Trending Research Paper Topics for International Students

Trending Research Paper Topics for International Students

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Research Paper Topics: Have to submit a research paper? Confused about what and how to choose a research paper topic? Then here’s your guide to help you understand research paper topics, and choose the latest research topics. Based on the current trends, research topics have been suggested in this article for international students who are looking for the latest research topics for their research papers. 

research paper topics

Research papers are usually required at the master’s level of study. Students studying abroad will either have to submit a research paper or a research project. Choosing a good research topic can be a task. But we’ve got you covered in this article about research paper topics and trending topics that students can choose for their research papers. Check out the article for all details. 

What is a Research Topic?

A research topic is a topic the student is interested in looking for answers to. There are research topics based on subjects or broad fields of study. The research topics are a part of the research that the students indulge in when they choose to investigate a topic of their choice of study.

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Why do Students Need Research Topics?

Students usually need research topics to either complete their degree programs or as part of an assignment at the end of a semester. Research topics are either provided to students by professors or the students choose them on their own. Students need research topics to:

  • Complete their degrees or assignments. Check How to do PhD?
  • To show how they use their critical thinking abilities.
  • Portray their problem-solving skills.
  • Understand how much they understand about the subject at length.
  • How can they come up with solutions based on specific problems?
  • Ultimately check how they can conduct research in a given scenario using the right techniques, tools and methods. 

How to Choose the Best Research Topic?

Choosing the best research paper topic is based on several factors which either aid the students in conducting research or challenge them. Here are some tips for choosing the best research topic for students studying abroad:

  1. Interest: Choose your topic based on your interest. If it's interesting, you’ll be able to focus more, be able to get more information and also build on good outcomes.
  2. Originality: The research topics chosen should be original and should not have been picked up by other classmates.
  3. Discussion: The more you discuss the more you’ll get clarity on what’s trending in research topics and how taking up certain topics can be beneficial. 
  4. Scope: Any research topic chosen, should have some scope in the future. Don’t go for dead topics that will not hold value in the next 10-15 years down the line. 
  5. Research: Check if other people or institutions have also researched your chosen topics. If yes, then check if outcomes can vary or not based on the techniques of research done. Researching is just to avoid clashing topics or analysis on the same topic. 
  6. Resources: Based on the timeline, you can check what resources are available for your chosen research topic. If the resources demand a lot of time to gather information, you might lose out on time submissions. So choose wisely.
  7. Guidelines: Based on the guidelines, ensure your research topic is aligned. If not, you might have to restart your hunt for a research topic or maybe re-align your topic. 

Keeping these pointers in check, students studying abroad can easily choose the best research topic for themselves. 

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Top 10 Research Paper Topics for Students

Based on the broader fields of study, we have curated a list of research topics which students can take up. Check them out in the following sections:

1. Psychology Research Paper Topics

If you are pursuing a Psychology degree from abroad and you need to pick research paper topics, then you can consider these:

  1. Psychological Implications of Living in a Digital World
  2. Individualism vs Collectivism: Which is Better & Why?
  3. Social Psychology: Stereotypes & Prejudices 
  4. Early Identification of Mental Health Concerns in the Workplace
  5. Developing Culturally Sensitive Screening Tools for Specific Mental Health Conditions

Students studying Psychology abroad can focus on recent research topics and then choose their topics for research. 

2. Business & Economics Research Paper Topics

If you are pursuing Management courses abroad, then you can opt for the following research topics:

  1. Passion Economy vs Creator Economy
  2. Rise of Remote Work and its implications for Organizational Structures
  3. Influence of Social Media Algorithms on Consumer Purchasing Decisions
  4. How effective leadership styles can foster innovation and creativity within teams?
  5. The future of work: exploring the potential impact of automation on jobs and the workforce

On the other hand, if you are pursuing a degree in Economics abroad, then you can opt for the following research topics:

  1. Effectiveness of international trade agreements to promote economic growth globally
  2. How do central bank policies manage inflation and economic growth?
  3. The economic impact of social norms and cultural values on economic activity.
  4. The rise of Income Inequality and potential solutions in the Current Scenario
  5. Impact of cryptocurrency on traditional financial systems and regulations

Students who are pursuing a degree in either Business and/or Economics can easily look for trending research topics. The benefits of working on trending research topics will help them be in sync with the current trends and be able to address problems that people face. 

3. Artificial Intelligence Research Paper Topics

Artificial Intelligence is a new-age technological development being widely used. B.Tech in AI & Robotics abroad is popular among students. So those who are pursuing a B.Tech or an MS in AI & Robotics can choose research topics around these areas:

  1. Will AI be an effective tool in the Healthcare Industry for Diagnosis and Treatments?
  2. Is AI a responsible tool for governance in the world?
  3. AI and Global Developmental Challenges: How to find a solution?
  4. Use of AI in International Education in Developmental Countries
  5. Is the regulation of AI Use Possible Globally?

