How to Send IELTS Scores to Universities 2023


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Ever wondered how the colleges you will be applying to receive and verify your IELTS scores? Here is the complete process of submitting your IELTS scores to colleges abroad. The article provides complete information about the process of sending IELTS scores to universities and other institutions.

How to Send IELTS 2023 Scores to Universities

How to Send IELTS 2023 Scores to Universities: IELTS is an English Language Proficiency Test that tests your Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking skills. The IELTS Academic module is for students who wish to study in English-speaking countries, and the IELTS General Training module is for those who wish to apply for PR or jobs. In this article, we will inform you about how to send IELTS scores to universities abroad and IELTS score reporting.

Candidates, who have appeared for the paper-based IELTS exam, receive their IELTS score and their TRF on the 13th day after the exam. Candidates, who have appeared for the computer-based IELTS exam, receive their scores in 3-5 days after the exam.

Every candidate is provided with only one IELTS TRF. The validity of the same is for 2 years. If a candidate is applying to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) or UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency), he/she will receive two Test Report Forms. To get two TRFs, the candidate must provide proof of application to UKBA and CIC.

The processing of the first five Test Report Forms (TRF) does not require any additional charges. Candidates can send their IELTS Scores to five institutions within one month of the exam. However, if the candidate wants to send his/her score to more universities and institutions, then he/she has to opt for Additional Test Report Forms (ATRF) on a chargeable basis. The TRF report will be sent through a courier; also, eTRF can be downloaded and printed from the official website.

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Submission of scores to universities will be done either electronically or physically. The request for ATRF, beyond the first five, can be raised on the official website. If you request more than five TRFs, you will have to pay an extra fee. These are sent directly to the selected universities/organizations.

In this article, we shall cover IELTS TRF, ATRF, and IELTS TRF downloading procedure, and how to send IELTS score to universities.

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How to Send IELTS Scores to Universities: IELTS TRF

TRF's full form in IELTS is Test Report Form. It is a copy of your IELTS exam result. You will be provided with only one TRF unless you apply to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) or UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency), in which case you will receive two TRFs after providing proof of application to UKBA and CIC.

The first five TRFs do not involve any processing charges and these are for the institutions that you mention in your IELTS application. You can send your IELTS score to five institutions within one month of the exam date. The institutions receive the scores via e-mail, regular posts, courier, or overseas postage.

Beyond these five, any Additional Test Report Forms (ATRFs) will involve an administrative charge of INR 250 per university. The TRFs are sent to universities either electronically or physically. The physical mode requires the candidates to pay an extra courier charge of INR 1500. Since 1 February 2020, offline (in-person) applications for ATRF are not accepted; only online applications on the official website are accepted.

An IELTS TRF contains the following details:

  • Test Type: Academic or General Training
  • Centre Number
  • Date of Test
  • Candidate Number
  • Candidate Details such as Family Name, First Name, and Candidate ID
  • Personal Details such as Date of Birth, Gender, Scheme Code, Country, and First Language
  • Test Results: TRF will contain your individual IELTS scores on the Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking sections, along with your Overall Band Score and the corresponding CEFR Level.
  • IELTS TRF Number: Mentioned at the bottom right corner

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How to Send IELTS Score to Universities: Additional TRFs (ATRF)

After the first five TRFs, or after the passing of one month from the date of the test, an additional processing fee of INR 250 is levied on every ATRF (Additional TRF). The request for issuance of an ATRF is raised on the official website and they are acknowledged instantaneously via email. We are mentioning the steps to send your ATRFs:

  1. Once you login to the official website, you have to choose “Add TRF” option
  2. After filling in the necessary details, you have to select the University where you want your IELTS score to go
  3. You have to choose the mode in which you want to send your TRFs, i.e. either in Electronic Mode or in Physical Mode

Please note that since 1 February 2020, offline (in-person) applications for ATRF are not accepted at an IDP branch. Only online applications are accepted.

Charges for sending the physical copy of TRF:

  • Electronically: Sending the first five reports is free which you get at the time of registering for the test. After that, you need to pay INR 250 per university for sending an additional score report.
  • By Courier: You need to pay INR 1500 for sending your IELTS scores to organizations by courier service. The tracking ID/reference number will be shared with you once the report is dispatched.
  • By Post: You need to pay INR 400 for sharing your scores with every organization. In this, IDP will not share the tracking or reference number with you. They are also not responsible for the delivery.

IELTS TRF Download Procedure

The IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) is now an eTRF and can be downloaded online. The following steps will help you download your eTRF:

  1. Visit :
  2. Go to Login Tab and then to Candidate Login
  3. Once you login, you will see an auto pop-up that will provide you with information about your IELTS score.
  4. You can download the Result Feedback as a PDF
  5. Once you click on close, you can scroll down and click on View eTRF under the Declared Result column
  6. From there, you can directly print or download the eTRF

How to Send IELTS Score to Universities: Conclusion

  • Sending the first five TRFs, within one month of taking the test, will not involve any charges.
  • Beyond this, a charge of INR 250 will be levied to process every TRF
  • If you decide to send your TRF via courier, you have to shell out INR 1500 per TRF
  • The request for ATRFs can be raised online from the official website
  • TRF or eTRF can be downloaded from the official website. The entire process has been mentioned above
  • Institutions and employers who have subscribed to IELTS can access a candidate’s TRF online. They do not require the original copies of the TRFs

Now that you are aware of IELTS TRF, ATRF, and IELTS TRF downloading procedure, and how to send IELTS score to universities, it is advised that you handle your documentation process with utmost care.

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Rahul Bandari

3 weeks ago

I took the IELTS exam in June 2023. At the time of application, I did not specify any university names. Now, I need to submit my IELTS score to the university through the testing agency. How can I initiate this process?

Reply to Rahul Bandari


Anirudh Yerram

10 months ago

I want send ATRF to California State university San Diego, but I did not find the university name in the list of colleges against United States. How shall I send the ATRF to this university.

Reply to Anirudh Yerram


Aprant Agarwal

8 months ago

Hello. If you are unable to send your IELTS score to a particular university electronically, you may opt for physical submission of the score.


param desai

a year ago

I have given my test a while ago and I have selected some universities during that time. So now to send the scores do i need to do something or it will automatically send it?

Reply to param desai


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Please refer to the article above once again. You can refer to the "Additional TRFs (ATRF)" section.


Rahul Mehta

a year ago

I gave my test more than a year ago and I need to send my scores to one more university right now. How do I go about it?

Reply to Rahul Mehta


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Hi Rahul. You need to login to the official website and send ATRF. You will see an option of "Add TRF". You can proceed from there. All the steps have been mentioned in the article.


Ananya Roy

a year ago

I haven't selected the universities I want to send my test reports to while registering for IELTS since the month I'll be sitting for it does not coincide with the month I'll be applying to the universities. Can I still avail the opportunity of sending my test report for free to 5 unis of my choice?

Reply to Ananya Roy


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Hello Ananya. You can send up to five ATRFs without any charges, within 1 month of taking the test. It is advised that you plan your preparation and applications according to the university intake schedule so that the application charges can be minimized.

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