How to Calculate SGPA to Percentage?

How to Calculate SGPA to Percentage?

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Are you considering studying abroad or applying for a job? You will be asked to submit your score in Percentage form. Not only this but you need to convert your score from SGPA to Percentage form to apply for scholarships or education loans offered by banks in India.

SGPA to Percentage

Knowing the process to convert SGPA to percentage is crucial for Indian students planning to study abroad. Many foreign universities require academic scores in percentage form, and understanding how to convert your SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) will ensure your application accurately reflects your academic achievements. You can use SGPA to Percentage converter to calculate your overall academic performance. Else. you can learn the formula.

The SGPA to Percentage formula is

  1. Multiply your SGPA score by 10.
  2. Subtract 7.5 from the result you get after step 1

For example- 8.0 SGPA to Percentage

Step-1: Multiply SGPA Score by 10: 8.0*10 = 80

Step-2: Now subtract 7.5 from the result you get after 1st step: 80 - 7.5= 72.5%

Students can use the formula or SGPA to Percentage calculators available on several websites online. These calculators are helpful not only for study abroad applications but for job applications also. Recruiters require the academic performance of candidates in percentage form. In this blog, we will cover how to calculate percentages from SGPA, its formula and the benefits of converting scores.

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How to Calculate SGPA to Percentage?

Now, you have understood how the SGPA to Percentage calculator helps you. It’s time to understand the basic maths behind this calculation. Before we understand how to convert SGPA into Percentage, you need to know the actual SGPA of all your subjects.

SGPA into Percentage Formula

The formula to calculate Percentage from SGPA is (SGPA *10)-7.5.

In easy words, first, multiply your SGPA score by 10. Subtract 7.5 from the result you got after multiplication. Below, we have mentioned a table that will help you to understand better.





































What is SGPA?

The full form of SGPA is Semester Grade Point Average. It is a grading system used by universities to give grades to their students according to their performance. While SGPA and GPA are popular grading systems in the United States, most Indian universities traditionally use a percentage system or 10 point grading system.

Recently, some universities in India have begun to adopt the SGPA system. Here, the need for SGPA to percentage calculator enters in the frame. It acts as an online helpful tool for Indian students who want to know how to calculate percentages from SGPA.

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Elements of SGPA

Here are some important elements of SGPA that you should be aware of.

  • Semester- An academic year is usually divided into two semesters. The duration of a semester is 6 months. For easy understanding of learning course.
  • Grade Points- Grade points show your performance for each subject of your
  • Credit Points/Hours- There is a fixed number of credit hours Each subject of the course you have taken comes with a specific number of credit hours that reflects the time and effort expected for that course.

How to Calculate SGPA?

Now, before you proceed to calculate your percentage from the Semester Grade Point Average, you first need to calculate the SGPA score. Students get subject-wise scores in credit points. You need to convert your Credit point score to SGPA first. Here is the step-by-step guide

  • List the credit points for each subject of your course.
  • Note down the grade points you received in each subject.
  • Multiply your grade points with credit points for all subjects.
  • Add the results and get a total number.
  • Divide the total grade points by total credit points.

For Example


Credit Point

















Step 1- 3+2+3+2+3= 13

Step 2- 27+16+24+14+27= 108

Step 3- 108/13= 8.3

The total SGPA score is 8.3. After calculating this SGPA score in Percentage the result is 75.50%.

Letter Grades Approved by UGC

Here we have mentioned a table of letter grades approved by UGC in India.

Why Convert SGPA to Percentage?

Now that you know how to calculate your SGPA, but why do we need to convert SGPA to percentage form? Well, you may have faced a situation where many universities and job applications set eligibility requirements based on a percentage grade.

By converting your score from SGPA to percentage, you can check and ensure whether you are qualified or not to get admission or a job. Here, we have mentioned some benefits that you will get by calculating SGPA into percentages.

  • Scholarship Application- You can apply for scholarships to study abroad by converting your SGPA score. Many scholarship programmes are merit-based, there you need to put scores in percentage form.
  • Admission Application- As mentioned earlier, universities around the world ask for students’ scores in standardized patterns. Percentage is an ideal way to showcase your performance.
  • Job Application- Recruiters select candidates on the basis of their percentage scores in their academics.
  • Easy to Track- SGPA shows your performance in just one semester. Once you convert your SGPA score to Percentage form, it becomes easy to identify the areas of improvement and easy to track your performance.

Difference Between SGPA to CGPA

Here we have mentioned a table that will you to understand, the difference between SGPA to CGPA.



SGPA measures students' academic performance per semester (6 months).

CGPA measures the performance of students every year

It is difficult to assess students' annual performance with SGPA

Universities/Recruiters ask for CGPA scores to know the annual performance

SGPA shows performance in a shorter time frame

CGPA is a comprehensive picture

Calculated by dividing the semester's grade points by the semester's credit hours.

CGPA is calculated by dividing total grade points by total credit hours taken.

Now, you have understood the whole process of calculation and SGPA to Percentage formula. It is an essential learning that will help you in your study abroad journey and throughout your career.

SGPA to Percentage FAQs

Q. How do I convert SGPA to percentage?

A. To convert the full marks from SGPA to percentage, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Multiply SGPA marks by 10.
  • Step 2: Subtract 7.5 from the result.
  • Step 3: The result you get after subtracting 7.5 is the SGPA score converted into a percentage.

For example: Convert 7.5 SGPA to percentage is 67.5%

  • Step1: 7.5*10= 75
  • Step 2: 75-7.5= 67.5%

Q. What is the use of SGPA to percentage converter?

A. SGPA to percentage converter is useful for every student, especially the one who is going to study abroad. You can apply for scholarships, education loans, admission in reputed universities and job applications. In all these situations, you need to put your academic performance in percentage form. There you need a SGPA to percentage calculator.

Q. What is the formula of SGPA to Percentage converter?

A. To calculate or convert the SGPA score to percentage form, you need to follow these steps.

  • Multiply your SGPA score by 10.
  • Then subtract 7.5 from the total result you got from first step.

For example

To convert 8.0 SGPA to Percentage

  • 8.0*10 = 80
  • 80 - 7.5 = 82.5
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