Sample LOR (Recommendation Letter) from an Employer

Sample LOR (Recommendation Letter) from an Employer

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Sep 7, 2022 17:17 IST

Generally, most MBA programs have a form-based LOR, with standard questions about the applicant (often with a word/character limit), which the recommender has to answer. However, sometimes universities also ask simply for a letter of recommendation. This is as per the standard one-page LOR format, similar to the Academic LOR format. The difference is more in the content than in the basic structure, word limit or formatting.

Much like any LOR, a professional letter style is also divided into four to five small paragraphs of about 100 words each. Here is a paragraph by paragraph description of how the recommendation letters should be prepared when they are to be submitted by a supervisor or a colleague.

In the first paragraph, provide the following details (of the recommender) - designation, department and organization name, city.  Also, write the capacity in which the recommender has been associated with you along with the number of years/duration of your association with him/her. Mention your designation and department in the organization. Write about your role and responsibilities that impressed this recommender.

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In the second paragraph, ask the recommender to mention your professional achievements or special qualities or skills. For instance, if you contributed to reducing the cost of a process, quantify it and present it as an achievement. Ask the recommender to also mention any client appreciation that you received.

In the third paragraph, talk about your team handling skills and how you motivated your team members to achieve excellence. In other words, highlight your leadership skills. This is very important.

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In the fourth paragraph, please mention your projects, seminars, and/or workshops (their names along with your contribution to them), which this recommender would like to talk about. Ask the recommender to explicitly mention what about these impressed him/her. In this paragraph, the recommender may also provide any instance where you applied a theoretical concept practically which impressed him/her. You can provide details of any activity pertaining to academics/research that you participated in, which the recommender wishes to share with the Admission Committee. The recommender may also talk about your research interests and your aptitude/capability for research work.

In the fifth and final paragraph, the recommender can mention the extra-curricular/co-curricular activities undertaken at your workplace, your achievements in the same or anything else that he/she has not had a chance to share in the paragraphs above. It should be a positive conclusion and the recommender should clearly and strongly endorse the applicant, without any reservations.

Finally, end the LOR with the recommender’s information like the full name, designation, department, organization and contact details. Email is more or less mandatory to provide. Applicants should also keep in mind that the LOR should clearly state the recommender’s relationship with the applicant.

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ritvaj madotra

3 years ago

I am not able to get my referees recommendation on official letterhead of the company as it is against the policy. what to do ?

Reply to ritvaj madotra

Hi, you can contact the university and tell them about this issue. If it is fine with them, you will be able to submit the LORs without a letter head.


Sandesh S

4 years ago

Can I include that I got placed with highest package in my LOR from HOD?

Reply to Sandesh S


Sandesh S

4 years ago

Thanks Srishti for the prompt response

Hi Sandesh, yes the HOD can mention this. Thanks!


Harshita M

4 years ago

Hi, Can i get an LOR from my previous org Manager? Currently both of us are in different companies, will it work?

Reply to Harshita M

Hi Harshita, yes you can get a LOR from your previous organisation manager. Thanks!