Australian Universities Accepting Backlogs

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Backlogs in Australia are taken very seriously, hence those applying for admission at Australian universities with a backlog have to take care of certain pointers. Australian universities accepting backlogs is not new, rather a handful of them take up to 22 backlogs into consideration. Applicants who apply to Australian universities will have to take care of certain implications and beware of the rules that are adhered to for such situations.

Australian Universities Accepting Backlogs

Check out the article for all major details on Australian universities accepting backlogs for international students.

Do Backlogs Affect Admissions at Australian Universities?

Having backlogs might seem a hindrance in achieving this dream. However, some universities accept students with a history of backlogs as long as they have cleared them before applying for admission. Some universities are quite strict about these and do not entertain more than 3-4 backlogs, while others accept 10-15 backlogs easily. So, before selecting a country, consider your number of backlogs and whether that number will be accepted by the universities. This article will discuss Australian universities that accept backlogs. You can also read how backlogs affect your chances of admission to get more clarity on this.

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Important Point to Remember: The Australian Education System does not only count the number of subjects but also the number of attempts you took to clear those backlogs.

Studying abroad is a dream for many but achieving this dream is no less than a Herculean task. By now you must be familiar with the application process that starts with the very step of taking the IELTS / TOEFL / PTE exam or GRE / GMAT exam, then moving on to shortlisting universities and applying with all related documents like SOP, CV, Essays, and LORs till the very end process of applying for a study Visa in Australia. All this while what matters the most is your scores, not just your exam scores but your undergraduate/postgraduate marks as well.

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Do Australian Universities accept backlogs?

It is important to note that private universities in Australia accept students with not more than 7-8 backlogs. However, most of the prominent private universities accept student profile with either no backlogs or less than 4 backlogs. The Group of Eight (Go8) universities accept a maximum of 2-3 backlogs.

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Which universities in Australia accept backlogs?

Check out the Australian universities and the number of backlogs they accept on the highest possible side:

Number of Backlogs

Universities accepting backlogs

0-5 backlogs

University of Sydney

Monash University

Queensland University

University of Melbourne

5-10 backlogs

Curtin University

Flinders University

10–15 backlogs

La Trobe University

Edith Cowan University

University of Technology Sydney

15+ backlogs

James Cook University

Charles Sturt University

University of Wollongong

University of Newcastle

Federation University

University of South Australia

Murdoch University

University of Southern Queensland

Central Queensland

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Once you clear all your backlogs, you need to get a separate certificate for it, known as a ‘Backlog Certificate’ that would include all details about your backlogs like:

  • Number of backlogs
  • Number of attempts
  • Name of subjects
  • Exam held on dates
  • Exam cleared on dates
  • Semester information

Note: It should be on the college’s letterhead and duly signed by the college Principal or Dean along with the college seal/stamp. Incomplete or wrong information in the backlog certificate can affect your visa clearance.

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Australian Universities Accepting Backlogs FAQs

A. Having multiple backlogs gives a bad impression to Australian University?

A. Those applying for admissions at Australian universities and having one or two backlogs should not worry much about the impression but those who have backlogs beyond five should worry about their applications. The impression definitely goes down if there is a lack in the application be it be in the form of missing documents or in terms of backlogs. Thus, applicants applying with backlogs should be able to prove their reasons properly. 

Q. Is it possible to get admission to Australian university with 22 backlogs?

A. If the backlogs are 22 and applicants are applying to Australian universities, they can have a 50-50 chance of admission. Because 22 is a big number, admission with this kind of backlog may not be possible at some Australian universities. However, if other details are matched well, then there may be a chance of selection. All of this depends on a case by case basis. Thus, applications submitted by international students with heavy backlogs should have other details and submissions in sync with the actual requirements. 

Q. If an Australian university specifies no admission under backlogs, can I still take a chance?

A. If the Australian university in question specifies that admissions are barred for those with backlogs, then ofcourse it is futile to apply to the university. But in case the applicant is able to clear the backlogs right before the admission application deadline, then only the applicant can think of applying for that university. The universities usually make it clear in the beginning about non acceptance of applications if at all the university is not willing to accept such applications. 

Q. Can I clear backlogs while being admitted at Australian Univeristy?

A. In case the university permits, the international student can clear their previous backlogs while being admitted into an Australian university. Usually, the applicants can get time to clear their backlogs, however for those who have to travel back to India to sit for these backlogs may not be permitted for this permission. Thus, applicants should plan accordingly and then after taking advice from the university specific counsellors, they can apply for admission with backlogs to the choice of Australian university. 

Q. Should applicants with major backlogs apply for admission to Australian universities?

A. Yes, applicants with major backlogs can apply for admission to Australian universities if at all they are permitted to do so. Also if the admission requirements are on point for those with backlogs, then it is still feasible to apply for admissions at Australian university. Applicants who are sure about their applications and about admissions, they can go ahead and apply. In case the applicant requires a pathway program to be taken up while clearing backlogs, admission seat can still be secured, again it all depends on a case by case manner. 

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Zubair Mahmood

a month ago

I completed my Bachelor of engineering in electrical and electronics engineering in july 2023, I have been booked under malpractice in 2nd semester, so got detained, so it took me 5 years of time to complete my engineering, and I got only 10 backlogs total in my entire engineering, will I be able to


Reply to Zubair Mahmood


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

a month ago

Hello! The answer to your question is no because Australia does not accept extended degrees. For example, if you completed this degree of 4 years in 5 yrs, hence it will not be acceptable.



11 months ago

I have done bba with 5.8 cgpa in 2021 July 10 cbse 2016 66% 12 cbse 2018 57% in bba I have 8 backlog all cleared degree completed in 3 years only num ber of attempts it become 13 backlog my question is does I have chance to get visa in master of business analytics course in la trobe university melbo


Reply to Lovitchoudhary

Hello Lovit! We'd need more details on your query in order to give you a clearer picture. Please get in touch with our counsellor - she'll be able to help you out. All the best!



a year ago


Reply to PAYAL

Sindhu Sivakami

a year ago

Hey, I have 4 backlogs, with 7.56/10 CGPA. 95% in both 10 and 12, and IELTS of 8.5 Would this affect admissions to UNSW?

Reply to Sindhu Sivakami

Which backlogs will be considered for masters in UNSW if I have done diploma and degree?


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