MIS vs Computer Science: Which is a better choice?

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Students often get confused between MIS and Computer Science. There is a close relationship between MIS and Computer Science, as both the courses are related to technology and this makes it difficult for a student to pick one out of these two options. While Computer Science has mostly to do with computation and developing and testing software, MIS is mainly related to developing technology which brings about a change in the lives of people. Though they differ greatly, yet there is one common aim between CS and MIS which is to work in and around technology and make people's lives slightly easier.

There is a great scope for CS and MIS, these are some of the top courses opted for by both domestic and international students at large. Around 280 universities offer MS in Computer Science and over 140 universities offer MIS courses in the world. Students stuck between making a choice between Computer Science and MIS courses to study abroad can go through this article and understand the core difference between MIS and Computer Science. 

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What is Computer Science (CS)?

Computer science which is also called software engineering is an area concerned with the creation of programs that operates the working of computer systems. In other words, Computer Science focuses more on technology and technical skills. It specifically deals with creating programs that help computer systems work. While studying Computer Science, students will learn about operating systems, database systems, and programming languages. Computer science graduates are responsible for writing the code to build a database management system or create an operating system or program for a mobile device. Their job is to make software applications perform to their fullest and maintain quality.

Computer Science graduates study math and science courses in their curriculum. Computer Science graduates often work as software developers. The USA is considered one of the top destinations for studying Computer Science. Studying Computer Science in the USA will definitely give you an edge in your career.


What is Management Information Systems (MIS)?

MIS is also known as Computer Information Systems. An MIS degree is more application-oriented and focuses on solution delivery and implementation as compared to Computer Science. MIS graduates also learn to program, however, they are more concerned with designing a database system that is built as per the need of the business.

MIS majors often take business and accounting courses in order to know how a business runs. They apply all their knowledge effectively to help businesses grow. MIS graduates learn database management, web development, business analytics, and programming.

Some people also confuse it with an MBA, however, there is a huge difference between MBA and MIS, and one should always one which course one wants to pursue ahead. Considering the huge demand for MIS graduates, there are plenty of job prospects for those pursuing an MS in MIS.

Both CS and MIS graduates can also pursue a major in information technology or work in this field. Information technology is concerned with support and networking. Here, they are responsible for maintaining and working on computers.

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MIS vs CS – Which is a better choice?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that employment in Computer and Information Technology occupations is expected to grow by 15% from 2021 to 2031. As a result of this increase, there will be about 682,000 new jobs over the decade. People who like working with others so that they could identify and solve problems, and who like to manage projects might consider pursuing MIS. On the other hand, those who prefer programming and learning the mechanics of technology and its applications in a commercial setting may consider pursuing Computer Science.

Difference between Computer Science and Management Information Systems (MIS)

To understand the difference between MIS and Computer Science, let us have a look at the visual comparison between the two provided below.

Parameters of Difference

Computer Science (CS)

Management Information Systems (MIS)


Computer Science as a course is technology driven

MIS tends to focus more on business application

Core Skill Development

Computer Science graduates study courses that are focused on technology

MIS students study the courses which help them solve the business problems


CS graduates are the ones who create technology better

MIS professionals use technology to grow businesses

Course Structure

Computer Science deals with coding and maths

MIS is all about solving business needs using coding and IT


CS graduates focus on building systems

MIS graduates look after solutions and implementation

Task CS prepares students for Engineering and software roles

MIS prepares students for business and industry

Core Learnings

CS graduates learn operating systems, database systems, and program languages

MIS graduates learn business development and accounting

Both CS and MIS professionals often work as part of the information technology department and support each other in carrying out their responsibilities.

Career Options after MIS & Computer Science

In the US, the average salary for MS in Management Science and Engineering in the USA is $78,900 whereas the average salary for an individual after completing an MS in MIS degree will be around $92,000 per year. The average salary of a Computer Scientist in the US will be around $82,209 per year.

Popular job roles for Computer Science graduates

  • Software Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Information Security Analyst

Popular job roles for MIS graduates

  • Business Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Technology Analyst
  • Web Developer
  • IT Analyst
  • Software Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

MS in MIS leads one to a managerial position. Although, one has to start with entry-level positions. MIS program prepares you for business and industry, whereas, an MS in CS will lead you to be a Software Engineer. With an MIS degree, you are focused on the business side of information and management in order to maximize the profit of the organization. Also, you are responsible to design the systems architecture to run the business and implementing strategies framed by the business.

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Difference between MIS and Computer Science FAQs

Q. What is the difference between MIS and Computer Science?

A. A CS degree is about coding and computers. The curriculum of Computer Science revolves around algorithms, hardware, programming, and data structures. On the other hand, MIS is about the information being served by the computer to its users and is a major part of modern business analysis.

Q. Is MIS a part of Computer Science?

A. No, they both are different degrees, but are correlated to technology. Management of Information Systems is a degree in which business meets technology. Students learn about the basics of business practices, besides learning how technology can be used to create more efficient systems.

Q. Is MIS a worthy degree?

A. Doing an MIS will help you gain hands-on experience in accounting principles, database design, project management, management principles, and software programming. These skills will allow graduates to know their career interests, whether they lie in business or technology.

Q. What are the career prospects of MIS graduates?

A. MIS graduates can go for any roles across:
  • Database Administrator
  • Search Marketing Specialist
  • Web Developer
  • Business Analyst

Q. What is the role of an MIS graduate?

A. MIS professionals will make a significant contribution to the well-being and competitiveness of the organizations in which they work. These professionals are intelligent and people-oriented. They understand the application of technological systems in the workplace.
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