15.4%
  • Unemployed: 7.7%

Q. Which of the employers are common for offering placements to students of City, University of London?

A. There are a couple of common employers who recruited graduates of City University London in the year - Capgemini, NHS, HSBC, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Royal Bank of Canada, Turner and Townsend, GOIL Offshore, Balfour Beattie, Ernst and young LLP, Bloomberg, Ever Bright Bank, Mirae Asset Global Investments, Higgs Assets Management, just to name a few.

Q. I wish to pursue Banking and International Finance from City, University of London. Can you give me some information that will help me make a decision?

A. The following placement information will help you know about the placement scenario of Banking and International Finance course from City, University of London:
  • Course Outcome: Employed (77.23%), Employed and Further study (18.25%), Further study (4.51%)
  • Average annual salary: £35,722
  • Recruiters: China Merchants Bank, Ernest Young, HSBC, JP Morgan, KPMG, Lloyds of London, Mulberry Company Ltd, NatWest, and Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP
  • Graduate Level Employment: 91.7%

Q. What is the Micro-Placements Programme at City, University of London?

A. Micro-Placements Programme, offered at City, University of London, allows students to explore those careers that are different from the ones they would have gotten in line with their degree. The program involves short summer placements and intends to provide the students with a real-life experience to business environment. The programme is basically a 15-credit elective module. The placements that are offered, are for 140 hours spanning across at least 4 weeks. In addition to this, there is availability of a means-tested MPP Hardship Bursary.

Q. Does City, University of London provide any career opportunity for students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship?

A. Yes. City, University of London does provide support to its students who wish to pursue entrepreneurship. Students will be pleased to know that City, University of London was ranked 7th in UK for graduate startup investment. City also has an incubator and accelerator space named as the Launch Lab. In addition to all this, CityVentures provides for events, advice and opportunities for the budding entrepreneurs. Students can avail coaching, mentorship, and training sessions that will help them embark on their entrepreneurial journey.

Q. Does City, University of London provide any career support to its alumni?

A. As an alumni of City, University of London, you will receive many benefits. One of the benefits include access to Career Services. This includes access to CareersHub and Unitemps. These portals help the alumni find relevant jobs and internships. In addition, City, University of London alumni can also avail City's Professional Mentoring Scheme that provides one-to-one mentoring relationship. The scheme provides for approximately 400 mentoring pairs per annum. Alumni can also access City’s Business Services that include academic expertise, continuing professional development and state-of-the-art technical facilities, etc.

Q. I am pursuing Civil Engineering from City, University of London. Where are my chances of getting placed?

A. Civil Engineering students of City, University of London, are recruited mainly by civil engineering consultancies. The nature of organizations might be:
  • Environment Agency (EA)
  • property developers
  • local authorities
  • government agencies and departments
  • transport infrastructure companies
Moreover, as the course progresses and as students get internship opportunities, they will get more clarity as to which sub-field of Civil Engineering they wish to pursue.

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