Spring Intake in USA Timeline 2024-2025: Admission Deadlines

Spring Intake in USA Timeline 2024-2025: Admission Deadlines

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There are two main intakes in the USA - one is the Fall intake in the USA is the primary intake where the maximum number of students apply, and the second is the Spring intake in the USA which is the second intake in the USA. While Spring intake in USA is secondary, yet the best option for those who could not prepare for Fall intake admission. Check out more about the Spring intake in the USA.
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Most of the students aim to study in the US for the Fall intake. However, the Spring intake in the USA is the next best option after the Fall intake in USA. Students who are unable to submit their applications at US universities for the Fall intake apply for the Spring intake to avoid a gap year. The Spring intake session in the US starts in January and ends in May. This article will discuss in detail how to go about the application process and when to apply for the Spring intake in the USA. 

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Spring 2024 Intake in USA Timeline 

The following table is a timeline of what needs to be prepared before and while applying for Spring intake in the USA: 

Spring Intake 2024 USA Deadlines 

To-Do List 

July 2024 - August 2024 

Shortlist two to three US universities you wish to apply to, and check course availability for Spring intake and consequently the admission requirements. Also, check Spring deadlines for US universities and plan to apply accordingly.

September 2024 - October 2024 

Apply for the following standardised tests:  

  • ACT or SAT (if the university is not test-optional) for UG admissions 
  • GRE or GMAT for PG admissions 

Also, apply for ELP tests - TOEFL / IELTS / PTE, any one of these. 

October 2024 - November 2024

Begin applying to US universities and check deadlines beforehand. Also, check for scholarships you may be eligible for. Spring intake deadlines in the USA are usually in the last week of October or in the first week of November each year. Dates may vary. Wait for your admission decisions also during this period. 

November 2024 - December 2024 

In case you receive an offer, accept or defer within the stipulated period. Apply for your visa if accepting the offer. 

December 2024

Prepare and appear for visa interviews. Begin prepping for flying to the US. 

January 2025

Book your tickets and fly to the US for your education. 

The details in the above table are based on a common analysis, but the dates may vary with each university in the US the student applies to.  

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Key Pointers for Pre-Applications for USA Spring Intake 

  • The students should shortlist the course of choice and the universities offering them during Spring intake by August
  • Since limited courses are available in the Spring intake of the USA, students must choose their universities well before time. 
  • Look out for course brochures, download them and make up your mind about applying to which university in the US. 
  • Make a list of shortlisted colleges and compare the tuition fee and the total cost of living in the USA
  • Begin preparing for standardised tests of ACT / SAT for undergrad admissions* and GRE / GMAT for postgrad admissions in the USA. 
  • Appear for ACT / SAT and GMAT / GRE at least two months before applying for admission, that is, by September.  
  • Side by side also register for either TOEFL or IELTS or PTE or any other English language proficiency test scores that are accepted and, prepare for it.  
  • Begin writing your SOPs and chalk out your strengths plus whatever you wish to add to your admission essays
  • Contact your professors or school teachers and school counsellors to add a letter of recommendation (LOR) for you.  
  • Keep track of the application deadlines and apply before time, as late applications are not entertained in US universities. 

*Note: If the US university is test-optional and the student does not wish to submit them, they can also avoid appearing for any of these exams and apply without these scores. However, students will have to submit their ELP test scores as there is no exemption for it for Indian students.  

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Post Application Submission for Spring Intake in USA 

  • Make sure you keep a regular check on your e-mails. Immediately respond back to emails that come from universities you have applied to for admission. 
  • It usually takes three to four weeks for a US university ideally to assess an application. 
  • The decision from any US university may vary depending on the deadlines. 
  • If you receive an offer letter, accept the offer within the given period and submit your response. 
  • By this time look for education loans for students or scholarships in the USA to support studies in the USA.  
  • To confirm your acceptance at the US university, students need to pay the tuition fee after getting their visas, not before the visa approval. They have to pay a deposit fee to accept and block their seats.  
  • Apply immediately for your student visa to the USA upon accepting the offer at the university.  
  • The student visa application may take a few weeks for assessment plus the students will have to appear for an interview, thus it's important to apply well within time. 

After Student Visa Confirmation in the USA 

  • Once the student gets his/her student visa for the USA, he/she can book their tickets to the USA. 
  • Make sure to carry important documents along like copies of mark sheets from high school, photocopies of your passport and other important details. 
  • Arrange for temporary accommodation if university accommodation is unavailable when you reach. 
  • Have your credit cards and cash handy along with your laptops and mobile phones. 
  • Check out the pre-departure checklist before leaving for the US

List of Universities in USA Offering Spring Admissions 2024

The following are the top 10 universities which can be considered if applying for Spring admissions 2024 in USA:

  1. Cornell University
  2. Stanford University
  3. Yale University
  4. Brown University
  5. Texas State University
  6. Carnegie Mellon University
  7. Auburn University
  8. California State University
  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  10. University of Colorado

There may be other universities in USA which offer admissions in Spring to international students. Thus, there may be cases where the courses in question are not offered in Spring and are only available in Fall intake. So students must shortlist their courses accordingly. 

Interested in studying in USA and require admission-related assistance? Sign up for our free Shiksha Abroad Counselling and request a call back from our counsellors. Or you can drop in your queries in the comment box below. 

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