7 Top Reasons to Study in New Zealand

7 Top Reasons to Study in New Zealand

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Aishwarya Bhatnagar
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top reasons to study in new zealand

If you are wondering whether New Zealand is the right destination to study for you to pursue further studies, doubt no more. New Zealand is fast becoming the first choice of international students who wish to get quality education at an affordable cost. Here we outline some of the main reasons why the international student population in New Zealand has grown tremendously in recent years. New Zealand is the fifth most preferred country to study abroad among international students apart from the top countries like the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

More than 30,000+ students have got admission across different universities in New Zealand in 2021 and the number of students applying for admission has crossed the 10 million mark. Thus, there is a great demand for high-skilled workers in New Zealand, which is another reason why so many international students are interested in studying in New Zealand. This article classifies the broad reasons which are responsible for attracting a huge number of international students. 

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Reasons to Study in New Zealand

There are numerous reasons why international students choose to study in New Zealand, be it for its scenic beauty, its top-ranking courses and universities, lower costs of studying, wide options of scholarships and many more. Apart from the already mentioned, there are top seven reasons to study in New Zealand. They are as follows: 

Broad Opportunities for Study and Research

The eight institutions that make up the university system in New Zealand, are located across the two main islands, the North and the South. This distribution gives students a chance to pursue opportunities in study and culture. Although all the New Zealand universities offer degrees in the arts, business, and science, each college also has its own niche and distinct courses to offer. Read about: Introduction to Education System in New Zealand

Courses at New Zealand universities are offered at various levels of:

  • Certificate and/or Diploma
  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate coursework
  • Postgraduate research
  • Doctoral or research

It is a known fact that there is ample scope for research and PhD scholars are offered every possible help monetarily and academically to conduct their research. Read about some of the Best Courses Offered in New Zealand for Indian Students.

Quality Learning Experience

New Zealand's university system is research-based as it is based on the British education model. This means there are a lot of similarities between the two systems, such as the teaching methods. The fact India also follows the British education system makes it easier for Indian students to adjust. The academic staff is expected to be researchers as well as teachers. This ensures a high-quality learning experience. New Zealand Vice-Chancellors' Committee, the universities' representative body, has legal responsibility for course approval and moderation.

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Globally Accepted Qualifications

The education offered at all universities of New Zealand is recognised and has been ranked by Times Higher Education (THE), ARWU (Shanghai Ranking), QS World University Ranking and US News & World Report. The courses that are offered at the universities of New Zealand are authorised by NZQA and NZQF levels

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Easy Entry Requirements

Unlike many other countries, New Zealand universities do not have a lot of competition to get admitted for a university degree. That is because the New Zealand government has invested heavily in higher education over the years. Because of that, New Zealand universities have more capacity than the number of students. Students with moderate grades can get entry into most Bachelor's degree programs easily. Hence the entry requirements are minimal compared to most of the top universities in the world.

A Great Place to Live & Study 

International students are welcomed warmly in New Zealand society for the cultural diversity they bring and their contribution to the economy. New Zealander citizens are well-travelled and are interested in people from other cultures, so international students feel more welcome. Campuses have students from all across the globe studying together. Students come from Europe, South East Asia, the UK, and Asia, among many others.

Affordable Cost of Living & Studying

The cost of living in New Zealand is comparatively lower in comparison to Australia, food is easily available at reasonable prices and a wide variety of student accommodation options. Public transport is also moderately priced, offering easy access to rivers, lakes, forests and beaches for the recreational opportunities they provide. Whereas the cost of studying in New Zealand varies between NZD 6,500 to NZD 40,000 depending upon the type, of course, the student is enrolled into.

The cost of studying in New Zealand is the lowest for doctoral programs followed by post-graduate programs and undergraduate programs. The most expensive courses in New Zealand for international students can be graduate diplomas or diploma and certificate courses. Those students who are looking for funding sources to support their education in New Zealand can easily find it too.

Ample Job Opportunities

With the green list of occupations in New Zealand kicking in after the pandemic, the hope for a full-time opportunity and PR has been announced for international students. There are around 85 jobs listed on this list which is a gateway to offering over 21,000 jobs to qualified and skilled professionals. 

In terms of part-time time work options in New Zealand, students studying across New Zealand universities are free to work part-time. The part-time work duration has increased from 30 hours in a fortnight to 40 since there is a shortage of skilled labourers in New Zealand. On average, a student can easily earn NZD 43 in a week.

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To conclude, New Zealand is renowned for its naturally beautiful landscapes and the adventurous activities they offer. The best thing is that all this is easily accessible from all eight universities in the country. Even though you will be there as a student, if you ever want to spend weekends and holidays exploring the country, you will have endless options to do so in whatever way you want. New Zealand offers great options for adventure sports and hiking etc.

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Praveen P

4 years ago

Is there a Masters Degree in Information Technology in NZ with 1 year duration? I am a Science Graduate from Mumbai and want to pursue masters in NZ.

Reply to Praveen P

Swameeka Medhi

4 years ago

Hi Praveen, options are very few, most MS programs are of 1.5 to 16 months or maximum 2 years. However, see here https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/new-zealand/ms-in-it-networking-colleges-ds


Karaj Bhangu

5 years ago

I completed my 12th in non medical stream ànd now i apply for newzealand is cookery bakery course possible for me..

Reply to Karaj Bhangu

Hello I’ve completed my Bachelors based on chemistry and now I want to do my masters in New Zealand.My CGPA is 7.5 and IELTS score is 6.0 but my High School score is too much low (39%) so can i get successfully admission in any New Zealand Universities?

Reply to Gaurav Chovatiya

Momin Showkat

5 years ago

I have completed my bachelors in CSE and now i am plaaning to do my masters in newzealand .I want to do masters in bussiness management can u tell me about job opportunities in newzealand

Reply to Momin Showkat

7 years ago

Hello, I am currently pursuing my undergraduation program in CS from mumbai university. Cgpa- 6.51. I want to pursue masters in Nz. Do i stand chances in top universities there for courses like international management?

Reply to

Yep. Check out Otago University. I am planning for the same university.