GPA Calculator: How to Calculate Grade-Point Average

GPA Calculator: How to Calculate Grade-Point Average

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A GPA calculator is used for computing Grade Point Average scores which are based on the academic performance of an applicant. The GPA calculator is a significant tool for international students and job seekers alike. There are different ways of calculating GPA, through percentages or marks which have been discussed in this article for reference.

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The purpose of calculating GPA is to get admission abroad, for jobs and scholarships too. GPA can be calculated from percentages, grades and even credits. Each computation has a different formula in the GPA calculator. This article will discuss the percentage of GPA calculator and calculate GPA from grades. So check it out. 

What is the meaning of GPA?

The meaning of GPA or Grade Point Average is a measure by which the academic performance of university students is accounted for. GPA is also reported for admissions to universities abroad. GPA is a scoring system which is consolidated based on performance across semesters.

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Importance of GPA for International Students

Not just academically, the GPA calculator is also useful for those applying for jobs as well. In the context of academics, GPA is important so that: 

  • The applicants can prove how they have performed academically previously.
  • Check if they can get admission to higher education.
  • Also if they need to have more credits or pathway programs for higher education admissions.
  • Prove the quality of education based on the previous institution attended. And submit credentials if at all required.
  • Applicants can apply for scholarships or other financial aid while applying for admission abroad. 

Thus, it is essential to use the GPA calculator because admissions, scholarships and academic standing depend on a GPA.


Understanding Grading Systems

Various types of grading systems are used to assess the academic performances of applicants. From marks to grades and percentages, all of them form a part of the grading system. The grading scale GPA calculators are either on a 10.0 point scale or on a 4.0 point scale. Check out the following table for more information:

Grading Systems

Read as 

What do they look like?



Marked out of a total score


Alphabets like A, A+. B, C+

Based on marks, grades are given


A consolidated percentage score

Based on marks, a percentage is obtained


Numerical format out of 4.0 scale. 

Given on a 4.0 point based on marks / grades / percentage

So, whatever the grading system, they can be converted into a GPA score of 4.0. Each of these readings may vary per institution and calculation of GPA can be done accordingly. The first three are majorly used in high schools, while GPA is used for university admission purposes and university score results.

How to Calculate GPA?

There are two types of GPA calculators, one is a weighted GPA and the other is an unweighted GPA. In the majority of the cases, an unweighted GPA is calculated on a 4.0-point scale which is used across institutions. 

  • Since unweighted GPA is an easy parameter to understand an applicant’s academic performance. 
  • Plus, for competitive levels of assessments between applications, an unweighted GPA calculation is the standard form of use. 
  • Weighted GPA is used by high schools to add more value-based weightage to courses at the Honors, AP, and IB levels of study. Hence, each school is unique, the competitive level is moderate and distinct. 
  • But at a larger level of competition, an unweighted GPA is more useful. 

There are GPA calculator components which should not be missed while calculating. Check out the next section. 

GPA Calculator Components

Various formulae are used to convert to GPA and there are different types of GPA calculators also. But we will discuss in detail about weighted GPA calculation based on different components like grades and percentage. First, we will discuss percentage to GPA and then we’ll see how grades are converted into GPA. Let us get to the Grade Point Average calculator for students who would need it for application or job purposes.

How to Get GPA from Percentage?

How to calculate GPA from percentage is not a difficult task. Rather there is a formula that can be used by applicants for converting their percentage grades to GPA. based on the percentage of the applicant. Check the Percentage Calculator of Marks.

Conversion of Percentage to GPA Formula

The percentage to GPA calculator formula which is given below, can be used for calculating percentages on a 4-point scale: 

GPA = (Final percentage/100) x 4

For example:

If the Percentage Obtained = 89%

Conversion to GPA on a 4.0 point scale would be: GPA= (Percentage Obtained/100) x 4


  • GPA = (89/100) x 4
  • GPA = (0.89) x 4
  • GPA = 3.56 on a 4.0-point scale

This is how applicants whose institutions give final percentages at the end of the year, can calculate their Grade Point average scores. 

