Cost of Studying in Germany 2023: Tuition Fees, Cost of Living

Cost of Studying in Germany 2023: Tuition Fees, Cost of Living

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Rahul Singha
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Cost of Studying in Germany

Note: Candidates should note that the article was written at an earlier date and there would be a difference in tuition fees. Candidates are required to check the current rates and plan accordingly. 

Going abroad for your studies is a big decision. More so because it is an expensive decision. No matter which country you choose, the cost of studying abroad is often more than the cost of studying in your home country. For many reasons, however, students prefer to go abroad to pursue their higher education. And while students look for countries where they can get a quality education, they are constantly on the lookout for economic alternatives. Germany is one such alternative and in some instances, studying in Germany can cost as low as studying in India.

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Like any country, we would divide the cost of studying in Germany into three broad categories

  1. Tuition Fees
  2. University Fees
  3. Cost of Living

Tuition Fees

If you are looking at pursuing your bachelor's studies in Germany, then the answer for how much are the tuition fees is simple – Zero. That’s right. There is no tuition for under graduation courses across Germany. This is applicable, however, only for the state-run universities and private universities would have tuition fees. However, there are very few private universities in the country.

For the master’s programme, however, this may or may not be the case. While some of the state-run universities have no tuition fee even for their master's programs, some might charge a nominal fee. There is no regulation against it and depends from university to university and course to course. We advise the students to check it with the university. The same might cost anywhere above €1000 for the first year's tuition fees. However, the good part about the master’s program is that there are a lot of scholarships available for international students in Germany. These scholarships often cover tuition and insurance costs and it would do well for students to check the same.

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University Fees

While there is no tuition in Germany, there are expenses that a student must keep in mind. These administrative costs are broadly categorized under University Fees which usually include the mandatory social contribution of the students and the semester fees. Different universities have different semester fees. Also, what is included in the semester fees also varies from university to university. This is applicable to both undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses.

Here’s a table with indicative semester fees for some of the top universities in Germany


Semester Fee (In EUR)

Semester Fee (In INR)

Technical University of Munich



Ludwig Maximillian’s University Munich



University of Stuttgart



RWTH Aachen University



University of Kiel



What is important to note is that apart from these, another mandatory expense for students studying in Germany are Health Insurance charges. This again varies but averages at around €100 per month or less. Apart from that, the university might also charge a student registration fee, cultural contributions, etc. All these sundry expenses inflate your costs by not more than €400 - €500 per semester.

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Cost of Living

The best part about studying in Germany is that while the tuition and university fees are not that high, the cost of living is not that high either. Obviously, a student can always overspend, but if spent prudently, the student can easily limit his monthly expenses to the stated monthly average of €861. This is also the minimum cost of living as suggested by the Federal Government and used to calculate the proof of fund that a student must furnish at the time of applying to the University. The main components included in the calculation of the cost of living in Germany are

  • Rentals
  • Food and Drink
  • Books and Stationery
  • Telephone, Internet, etc.
  • Recreation
  • Transportation

Out of the above, Rentals are the biggest component. Accommodation in Germany varies greatly from city to city. Arguably, the best student cities of Germany have higher rentals as compared to other lesser is known student destinations/ university towns. Even then, a student can easily limit the expenses to about €900 per month. So, if you are looking for a relatively economical alternative that would give you all the advantages of studying from a top university in the world along with an excellent student experience, Germany is the right country for you.

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Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert

3 months ago

Hello Rohit. Kindly elaborate for me to be able to assist you further.



a year ago

I will be completing my PGDM in Finance in may 2023, and then i am planning to do CPA from a german university can you plz let me know quiet good universities which provide CPA course with its requirements and fee structure.



Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert

a year ago

Hello Harsh. Thank you for writing in. Would request you to get in touch with our Shiksha Study Abroad counsellors. They will be happy to assist you with university admissions here: You can also take a look at popular universities in Germany here: https://study



Prassy Praseeda

3 years ago german universities accept improvement exam marks I have 98% in 12th after giving improvement exam and I have also qualified jee advanced so can I apply for German universities

Reply to Prassy Praseeda


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert

3 years ago

Hello Prassy. you should attach your latest academic record for the university/college to consider. preferable your latest academic transcripts should reflect your improvement exam marks. You can always get in touch with the university representatives to clear any doubts regarding admissions or ask



Sai Lalitha

3 years ago

Hi I completed my btech in 2018 with 68.6 percentage and I'm planning for 2021 winter intake can I get admission in public universities with free education if not how much cost it will take for me to get an admission in private universities

Reply to Sai Lalitha


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert

3 years ago

hello Sai. Thank you for writing in. list of public universities in Germany include: for more universities in Germany visit:



4 years ago

Is germany give study visa to under 18



Bagath Biddappa

3 years ago

yeah bro

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