Take the SAT exam in India to study in US and Canada 2023


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Take the SAT exam in India to study in US and Canada 2023

SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is a standardized exam conducted for admissions in universities abroad mostly to undergraduate courses. On the larger side, a maximum number of US universities and also Canadian universities accept the SAT exam. Along with the SAT exam, international students also have an alternative option to appear for the ACT exam and submit their scores eventually. Check out how ACT is different from SAT. After the pandemic, a lot of US and Canadian universities have ceased to accept the SAT or ACT exam scores, while some of them have become test-optional. But there are a handful of universities which definitely require SAT scores as part of the admission requirements. 

With the advent of the new SAT exam style, referred to as SAT Digital, has made the preparation and conduction of the exam even easier for international students. There is a huge difference between the old SAT format and the new SAT format. The duration of SAT exam has reduced and the section-wise pattern has also changed. Since ACT is still paper-based, Indian students are still better off with the new SAT exam. This new SAT exam has only been introduced for Indian students in the year 2023 who would appear for the exam from India for now, while the US-based students will still have to wait till 2024 to go completely digital. Check out the article as to how and when to take the SAT exam in India for US and Canadian university admissions. 

Why Take SAT Exam in India to Study in US or Canada?

Students who wish to study in US and Canada should consider giving the SAT Digital exam because of a lot of advantages Some of the reasons to give the SAT exam that should be considered are because of the following reasons:

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  • The SAT Digital exam duration has been shortened by an hour and a half.
  • Also, calculators are allowed for all Maths question answering rather than a certain section only in SAT Math Section.
  • Students can appear for SAT Digital on their own laptops or iPads and any other device allowed by College Board. 
  • In case Indian students do not have access to a personal device, they can opt for a device which will be provided to them at the SAT exam centre.
  • Overall, there is more time designated to answer each question on the SAT exam.

SAT exam takers will have the advantage of appearing for SAT Digital exam conducted across all Indian centres irrespective of the city chosen. The question paper is also unique and there is no scope for cheating also. Thus, SAT exam preparation would not be very extensive too.

US Universities Accepting SAT Exam 2023

Check out the top 10 universities in the USA accepting the SAT exam for admission:

SAT Exam Accepting Universities in the USA  SAT Exam Cut-offs
Stanford University 1500-1570
University of Chicago 1510-1560
Princeton University 1470-1560
Yale University 1460-1580
Johns Hopkins University 1460-1560
University of Michigan 1350-1530
University of California, Berkeley 1340-1540
Northwestern University 1500-1560
New York University 1510
Duke University 1510-1570

Despite the pandemic, the above-given universities are still accepting SAT exam scores for admission. However, after the pandemic, a lot of US universities have become test-optional and some universities like Columbia University have ceased to accept SAT or ACT exam scores for admission from 2023 onwards. Thus, it is advised that Indian students planning to take SAT exam to apply to US universities should check if SAT is actually acceptable, test-optional or if no standardised test score is required before registering for SAT exam and paying the exam fee.

Universities Accepting SAT Exam in Canada 2023

Check out the top 10 Canadian universities accepting SAT exam scores in the table below:

SAT Exam Accepting Canadian Universities SAT Cut-Off Average Score
McGill University 1400
University of Toronto 1330-1550
University of British Columbia 1500
University of Montreal 1400
McMaster University 1340
Western University 1190
University of Calgary 1100
Queen's University 1100
Dalhousie University 1100
Simon Fraser University 1550

While Indian students aiming to study in Canada need to choose between ACT and SAT, there may be some universities which would to even require students to make a choice. Universities like - the University of Waterloo don't even require an SAT score. The above-given universities may be test-optional and some of its courses may not even require a minimum SAT exam cut-off score as well. Hence, Indian students must check before applying.

When to Register for SAT Exam for US and Canada University Admissions?

Once the Indian student makes up his/her mind to study in US or study in Canada and shortlists universities for undergraduate application can first check the university intakes. For example, US intakes are majorly in Fall and Spring and the same applies to Canada as well. Check out which intake to apply to for admission in US or Canada:

Once the applicant chooses the intake for admission application to study in US or Canada, they can then begin preparing for SAT exam. Check out: When to start preparing for SAT exam? To prepare for SAT exam an applicant may need a month or two, which also depends upon his/her previous knowledge and command over the subjects tested. Upon preparation, one must go for enough SAT mocks and when the applicant feels he/she is confident enough they can register for SAT exam.

There are limited SAT exam dates available, hence registration must be done as soon as they open for the designated test dates for which the applicant wishes to appear for. Also, there are no minimum eligibility criteria for SAT exam takers, so there should be no hindrance in applying for it too.