Have a GPA but want to convert it to a percentage? Check out How to Convert Percentage to GPA?

How to Calculate GPA by Grades?

The GPA calculator from grades is based on the numerical value assigned to each of the grades. Whichever is the highest grade - A or A+ is regarded as 4.0 on a 4.0 point scale of Grade Point Average.

Now how to find GPA from grades is the question. For this, applicants can check their grades, and see in which percentage category they fall into. Based on the percentage category, the GPA can be calculated. For instance:

  • Grade ‘A+’ comes under 97% – 100% category
  • The grade of ‘A’ comes under 93% – 96% category
  • Grade ‘A-’ comes under 90% – 92% category
  • ‘B+’ grade comes under 87% – 89% category
  • Grade of ‘B’ comes under 83% – 86% category
  • Grade ‘B-’ comes under 80% – 82% category
  • A grade of ‘C+’ comes under 77% – 79% category
  • Grade ‘C’ comes under 73% – 76% category
  • A ‘C-’ grade comes under 70% – 72% category
  • ‘D+’ grade comes under 67% – 69% category
  • Grade ‘D’ comes under 65% – 66% category
  • And, a grade of ‘D-’ comes under below 65% category 

Thus, the GPA calculator from grades can be computed based on the above-given percentage criteria and calculated accordingly. 

GPA Conversion Calculator: Grade vs Percentage

If calculating GPA on a 4.0 point scale, then the following GPA can be computed based on the formulae given above for reference: 



Grade Point average (4.0 Point Scale)


97% - 100%



93% - 96%



90% - 92% 



87% - 89%



83% - 86%



80% - 82%



77% - 79%



73% - 76%



70% - 72%



67% - 69%



65% - 66%



Below 65%


For reference, applicants can also check this table which already consists of the predefined values and eases the GPA calculations. The final GPA calculator is based on grades and/or percentage of marks value from which it is derived. 

Grade Point Average Calculator: Credit Based

Finally, there is also a credit-based GPA calculator, for calculating GPA on a 4.0-point scale. For institutions which assess their students based on credits and hours, then cumulative or CGPA calculator is for those students. Check out the difference between GPA and CGPA. The formula used for computing CGPA based on credits is:

Total points Obtained / Total Credit Hours = CGPA

Let’s calculate CGPA now, based on the above given formula.

Step 1:

  • A (4.0) x 3 credit hours = 12 points
  • A- (3.7) x 2 credit hours = 7.4 points
  • B+ (3.5) x 4 credit hours = 14 points

Step 2:

Total points obtained = 33.4 (12+7.4+14)

Step 3:

Total credit hours = 9 (3+2+4)

Step 4:

33.4/9 = 3.7 cumulative GPA

Check out the following related reads,

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How to Calculate SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average)

To conclude, we can say that GPA calculators are easy to use based on simple formulas. However, apart from manual GPA calculators, there are also calculators available on university websites. The advanced GPA calculators are used by credential evaluating agencies like WES, ECE and EP. There may be cases where credential evaluation will be necessary. Thus, this is when the use of GPA calculators comes into play.

GPA Calculator FAQs

Q. Can I calculate GPA with percentage?

A. Yes, applicants can calculate GPA with percentage by using a simple formula: GPA = (Final percentage/100) x 4. So, if you got 85%, then your GPA should be calculated like this:

GPA = (85/100) x 4

GPA = 3.4

So your GPA is 3.4 based on your overall final percentage.

Q. Is GPA to CGPA calculator difficult to compute?

A. No, there are conversions which are defined for both GPA and CGPA where grades or credits are involved. Based on those tables, GPA to CGPA can be calculated. GPA converter 10 to 4 is also used in a similar manner.

Q. How to calculate GPA from marks?

A. Marks can be converted into percentage and then the same formula of GPA = (Final percentage/100) x 4 can be applied to get GPA. Thus, GPA from marks can be easily obtained.

Q. How is GPA calculated in university abroad?

A. In universities abroad, the GPA is calculated using the following formula:

  • GPA x Hours = Grade Point
  • Grade Point / Total Attempted Hours = GPA
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