International Universities with campuses in Singapore

International Universities with campuses in Singapore

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Jun 12, 2023 13:27 IST
International universities with campus in singapore

Singapore has become a country synonymous with growth and development. With its universities achieving international recognition and acclaim, many students, especially from Asia and Middle East looked towards the island country for gaining a degree with international depth and validity. The strategic location, relatively lower living costs and a cosmopolitan culture saw a large influx of students from across the world choosing Singapore as their country for an international degree. With such developments, it was no surprise that many of the top universities of the world looked towards Singapore to set up their Asia campus in the country.

Today, many of the international colleges/ universities of repute have a campus in Singapore. Many reasons abound for the same but the primary would be a flourishing banking and finance industry that has spiked the demand, the ample resources that support that demand and supply as well as a steady pool of students from the flourishing Asian economies that wish to gain an international experience but are vary of travelling far and wide for the same. Such factors have drawn some of the world's best universities to set up a campus in Singapore. Here’s a look at some of them.


University/ Institute

Main Campus


The University of Adelaide

Adelaide, South Australia



Fontainebleau, France


University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Chicago, USA


Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Edinburgh, UK


James Cook University Singapore

Queensland, Australia


S.P Jain School of Global Management

Mumbai, India


ESSEC Business School

Cergy-Pontoise, France


Cardiff Metropolitan University

Wales, UK


University of Nevada Las Vegas Singapore

Nevada, USA


New York University's Tisch School of the Arts

New York, USA


Curtin University Singapore

Perth, Australia


DigiPen Institute of Technology Singapore

University of Redmond, Washington, USA


Temple University Singapore

Pennsylvania, USA


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Daytona Beach, Florida, USA


Yale NUs College

Connecticut, USA

Summarizing, all of the universities/ institutes mentioned above offer you the same degree irrespective of which campus you enrol yourself in. What is important to note that the fee structure of the two campuses may or may not vary and would vary from university to university. As far as application is concerned, for the universities that have set up an entire university within Singapore, you would have to apply directly to the university office in Singapore. While for other international colleges that have a campus in Singapore (like INSEAD and Booth Business School, Chicago), the application process is still centralized and you can simply choose a campus in Singapore.

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These are all Private Universities/ Institutes and do not fall under any country funding schemes. However, most of them offer independent scholarships to attract the Asian students to these centres. These universities, apart from the promise of a world class degree, also offer the metropolitan culture of Singapore to their students. The fast paced developmental economy of SIngapore, the fusion of multiple ethnicities and an urban lifestyle add to the experience.

Apart from these universities/ institutes, many famous universities have also entered into strategic partnerships with Singapore Universities to offer joint degrees. Some of the eminent names that fall under the category are John Hopkins has a Bio-medical Division in Singapore in association with National University of Singapore (NUS). Similarly, the Duke – Graduate Medical School in Singapore is an alliance between Duke University of USA and NUS. There are other alliances like the Singapore – MIT Alliance which brings the expertise of Massachusetts Institute of Technology to NUS and National Technological University (NTU) of Singapore. Another one that stands for its name is Singapore Stanford Partnership which is born out of an understanding between NTU and Stanford University of USA.

To conclude, there are many reasons why Singapore is an excellent study abroad destination. Whatever your motivation, Singapore would provide you enough reasons and opportunity. So when researching, look at the other campuses and you might just get the benefit of an International University right next to home.

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