There’s just lot to discover for those studying and working in AI-related fields. Thus, the research topics given above can be helpful for students in building their research projects or assignments to complete their degrees abroad. 

4. Social Science Research Paper Topics

Degrees in Social Sciences are popular in countries like USA, Canada, UK and even Australia. Students pursuing any of these degrees and requiring research topics can take up any of the following given ones. 

  1. Impact of Social Media on Interpersonal Relationships
  2. Essential Ways to Identify Information & Disinformation Campaigns
  3. Rise of Automated Jobs and their Impact on the Future 
  4. Work-Life Balance in a Stressful and Digital World
  5. Political Changes Needed to Bring Social Reforms in Backward Countries

Social Sciences are always about bringing a change in society and people’s lives. Thus, any research topic that suits international students can be moulded based on their interest or study field.

5. Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability Research Paper Topics

The debates about climatic changes and environmental sustainability have gone over decades. Students studying any of the degrees where these two subjects are their minors can pick up the following research topics to bring about a radical change: 

  1. Reforms for Climatic Changes Globally and Adaptation Techniques
  2. Environment Sustainability Beyond Climatic Changes Radically
  3. Climate Change & Social Justice: Do They Go Hand in Hand?
  4. How can the Public Engage in Climatic Changes?
  5. Sustainable & Judicious Water Use Strategies for Industries 

These topics of research never go outdated and always form the context in modern times in some way or the other. Thus, research students studying climate change and environmental sustainability can choose any of the above-given topics.

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6. Neuroscience Research Paper Topics

While technology is expanding, innovation in neuroscience research is also expanding rapidly. Students who are studying Neuroscience as their specialisation can consider the following topics of research:

  1. Impact of Language Learning on the Brain
  2. Technological Accessibility for Brain Rehabilitation
  3. How can Brain Imaging Diagnose Neurological Disorders?
  4. Analysis of Meditation and its Impact on the Brain
  5. Importance of Nutrition to Keep the Brain Healthy 

Through these topics of research in Neuroscience, there can be eureka moments also. Students can bring about a change through their experiments and studies in lives of millions of people. 

7. Language & Linguistics Research Paper Topics

Language is one such area which keeps evolving. There are numerous studies which come up and researches keep happening. From studying and researching extinct languages to learning about the slang of a language, linguistics et al. following are some of the topics of research for language and linguistics students:

  1. Slangs and their Cultural Impact on Outsiders
  2. Endangered Languages and Their Extinction
  3. Which is Faster 1st Language Acquisition or 2nd Language Acquisition?
  4. Communication Challenges in a Multicultural Workplace
  5. Analysing Sociolinguistic Variations in Your Class

Linguistics has a bunch of branches - Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Neurolinguistics, Syntax and others. Students can choose their area of study and choose research topics accordingly for their assignments.  

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8. Data Science & Big Data Analytics Research Paper Topics

The 21st century is all about data and research in data keeps happening from time to time. From data mining to data distribution, everything comes under one umbrella. In modern times the scare of data breach or loss is pretty evident. Here are a few data-related research topics for students:

  1. How can big data aid in public transportation route optimization?
  2. Use of Data Science to Strategise Crime Prevention
  3. Data Privacy & Security to Safeguard Public
  4. Guidelines to Ethically Use Big Data in International Development
  5. How to use data analytics effectively in talent acquisition?

Students pursuing an MS in Data Science abroad can globally look at the problems and strategize in their research to counter them.

9. Cancer Research & Therapy Research Paper Topics

A widespread disease, which is fatal has engulfed so many people. Research in Cancer is the need of the hour. Students pursuing a degree in Medicine abroad and specialising in Oncology can go for the following research topics:

  1. Cancer Prevention & Preventive Measures
  2. Strategies to Curb Cancer Detection Disparities in Backward Countries
  3. Technologies Aiding Cancer Treatments in the 21st Century
  4. How Governments Can Offer Cheap Cancer Care?
  5. How to Bring Cancer Awareness Globally?

Cancer research topics are available in abundance, but the above-given ones can help people and governments curb the disease and find solutions. 

10. Technology & Innovation Research Paper Topics

Technology is the essence of modern times and people who use it regularly cannot think about not using it for their daily tasks. Here are a few research topics for students who are pursuing B.Tec/B.E or MEng abroad

  1. How can RegTech Transform Compliance in the Digital Era?
  2. Payments on a Click: Feasibility if Phone Gets Stolen 
  3. Interoperability Between Apps a Boon or Bane for Digital Transformations
  4. Technological Transformations for Incluvity of Backward Classes
  5. Blazing Technological Innovations for Data Privacy Rules

Interested students can pick up these topics for their research papers while they pursue their degrees abroad. 

While the fields of study are in huge numbers, we have curated a list of popular fields of study and trending research topics for students. Students can check recent research topics and choose their topics accordingly. The benefit of choosing the latest research topics will help students know what’s going on and which areas need attention.

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