How Shiksha counsellors rate student chances of getting into a college abroad?

How Shiksha counsellors rate student chances of getting into a college abroad?

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Srishti Chatterjee
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Updated on Nov 10, 2021 16:53 IST

For Indian aspirants, who land on the Shiksha Study Abroad website looking for information on global universities, we have this option to check their chances of being selected in a particular university. It is called Rate My Chances (RMC). In this article, we will discuss how Shiksha RMC works and how counsellors rate the students who seek guidance.

Shiksha Rate My Chance

How does Shiksha Rate My Chances (RMC) work?

RMC allows the students to get an idea about how likely a university is to accept their profile if they apply to a certain programme offered by that university. Students get this option in the search results as well as on the university page. For instance, if a student wants to apply for a Master of Computer Science in Canada, s/he may directly check their chances of being enrolled in the same course offered by the same university. Read: Reasons to get Counsellor to Study Abroad

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Where to find the RMC button?

When students visit the page of the university in which they want to apply and select the exact course name, which they want to pursue. Once you select a course and open the university page:

  1. The RMC button can be found at the bottom of the course description on the university page.
  2. You can also save the course offered but the university, for future reference, and download the University brochure from the top right corner for offline review.
  3. On the centre-right corner, there is an option to get in touch with the university representative with your queries.

Shiksha RMC Button

Compare Multiple Universities on Shiksha

The students can also add two or more universities to compare their specific features with regarding to a particular course. To do this, they need to check the box on the bottom left corner of every result.

Shiksha Compare Universities

What happens on clicking the Rate My Chances button?

As soon as a student gets into Shiksha’s loop by clicking on the ‘Rate My Chances’ button, they are required to sign up on the website.

Shiksha Sign-up Button

The sign-up button can be found on the top right corner of every page on the Shiksha website:

Shiksha Sign Up Button

Shiksha Sign-up Form

Upon clicking sign up, a form opens. The students are required to fill in details like their choice of country, course, specialisation, existing qualification, last CGPA, standardised exam score (GRE/GMAT, IELTS/TOEFL), etc. This information is required to assess a candidature. It may seem like a long process to some, but it is worth it.

Shiksha Sign Up Form

Note: Shiksha counsellors give their genuine feedback on student’s profile for every university. Hence, it is recommended that students provide their counsellors with accurate information otherwise, the results may vary with the actual chance of being selected.

Once the account is created, our counsellors receive the student request of rating their chances of being enrolled in a particular university. The profile evaluation process begins within a matter of a few minutes.

How Shiksha Counsellors Rate?

Counsellor considers the following segments for evaluating a student profile:

  • Academic Score: It is the latest educational qualification that matters the most. If a student is applying to pursue masters, counsellors need their bachelor’s score. Similarly, if a student is applying for bachelors, the counsellors need scores of their twelfth grade.
  • Standardised Exam Score: The standardised exams that a student needs to crack as mandatory eligibility criteria for any particular country come next. These exams include GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and SAT. This score plays a major role in overshadowing the other limitations of an aspirant’s candidature. Therefore, Shiksha recommends the applicants have these exams appeared and keep the scores handy. This score also helps in making a candidature considerable over various other applicants from around the world.
  • University Requirements: The RMC cases land to the dedicated country and university counsellors. Thus, they very well understand the university requirements. They match the student profile with the university requirements and then provide a rating based on their assessments.

Shiksha RMC Chart

The chart given below states the most and least given ratings by Shiksha counsellors:

Shiksha RMC Chart

The ratings are as follows:

  • Excellent: It means that the student’s profile exceeds the bar that this university has set for international students, and that s/he will definitely get the admission. Students with such profile generally do not seek guidance from study abroad experts.
  • Good: It means that the student is most likely to be enrolled for the chosen programme in the chosen university, as s/he meets the eligibility criteria to an extent that is still better than most of the applicants.
  • Average: It means that there is an average chance to be selected, as the student’s profile meets the criteria but is not very good. It would mostly depend upon the rest of the applications.
  • Poor: Now, this entirely based on the academic score and standardised exam score. A Poor rating is generally given when a student does not stand anywhere near the international standards of being selected by the universities abroad. Students with less than 50% of educational score fall under this category. These are difficult to serve.

Point To Remember: If a student with an average profile tries his/her luck in an excellent university like Oxford/Harvard/Stanford/Princeton, etc., then s/he is most likely to get a Poor rating. This means that the student should try his/her luck in average universities.

Note: This rating is based on only that particular university for which the student has raised the request to rate the chances of being enrolled. The same student may have a different rating for the same course offered by some other university within or outside the chosen country.

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What happens after profile evaluation?

Counsellors revert with relevant reasons that may affect the chances of student admission with that profile in a university (no matter what the rating is). They also offer the students the option to check other universities where their chances are higher (if the chances are not good for a student).

If the student seeks further help from the counsellors, they offer them a quick 30-minute session to share a list of suitable universities for candidate's profile within that particular country. This list consists of various universities categorised as Dream, Reach, and Safe.

University Shortlisting at Shiksha

Note: This model is not applicable for all countries (this is mostly for the USA and Canada).

For European countries, colleges are not divided under these categories. A generic shortlist of universities based on the student’s profile and dream course is provided to the applicant. S/he can then choose to apply anywhere s/he wants.

At Shiksha, the students are offered a couple of services ranging from profile evaluation, university shortlisting, editorial services (SOP, LOR, CV, Essay, etc.), making an application, visa filing, visa interview preparation, loan tie-ups, DHL services, etc.

To get a better understanding of how Shiksha has served the Indian aspirants so far, you may refer to Shiksha Success Stories, where students have shared their experiences through testimonials.

If you aspire to take Shiksha Counselling services, there is a list of questions that you might find interesting to ask. All the best!

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10 months ago

Hey! I want to pursue bachelors of medical science in australia. How much percentage do I require for that(I am completed my 12th from cbse board). Also, I have heard that neet is required for australia, so do we need a good score in neet or just being qualified is enough?

Reply to Gauri


Vignesh Narayan

2 years ago

I want to study in USA Mexican universities but I've checked my rate of my chances it says poor so in that case I don't get a studies in Mexican universities right and I have 1 year experience in dental billing as an Eligibility Verification is that any chances to get my studies in usa

Reply to Vignesh Narayan


Srishti ChatterjeeStudy Abroad Expert

2 years ago

For a more personal profile evaluation, you contact our experts:


Harjeet Singh

2 years ago

I want to study in Netherlands, I have done 12th in 2014. Is there any chance for me to get admission in any University of Netherlands??

Reply to Harjeet Singh


Srishti ChatterjeeStudy Abroad Expert

2 years ago

Yes, you can apply for studies. However, you have to explain your study gap. Whether you were working or pursuing any other course or facing any difficulty, the reason should be genuine.



2 years ago

Hii... I wants to study MBBS in Russia. In lomonosov Moscow , state university Moscow. Pls help me.....

Reply to Najumudeen



2 years ago

I have eight years of experience in IT with 3 years in datascience and analytics, I hv been rated as poor chance of getting into Anglia ruskin, teesside,east london, hertfortshire for AI programs. Why is it so. Is it because of my experience.i hv scored 76% in Btech CSE

Reply to Sukanya