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SAT Exam Dates 2023 for Indian Students 

SAT exam dates vary for each month and usually, there are two options of dates provided while registering for SAT exam and only one option is to be chosen. Each SAT exam date has a deadline for registering, there are late registration deadlines too and scope for changes of SAT exam dates for a stipulated time period only. 

SAT Digital Test Date 2023 

SAT Registration Deadline 

Deadline for Changes, and Regular Cancellation 

SAT Digital Test Score Release Dates

May 6, 2023 (Digital) 

April 7, 2023 

April 25, 2023 

May 19, 2023

June 3, 2023 (Digital) 

May 4, 2023 

May 23, 2023 

June 16, 2023

Indian students must be very careful before choosing their SAT exam dates so that they don't have to come back to change them and pay an additional fee for the test date change. The SAT exam results and scores are released within a short span of exam conduction, but applicants should still keep extra time in hand in case they wish to sit for the SAT exam again before applying to US or Canadian universities. 

SAT Exam Centres in India

Indian students registering for SAT exam can choose any of the Indian cities as their SAT exam centres based on their location. It is recommended that students choose to appear for SAT exam at that SAT exam centre which is within reach of the applicants and in a few kilometres of distance only. Some of the Indian cities where SAT exam is conducted are as follows:

  • New Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Ahmedabad
  • Amritsar
  • Calcutta
  • Kanpur
  • Cochin
  • Pune
  • Mussoorie
  • Kodaikanal
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai

The list of SAT exam centres in India is not limited to the above-given list, there may or may not be a certain test centre for a specific test date. But generally, all major cities of India have a few designated locations where SAT exam is conducted. Thus, one must check for the SAT exam centre availability before choosing a test centre. 

SAT Exam Pattern for Indian Students 2023

Check out the latest updated SAT Digital exam pattern proposed by College Board for the year 2023 specifically for Indian students is as follows:

SAT Digital Parameters

SAT Digital Reading & Writing (RW) Section

SAT Digital Math Section

Test length (total questions)

1st module: 25 operational questions + 2 pretest questions

2nd module: 25 operational questions + 2 pretest questions

1st module: 20 operational questions + 2 pretest questions

2nd module: 20 operational questions + 2 pretest questions

Total Time Allocated

64 minutes

70 minutes

Question Type(s)

Discrete; MCQs with 4 options

MCQ (75%) and student-produced response (SPR)(25%)

Topics Tested

Literature, History / Social Studies, Humanities and Science

Science, Social Science and real-world related topics

Informational Graphics

Tested, includes - tables, bar graphs, line graphs

Also tested

The SAT Digital Exam pattern has changed a bit with shorter questions, duration of the overall SAT exam, an overall score rather than section-wise scores and the use of calculators for all Math section questions. For detailed analysis check out the SAT exam syllabus.

There is a stark difference between ACT and SAT and keeping in view of the recent changes, yet SAT Digital is shorter, better and more convenient for Indian students. Also, the US and Canada's admissions though do not widely require standardised test scores for undergraduate admissions, but SAT is a preferable option for Indian students at the present juncture for applying to US and Canada or even other countries abroad. 

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Annette Mathew

a year ago

I'm in 12th now n wish to do bsc nursing through Sat Would u help

Reply to Annette Mathew


Piyush Kohli

12 months ago

Hi Mathew, you can take the SAT test, it will help you in securing admission to a college. You can learn more about the SAT test here https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/exams/sat

Hey!! My friend wanted to appear for the SAT exam , could you please help us with some of the best courses and universities that guarantees job offers in the US or UK?

Reply to Vartika Shrivastava


Piyush Kohli

a year ago

Hi Vartika, please elaborate on your query and let us know the academic background of the child who wants to go abroad, so, we can assist you better. Also, no one can give assurance about the jobs, however, you can do more research on it and go for a field which is currently in demand.


Gobinath Vm

a year ago

My Son Planning to write an SAT exam, Is it possible to write an exam only for the math exam the first time and 2nd time for an only English exam?

Reply to Gobinath Vm


Piyush Kohli

a year ago

Hi, SAT subject tests (like Maths or English) have been discontinued by the College Board, so, you need to give the SAT exam only.


Digvijay Singh

a year ago

hey i just recently crossed 10th and moving towards to medical in india and want to do pharma abroad. Is it a right decision? or plz tell cost of SAT exam in INR

Reply to Digvijay Singh


Piyush Kohli

a year ago

Hi Digvijay, please refer to the below URL and learn everything about the SAT exam. https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/exams/sat


Himanshu Sejwar

2 years ago

Hey! I am in class 11th preparing for JEE. After my bachelors, Can I study abroad for Masters(Mtech) through SAT? And also I wish to study abroad for Btech too

Reply to Himanshu Sejwar


Piyush Kohli

a year ago

Hi Himanshu, SAT exam scores are used to take admission in a bachelor's course and not master's.

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