Sample Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters (MS) in CS

Sample Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters (MS) in CS

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A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is one of the important documents that you need to submit to the university as part of the application process. Irrespective of which country, university, college, or course you are applying for, recommendation letters form a crucial part of your application. It is one of the deciding factors for acceptance into university. Admission committees (Adcom) have a holistic approach while reviewing your profile. Read about the five things the admissions committee looks for in an applicant to know more.

In this article, we will have a look at what points to cover in a LOR for a Master’s programme in Computer Science and a sample. Please note that the sample given below is just for reference; applicants are advised not to copy the content. It would not convey the unique aspects of your profile and can cause plagiarism issues as well.

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Points to Highlight in LORs

Depending upon the programme and course, you should highlight various key points of your profile. Apart from this, the content and qualities highlighted in your LOR also depend on the type of LOR i.e. an academic LOR by a professor or a professional LOR by the employer. Thus, depending on this, your LOR should cover these major points:

Academic LOR Professional LOR
Performance in academics and specific relevant subjects Ability to work in a team/cross-functional teams
Soft skills and professional attributes Areas of expertise
Technical and research projects Problem-solving skills
Research papers and/or other achievements Innovative attributes or logical thinking capabilities
Participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities Leadership attributes

Academic Sample LOR: LOR for MS in Computer Science

“In my current capacity as , at the Department of XXXX, in XXXX University, City, I am writing to you to support the candidature of ABC for the Masters in Computer Science program at your reputed institution. It has been more than three years that I have known this applicant, and taught him the subject/s ____________ and _______________, during his Bachelor’s course. I still clearly remember him/her for his/her innovative approach and ideas that he/she showcased as a student.

While teaching XXXXX subject in the XXXX semester, I interacted with him/her several times inside and outside the classroom. In class, he/she was not only a competitive student but also showed an impressive grasp of technical concepts. I observed this when …………………..

Further, I can also recall guiding him/her in his/her final year project on ‘project topic’ which was based on XXXXXXX. The concepts captured in this project proved his/her deep fascination for the field. The project work was aimed at providing a solution to …………………… It also brought forth his/her team teamwork ability and dedication into the light.

Apart from this, I observed ABC’s interest in practical learning and implementation as he/she was always enthusiastic about participating in events like………………….. Our institution’s annual day functions include events like …....… and ..............., in which he/she was an active participant. He/she was also involved in activities like …………..

In sum, I can confidently state that ABC was a step ahead of most of his/her peers when it came to experimenting with his/her learning. Thus, I strongly recommend ABC for graduate studies at your esteemed institution. Lastly, I wish him all the best for his graduate studies and professional career in future.

Yours sincerely,

Full Name of Recommender

Designation, Department

Institution’s Name, City

Contact No:

Email ID:”

Sample Professional LOR: LOR for MS in Computer Science

“As the General Manager of XXXX domain at Company Name, City, I would like to extend my support in favour of Mr ABC for the Master’s program in Computer Science at your esteemed university. I have known him for the past five years as he directly reported to me for two years during yyyy-yyyy, while working as a here. During that time, ABC’s role involved conducting ………………….... He was quick at understanding the work requirements and dealt with process areas like …………….

ABC directly interacted with clients and customers from onshore countries for gathering technical requirements and provide them with the required solutions in a timely manner. He worked on ………………………………... as well. After noticing his growing improvements, leadership qualities and .............……, he was promoted from an Associate to the Analyst/Managerial position.

In his new role, he was given a team of five people. Good interpersonal skills and a curious mindset, to learn about new technologies, were his core strengths. Being a team player helped him bond with his team as well. His team was a crucial project of ..............……., which was required to be completed within a strict deadline. It was impressive to watch him take charge of the situation and deliver it on schedule. Although he faced a technical snag just moments before project submission, when …………………. happened, he managed to overcome it quickly by resolving it through ……………..

Another great idea of his was to conduct one-on-one sessions with his team every month. This helped ABC to remain up to date with the requirements of the team and help those teammates who were falling back on the assigned work. He always led from the front like a true leader rather than just letting his teamwork alone. Once, I remember that he …………………

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned qualities, I am confident that ABC would be an asset to your prestigious institution and excel in his endeavours. Hence I strongly recommend him without any reservations. I wish him the very best for his future. Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Yours sincerely,

Full name of recommender

Designation, Department

Organization Name, City

Contact No:

Email ID:

Company website link”

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