MBA vs MIS - the Course of Choice?

MBA vs MIS - the Course of Choice?

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Updated on Oct 7, 2022 17:45 IST

MBA vs MIS – the Course of Choice?

Master of Business Administration or MBA and Management Information Systems or MIS are two of the most popular master’s programs ruling the world. Both the programs are poles apart in terms of the curriculum, students are planning to study abroad to enhance their careers in one of them. With the progress towards digitization, the demand to earn a degree abroad in MBA and MIS is also rising. The USA boasts top colleges offering Master in Business Administration (MBA). It also ranks top in the much less known but equally coveted Masters in Management Information Systems (MIS). However, there is a dilemma over whether MIS vs MBA is better. Therefore, we are going to discuss a few points to find that which master’s program is the best.

Master of Business Administration

Almost everyone is aware of the Master of Business Administration or MBA. A Master’s degree in Business Administration primarily focuses on improving your general management skills, including a basic understanding of various aspects of a business. The duration of the program is a two-year, MBA is divided into one year of general management studies and another year of specialization. The Salary of MBA graduates from abroad universities is quite high and big guns in the market are the top recruiters.

Let’s check the eligibility criteria, for an MBA in India and MBA Abroad. Students must have a graduate degree in any field with a minimum cut-off, specific to the MBA Colleges in India. If you wish to pursue an MBA abroad, you must also have a qualifying GMAT score. Again, the admission criteria may vary from one university to another, you need to be a graduate – discipline does not matter. With the level of competition and the definitive edge offered by the international MBA courses, Indian students are opening up to the prospect of a degree in management from top MBA universities abroad.

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Popular Specializations of MBA

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems or MIS has a different focus than MBA. We have covered below the Management Information Systems and more particularly the Master in Management Information Systems. In addition, it is essential to mention that, unlike MBA, MIS is not a generic course and the vocabulary would vary from university to university. Most of the Master's courses in MIS are of 2-year duration but may differ from university to university.

To study the MIS program students must have a degree in Information Technology at a graduate and sometimes even a postgraduate level. The A-list colleges offering the degree often require a work experience of up to 5 years if you are a graduate and 2 – 3 years if you have completed your post-graduation. The course is more about Information Systems, so it requires a GMAT score instead of the GRE and a language course. Some colleges require eligibility only for a language exam but if you were looking for top MIS colleges, GRE would be a definite yes. Pursuing an MIS degree from an abroad university allows you to get a better job opportunity after completing the program.

Popular Specializations of MIS

  • Business Analysis
  • IT Consultancy
  • Database Administration
  • Systems Development
  • Database Analysis
  • Network Administration

MBA vs MIS: Which is better?




Level of Degree

Post Graduate

Post Graduate


Graduation in any discipline.

Graduate in Science with BE or B Tech in Information Technology

Work Experience

2 – 4 years of work experience

Yes. Usually up to 5 years of minimum experience if you are a graduate; 2 years if you already hold a post-graduate degree.

Qualifying Examinations




  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Business Analysis
  • IT Consultancy
  • Database Analysis

Job Prospects

Depending on your choice of specialization/ major,  you can opt for any industry

You would be in high demand in almost all sectors as well

Top Abroad Destinations



Fee Structure of First Year for Top Colleges in the USA

Upwards of Rs. 35 Lakhs

Upwards of Rs. 25 lakhs

Average Salary

841k per year

$92k per year

While both would offer you prestigious middle-level to high-level management positions, what distinguishes the two courses is the kind of management required. While MBA aims at a more holistic management picture, MIS offers a technical perspective. We can’t define what a better master’s program is. It depends on your interest and strength. Both courses offer a wide range of opportunities, both have great demand. The answer is simple…you would excel in a job you like. So take time to think about what would offer you the best job satisfaction and then decide. All the best!


Q. How much can an MIS graduate earn?

A. Students can earn an average of $92k per year after completing their MIS degree. The MIS program provides better job opportunities to students. They get better job profiles at some of the popular giants in the world.

Q. What is the MIS executive average salary in India?

A. The MIS executive average salary in India is around Rs. 2.6 LPA. Students can earn a minimum of Rs. 1.5 LPA and a maximum of Rs. 4.2 LPA. The salary is not fixed and depends on the candidate’s knowledge.

Q. What are the job opportunities after MBA?

A. After pursuing a course in MBA, you will get numerous job opportunities in India and abroad. Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Business Development Director, Marketing Director, etc. are popular job profiles for MBA graduates. Talking about MIS vs MBA salary, MBA offers a high salary, and gradually you will grow in the industry.

Q. What is the duration of the MIS program?

A. Normally, it takes two years of complete study to finish the degree in MIS. Many abroad universities offer the best academic knowledge for MIS programs to students.

Q. How do I get admission to the MBA program?

A. Students who wish to study MBA abroad require to meet admission criteria. They need to complete a bachelor’s degree in any specialization and submit the score of the English language proficiency exam. Some abroad universities also ask for GMAT test scores.
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4 months ago

Hi, Im a 45 year old with BA-ECO, PGDHOSPITAL ADMIN + PGD HRM WITH 14 YRS OF TOTAL EXP. Can I eligible for MMIS?

Reply to ALPESH

I have completed my Ba.Llb can I pursue Mis and am I eligible for that

Reply to Lokeshreddy​ Singireddy


Piyush Kohli

2 years ago

Hi, For MIS, usually universities prefer candidates with a BE/ B. Tech in Information Technology.


Rajat The

2 years ago

I have done bsc.(math,physics,electronics) Is mis a right course to do after or it is too much technical that it has altogether different components associated with it .

Reply to Rajat The


Piyush Kohli

2 years ago

Hi Rajat, MIS is a technical course one learns how to manage Information Systems. This course is designed for Science graduates. Please decide what you want to pursue in your career ahead and then take a decision accordingly.


Muppalla Lokesh

2 years ago

Hyy Shiksha team,My name is lokesh and i have recently completed my graduation with 77% iam looking to pursue mis or ms in cs in usa which one do i choose iam planning to go in spring 2022

Reply to Muppalla Lokesh


Piyush Kohli

2 years ago

Hi Muppalla, both are difference courses, MIS course is directed towards business and industry, whereas, MS will lead you to be a Software Engineer, decide which field you want to pursue and then move ahead accordingly.


Chaitali Sood

3 years ago

Hi I’m M.Tech in computer science but I do not have interest in IT sector nor interested in doing coding or technical work I want to settle in U.K. Can you guide should I go for MBA or MIS Which course is in demand so that I should get job and sponsorship later?

Reply to Chaitali Sood


Piyush Kohli

3 years ago

Dear Chaitali, as you don't want to go for a technical course, then you can go for an MBA. After pursuing MBA, you have the option to work in different sectors/industries and also get PGWP.