Degree in Psychology from Abroad: Top Universities, Eligibility

Degree in Psychology from Abroad: Top Universities, Eligibility

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Rahul Singha
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Origin and Scope of Psychology in India & Abroad: Psychology is the scientific study of mind, behaviour, and thought processes. In the case of India, psychology as a discipline traces its origin to the year 1916 when it was introduced at Calcutta University. But with many foreign universities offering this course at a reasonable cost, students are aiming to move abroad. Let us look at the world's top institutions offering psychology courses and other related details.
Degree in Psychology from Abroad

There are various branches of psychology that attract students; these include Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, etc. The scope of psychology in India and abroad is tremendous when it comes to research and placements. Moreover, when we talk about the scope of psychology in India and abroad, we must look at the salaries of psychologists in various countries. The points given below will provide you with an estimate:

  • The average salary of a psychologist in Canada is $104,096 per year. The entry-level positions yield $86,512 per year, whereas experienced lot earn up to $127,765 yearly. (Source: ca.talent). Read more about the top psychology courses in Canada.
  • Experienced psychologists earn around £60,734 per year in the UK and the average salary of a psychologist is £47,998 per year. (Source: uk.talent)
  • The average salary of a psychologist in the US is $96,657 per year (Source:
  • The average salary of a psychologist in Australia is $105,884 per year (Source: au.talent)
  • The annual average salary of a psychologist in India is INR 410,000 or INR 164 per hour. Those at the entry-level positions earn around INR 246,000 per year and the experienced lot make up to INR 720,000 annually. (Source: in.talent)

Psychology Career: It is important to know what can one do with a psychology degree. A career in psychology may involve setting up own clinics, working in hospitals, educational institutions, NGOs, corporations, etc. Some of the job roles related to psychology include psychotherapist, social worker, educational psychologist, counsellor, rehabilitation counsellor, etc.

BSc Psychology Eligibility: Psychology as a subject has gained momentum over the past few years. With new career opportunities opening in the domestic markets, more and more students are now eyeing universities abroad for a degree in Psychology that would help them get the edge.

Being studied for a long time, Psychology has been appreciated as a subject by reputed global universities. While the subject was not given much significance in India, research on the subject has left a lot to be desired. Though many Indian Universities are catching up to the demand for young Psychologists and opening up the domain, students still look abroad to embellish their qualifications with a stint overseas.

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If you are planning to study psychology abroad as a career beyond academia, you must be interested in looking up courses abroad. Here’s a quick look at what all kinds of abroad degrees are offered in Psychology and which top universities offer the same.

Is Psychology Science or Social Science?

Interestingly enough, Psychology as a subject borders on the life and social sciences. While understanding the human mind is deeply rooted in science, the fact remains that behaviours are also governed by the society we live in. As such, the study of Psychology relates to studying both sciences as well as an understanding of social sciences.

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BSc Psychology Eligibility

Study Psychology Abroad: Ideally, if you are looking for a bachelor’s degree in Psychology abroad, then you need to have two things — a strong understanding of Science and Mathematics as well as a broad view and base in social sciences. There is yet no definitive requirement as such.

For undergraduate studies, the requirement in knowledge would be broadly categorized by the kind of degree the university is offering. For instance, a BA or Bachelor of Arts would ideally accept a student with a foundation in Arts and Humanities while a BSc or Bachelor of Science in Psychology would ideally look for Science subjects – Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Psychology from Abroad

Masters in Psychology Eligibility

On the contrary, if you are looking for a master’s degree in Psychology abroad, then all you need is an acceptable bachelor’s degree and a strong Statement of Purpose  proving your desire to study Psychology, especially if you are about to change your stream.

For a master’s program, while in India many universities might simplify and request for a previous degree in Psychology, Universities abroad may not be that selective. A bachelor’s degree in Arts or Science might make you eligible. This however would vary from programme to programme and university to university.

Psychology from Abroad
Often, universities might ask you to write a  GRE Subject Test or mention if a background in Sciences or Psychology is mandatory. Irrespective, the master’s programme in Psychology is highly sought after and students with a broad skill set in Social Sciences with a strong academic background in Science and Mathematics have a better chance.

For PhD in Science in Psychology abroad, a good GRE score along with an IELTS or TOEFL score, you may land in good abroad colleges that also offer scholarships.

Psychology Abroad – Programme Structure and Length

The length and eligibility of a programme depend upon three factors:

Psychology from Abroad
However, to get a general idea or an overview of the programme length, refer to the table below:

Type of Degree

Length of Programme

Structure of Programme

Bachelors in Psychology (BSc Psychology)

3-4 years

Strong Foundation

Masters in Psychology

2-3 years


PhD in Psychology

3 years


Typically, a 3-4 years long undergraduate programme in Psychology would help you develop a strong base to understand Psychology as a subject. A 2-3 years master’s degree, on the other hand, would help you specialise in Psychology. Some of the master’s subjects would be based on research. A PhD in Psychology is a three-year purely research-based degree, which also requires its applicants to have a sound background in Psychology.

Top Universities for Psychology Abroad

Here’s a list of the best schools for psychology in the world:

Name of the University QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023: Psychology QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022: Psychology

Harvard University

Cambridge, United States

#1 #1

University of Oxford

Oxford, United Kingdom

#2 #3

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom

#3 #4

Stanford University

Stanford, United States

#4 #2


London, United Kingdom

#5 #7

Yale University

New Haven, United States

#6 #8

Columbia University

New York City, United States

#7 #12

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, United States

#8 #13

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Los Angeles, United States

#9 #6

University of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#10 #9

(Source: QS World University Rankings)

Apart from the US and the UK, universities in other famous study-abroad destinations such as Germany and Australia also need special mention. On the whole, many German universities feature in the list of the world’s top 200 for bachelor's courses in Psychology.

Check out the list of Australian Universities for pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology here.

Adding the Asian flavour to the list are universities in Singapore that also feature, some in the Top 50. So, if unravelling the mysteries of the mind excites you, then you can start looking at these universities abroad and find the perfect programme for you.

To check your chances of getting enrolled into these universities, simply click on the Rate My Chances button and get an idea as to where you stand in terms of eligibility. Check out how the RMC option works for you.

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what would be cost of studying Bachelors in psychology abroad are there any scholarships

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You will have to get in touch with a career counsellor who will be able to guide you better in this aspect.


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Well, i want to apply for scholarship for bachelors in psychology in foreign(out of india) after completing 12th in 'humanities'. what colleges give chances to scholarship students/ conduct scholarship programs..?

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Hello, study abroad aspirant. You can check out a comprehensive list of study abroad scholarships here: You can also get in touch with our Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellors for assistance with university admissions here:




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Thank you, for your kind words.

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