Why Germany is a Great Place to Study Abroad Destination for Undergraduate Courses

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Rahul Singha
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Mar 24, 2022 01:09 IST

Germany, as a country, has long been associated with excellence. From football to engineering, from nuclear technology to languages, from art to automobiles – the country has few parallels when it comes to global recognition. Think of the biggest names in applied science – and you would recall at least one famous German Nobel Laureate. It is no wonder that Germany is a great destination for higher education with a special mention for its research-based technical programs.

Recent research conducted by DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service suggests that Germany has the third-largest international student population – next only to the USA and UK. Dividing the number of students by region shows European Union and China as the biggest contributors. However, recent years has seen a tremendous increase in the Indian student population in the country, bringing it to the fourth biggest contributor of students.

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So here are reasons why the world is looking towards Germany for education and why you should pursue your bachelor's from Germany.

English as a Medium of Instruction

In the past, Germany stayed low in the choice of country for study abroad aspirants. The biggest hindrance was the obvious language barrier. About a decade ago, almost all the bachelor courses were offered in the German language. This is not the case anymore. In recent years, universities across the country have started regular bachelor courses in the English language. Often tagged as international courses, these courses are taught in English and do not require a German Language Test (DSH or TestDAF) for admission

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No Tuition Cost

Almost all universities in Germany are state-owned educational institutions. They offer you the same advantage of no tuition fee, even as an international aspirant. Understanding from a comparative view, here’s a scenario. While you would be spending from US$ 12,000 – US$ 20,000 for one year in tuition fees in the USA, your tuition expense in Germany would be Zero. As of October 2014, all public universities across the country have been asked to abolish tuition fees for their undergraduate courses. Irrespective of your country of origin, if you are an undergrad in Germany, you get free education.

While there’s no tuition fee, there are living expenses for all students. As international students, you might be asked to contribute to some sort of welfare fund. This is also not the case for master’s degree programmes in Germany. We advise you to go through the respective university information to get a clearer picture.

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Easy Eligibility for Indian Nationals

In case you are planning to do under-graduation from Germany, chances are you are more importantly looking for a technical degree. And if you are an engineering aspirant in India, JEE is not too wayward to your career goals. So here’s another good news for Indian Students. If you have cleared your JEE Advanced (Joint Entrance Examinations), you are eligible for direct admission in Germany’s undergraduate courses for that subject.

In case, you did not clear the JEE but managed to get admission in one of the state-run colleges/ universities in India and have completed one full academic year successfully, then you are eligible for direct admission to that course in Germany.

Essentially, German universities are high on academic performance and require you to clear a higher education entrance examination or the "Hochschulzugangsberechtigung" (HZB). German Universities recognise JEE as an equivalent so that’s another plus. Even for various other courses, the eligibility norms to study in Germany are well defined.

Learning the German Language

German as a language has great advantages. Though it is not spoken across the world, it has a high population in Europe. Moreover, learning a new language always adds to your resume. Pursuing your under-graduation in Germany would give you an opportunity to learn German.

An added advantage of learning the German language is gaining the freedom of pursuing a highly specialised Master’s degree from Germany or even landing a job in Germany. And if the automobile or engineering design is the subject that most interests you, there is no bigger dream than a job in one of the leading German companies.

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Internships & Job Opportunities

Whether you plan to stay in Germany or come back to India, the fact remains that the object of pursuing a degree is finding meaningful employment. On this front too, studying in Germany helps. Highly research-oriented, German Universities often design their courses with mandatory internships. This gives you an opening to the industry and adds meaningful practical experience to your understanding and resume. Thinking about getting a job, Germany offers you a solution there as well. If you complete your studies in Germany, you are eligible to stay in the country for 18 months and pursue employment options.

This gives you a comfortable time-space to look for your dream job, pursue any other course or even earn some extra cash before you come back. Often, the acceptance level is high and international students contribute a large amount to the German economy.

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What we are trying to say is, Germany as a country is friendly to foreigners. It treats you with equal respect, provides you with equal benefits and offers you equal opportunities. As a person starting the journey towards a career, these are important considerations before you choose a country for your academic perusal. So, when thinking about your engineering degree, expand your search net to German Universities and explore. It’s easier than you think and better than you know.

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4 years ago

Hi I am om from India.I scored 84% in 10th now I want to do my further education in Germany is it possible for me to do so?

Reply to

4 years ago

Hello.............Is there have available bachelors courses in Germany in completely english?

Reply to

4 years ago

Hii I am Sushant from India . I want to know about is there any post diploma courses available there? And also please tell me about the entrance exams taken in the geman universities.

Reply to

Swameeka Medhi

4 years ago

Hi Sushant, PG diploma courses are not usually found in German universities. Diploma courses are available as summer and winter programs etc.

6 years ago

Hello my name is Prince from India i want to know that for BBA which country is better canada or germany?? Please can you suggest me..

Reply to

Swameeka Medhi

4 years ago

Hi Prince, both the countries are popular study abroad destinations, affordable compared to countries such as US, UK, Australia etc. Select as per the admission requirements, budget, your profile, climate and language preferences etc. It is difficult to suggest without having your profile details.


8 years ago

Hi. I want to know the universities that offer Masters program in"Computational mechanics" in Germany. Also is it necessary to give GRE or GATE exam for qualifying for admission in the above course and can we get scholarship to settle our living expenses in Germany during study.

Reply to


Kanika Khurana

8 years ago

Hi Ashwani, GRE may or may not be required. If you have exemplary score in your graduation and you have graduated from an a listed university in India, you might not be required a GRE. If, however, your score is about average, a good GRE score would help you in your admission. As for scholarships,


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