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MIT University Acceptance Rate 2024: Trends, Enrollment Data

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MIT University Admissions
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Regarded as the #1 Global University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. More than 150 years old, MIT is globally renowned for its excellence in research and technology, making it a global leader. Students across the globe apply for MIT admissions. However, only a fraction of candidates secure enrollment due to the extremely competitive nature of the institute.

When it comes to real-world benefitting research, 27 companies were formed using the MIT intellectual property. The total licensing revenue of MIT partnerships with the industry stands at USD 87.4 Million.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is home to more than 60 music, theater, visual arts, writing, and dance groups. There are also possess 12 museums and galleries on campus, along with over 60 public works of art.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Acceptance Rate 2024

Massachusetts Institute of Technology boasts an inclusive community of students from all around the globe and diverse backgrounds. For the class of 2027, MIT received over 26,000 applications. However, only about 1,300 candidates enrolled in the institute for their higher education. Thus, it can be concluded that with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology acceptance rate of merely 4.8%, the institute is extremely competitive to get into.



Application Received


Admitted Students


Admitted Students from waiting list


Acceptance Rate


MIT Acceptance Rate for International Students

A total of 5,889 international students applied for MIT courses for the class of 2027. Out of them, only 120 students were granted admission, making the MIT acceptance rate for international students stand at 2%.



International Application Received


Admitted International Students


Acceptance Rate


In the academic year 2022-23, the total count of MIT international students is recorded to be 3,465. The undergraduate student body of MIT comprises 513 international students. Whereas, the graduate body is made up of 2,952 overseas audiences.

When it comes to the regional breakdown, the majority of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology international students are from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and more.


Percentage of Overseas Students





Latin America and the Caribbean


North America


Middle East






MIT Acceptance Rate Trends

Lately, the acceptance rate of MIT has plummeted in comparison to the previous years. For the class of 2027, 2026 and 2025, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology acceptance rate stood at 4.8%, 3.9% and 4%, respectively. Whereas, for the class of 2024, it was recorded to be at 7.2%.

The number of students applying to MIT has significantly increased in the past few years. For the class of 2027, MIT received a total of 26,914 applications, out of which 1,291 students managed to secure admission to the university. When we talk about the Class of 2024, 20,075 candidates applied to the university and 1,457 out of them were granted admission.

Class of

Number of Applications Received

Number of Students Accepted

MIT Acceptance Rate





















MIT Early Action Vs Regular Action Acceptance Rate

Every year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology admits international students through Early Action as well as Regular Action. Usually, the institute’s early action acceptance rate is higher in comparison to the regular decision acceptance rate. Early action allows applicants to apply to an institute earlier than regular decisions.

For the class of 2027, MIT received 11,924 applications for the Early Action intake. Out of these, about 685 applications were accepted, making the MIT Early Action acceptance rate stand at 5.7%. Also, the rest of the applicants were deferred to Regular Action.

When it comes to the Regular Action intake, 14,990 candidates applied to the University of Pennsylvania. When combined with the Early Action deferred entries, the total number of applicants was 22,882. With merely 574 students getting admitted, the MIT Regular Action acceptance rate has been recorded at about 3.8%.

Class of

MIT Early Action Acceptance Rate

MIT Regular Action Acceptance Rate
















Why is it hard to get into MIT? 

There are a couple of reasons why MIT acceptance rate has consistently become competitive year-over-year. Give below are some of the top reasons . Let us check these reasons out:

  • More than 7,800+ applications were deferred to the next admission intake of MIT from Early Action to Regular Action, hence the overburdening resulting in low acceptance rates.
  • Since MIT is not an Ivy League school, the admit rates are equally challenging for students applying to this top-ranking US university.
  • With so many applications being submitted at MIT, the acceptance rates are likely to fall because only a certain number of students can be enrolled at the University.
  • Despite low enrollments, there also has to be a provision for waitlists, hence admit rates have been recorded at an all-time low, especially in 2023.

With the lowest acceptance rates, MIT has been ranked at #1st and #5th position, in QS World Ranking 2024 and THE Universities Ranking 2023


MIT Admission Requirements for International Students

To secure admission, all overseas applicants must fulfil certain MIT admission requirements for international students, which are listed below:

MIT Average GPA, SAT & ACT Scores

To secure admission to MIT, Indian applicants must have a high SAT/ACT score and GPA. Candidates should aim to have at least:

  • SAT score of 1570; OR
  • ACT score of 36.

Tips to get selected for MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology takes a holistic approach when it comes to admissions. MIT admits students based on their academic qualifications and how well they meet the admission requirements. However, they prioritize and care deeply about factors like how well they match with the institute’s vision. MIT admits people, not numbers. Hence, it is necessary to have good values, contribute to society and work towards the welfare in the real world while scoring exceptional grades throughout the academic life.

MIT Acceptance Rate Vs Stanford University Acceptance Rate

Stanford University acceptance rate of 3.9% makes it one of the most competitive global universities to get into. Compared to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology acceptance rate of 4.8%, Stanford is considered to be more selective in its admission process.

Stanford University admissions are very selective and students must be an all-rounder to get admitted for pursuing their higher studies. Candidates who are excellent in academics, as well as activities outside class, are more likely to secure admission.

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MIT University

Q:   How can I get into MIT from India?


MIT is one of the most selective schools in the world. With an acceptance rate of 4.8%, it is very difficult to secure admission here. So, one needs to have an excellent profile to get into MIT. Indian students applying to MIT need to submit the following documents.


Q:   Is it hard to get into The Massachusetts Institute of Technology?


MIT acceptance rate is just 4%. With such a low acceptance rate 4%, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is extremely selective in admissions. MIT attracts students from every corner of the world, each year thousands of international students apply for various courses at MIT. However, very few get the chance to study at MIT due to the very competitive admission process, hence it is very hard to get into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Q:   How can I apply to The Massachusetts Institute of Technology as an international student?


Each year thousands of students from across the United States and around the world apply to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for various programs. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a number of bachelor’s and master’s programs to international students.  International students applying for undergraduate programs at MIT can apply online through the “MIT Portal”. However, international students applying for graduate programs can apply online through “Gradapply” except for MIT Sloan School of Management.


Q:   How do I increase my chances of getting into MIT?


Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the topmost university in the world and is highly selective when it comes to admissions. MIT takes a holistic approach for admissions, hence students students must be at the top of their class to study here. Also, they excel in activities outside class in order to enhances their chances of getting admitted in the university for their higher studies. In order to increase the chances of getting into MIT, here are some factors that students must consider:

  • Focus on academic scores;
  • Prepare for the standardized tests (if applicable) and English language proficiency tests ;
  • Create a strong online application;
  • Get involved in extracurricular activities;
  • Get recommendation letters; and
  • Write brilliant application essays.

Q:   Is MIT better than Harvard?


MIT and Harvard are the top-ranked universities in the world. They are known for their quality education and excellent research opportunities. Massachusetts Institute of Technology admissions is counted as the technology powerhouse of the US, as it focuses on STEM  (science, math, engineering, and technology) courses. Whereas, Harvard is known for offering a wide array of sciences and liberal arts programs. It is difficult to get into both MIT and Harvard, as the acceptance rate of both colleges is quite low. MIT has an acceptance rate of 4.8%, whereas, Harvard University has an acceptance rate of 3.4%. Therefore, it depends on your and the program you want to study at any of these universities.

Check out details for Harvard University Admissions here


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